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Join the World’s largest pool of Women in Tech making the world better - #WIT4impact

In 2024 Elon Musk will fly the first humans to Mars. 4 years later, in 2028, the United Nations target to reach gender parity. At Impactpool, we are convinced that achieving gender parity is not rocket science; it is a piece of cake compared to travelling to Mars.

Reaching gender parity is not a problem in itself, it is the lack of sincere willingness and commitment to the goal that creates a problem. We believe the main obstacle is found in internal culture, resistance to change, strong incentives to preserve status quo and lame ambitions and willingness to really achieve the goal.

Impactpool is the world's fastest growing social career site and we take gender parity seriously. One area where women in all time has been hindered or faced challenges to advance a career is tech. With this campaign we are determined to change that pattern. We have lined up the most credible organizations in the world and together we invite you to join our women in tech pool. You join the pool and organizations will be able to find you when there is a match and need.

If Elon Musk can fly to Mars in 6 years time, we can collectively reach gender parity in 2 years, but only if we all want it...

Impactpool featuring WIPO

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Paving the way for more women in tech

Make your next smart move with WIPO – The World Intellectual Property Organization

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Discover WIPO's women in tech

Webinar: Learn from WIPO's senior women in tech

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Before you join these women at the WIPO webinar, read their biographies:

Wipo chitra narayanaswamy fa83f102d0dc59682e11579be2abaff41872a4c7a379142b0f9d823404766b33

Chitra Narayanaswamy was appointed Director of Program Planning and Finance (Controller) in 2013, and oversees Program Performance and Budget, Finance, Risk Management and the deployment and evolution of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Systems.

Wipo kim miles reimschuessel 595e8748a35ba0d050df0b75fe07f290c084b50fa6c92017f8b0761d37b69a26

Kim Miles-Reimschuessel is a Director of Information Technology, with experience in both the international public sector and private sector.

Wipo ai remlawi player 500 bacc1113463c9bfd8b77665f99f98cfab84c1678a6c72f6fa3a4518d5d91a4ad

Mona Remlawi is Head of the Brand and Design Database Section. After obtaining her Bachelor degree in Computer and Communications Engineering at the American University of Beirut, Mona pursued a career in Software Development

Opinion: Why do we need more women in tech?

Wipo karl kalejs 9096246db6ab54dd8351727414a9f998ec1fb1d84c0dcae5aa1d47f2a61912b6

"Valuing diversity is an integral part of WIPO's Core Values. It starts with being conscious of any biases that might hinder female colleagues from being able to contribute their utmost. Valuing diversity also means aiming for increased diversity in staffing. Increased gender balance in staffing is vital to optimize organizational performance. A broad range of perspectives will enhance our understanding of the needs of our clients, stakeholders and partners, and strengthen customer experience and the way we communicate." Karl Kalejs

Karl Kalejs, Director of the Patent Cooperation Treaty Information Systems (PCTIS) Division has been with WIPO for 27 years. He has encouraged women in the Division to meet regularly to discuss opportunities to enhance gender diversity and equality in IT functions at WIPO.

Wipo kaori saito a0c174ee13cfebd162caed14cbd2203a8d3fed1d1dd051c72ccf4b97708a7e8b

WIPO's Gender and Diversity Specialist, Ms. Kaori Saito gives an overview of why it is beneficial to have more women involved in technology.

More about WIPO

Career benefits and opportunities

Looking for an innovative, international organization that develops your potential and offers work-life balance?

WIPO offers:
  • A dynamic, international environment with core values that promote delivering excellence with a collaborative work as one approach;
  • A competitive, United Nations remuneration package;
  • An opportunity to live in a country that has topped the Global Innovation Index for the past 7 years;
  • The opportunity to be located in Geneva; a city that hosts a vast number of international organizations and permanent missions. A global hub for international cooperation; and
  • The benefit of flexible working arrangements so that you and your family can enjoy all that Geneva and its surroundings have to offer.

YES! The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) may be the place for you!

Quiz: How much do you know about the creative and inventive women helping shape our world?


Areas of work

Some of WIPO's recent collaborations

Join WIPO and apply your skills to support innovative women

Wipo support mandy haberman d5123c49310621eb6879a287e3192d4402c63fbb776b9888f6f72c45d3124972

British inventor and entrepreneur Mandy Haberman is a 21st-century mother of invention. She has made nursery feeding simple.

Mandy puts her success down to six things, one of them being having enough awareness of IP to ensure that her ideas are adequately protected in key markets.

"All my inventions have been patented." Mandy Haberman

Wipo support elma arboleras da352c18b5374ce2c03686ea0079706b6058c6ef4c94fd2d6ea8b0743cfca66c

Elma Arboleras is a co-inventor of a patent-protected traffic management system called iBus, an invaluable tool for tackling congestion, reducing pollution and helping to establish sustainable public transport systems for cities across the world.

Wipo support betsy beaumon 6d2aa9b56eef8cbdd8998046f122644f3800cfaf635ace5ab66e7e43b389de22

Betsy Beaumon is President of Benetech, a non-profit organization that empowers communities with software for social good.

"Now we expect to serve millions worldwide with the support of the Marrakesh Treaty for the World Intellectual Property Organization" Betsy Beaumon

Wipo support brindusa burrows 0f0e6aa2bafcfadbb3d00e58da592cd073a30cfc8ec193facd53953d0d798d86

Brindusa Burrows is Founder and CEO of The Ground_Up Project.

"IP is a key ingredient in raising funds for a technology enterprise. It brings value to any technology business and it is an asset that investors are attracted to." Brindusa Burrows

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