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Join the World’s largest pool of Women in Tech making the world better - #WIT4impact

In 2024 Elon Musk will fly the first humans to Mars. 4 years later, in 2028, the United Nations target to reach gender parity. At Impactpool, we are convinced that achieving gender parity is not rocket science; it is a piece of cake compared to travelling to Mars.

Reaching gender parity is not a problem in itself, it is the lack of sincere willingness and commitment to the goal that creates a problem. We believe the main obstacle is found in internal culture, resistance to change, strong incentives to preserve status quo and lame ambitions and willingness to really achieve the goal.

Impactpool is the world’s fastest growing social career site and we take gender parity seriously. One area where women in all time has been hindered or faced challenges to advance a career is tech. With this campaign we are determined to change that pattern. We have lined up the most credible organizations in the world and together we invite you to join our women in tech pool. You join the pool and organizations will be able to find you when there is a match and need.

If Elon Musk can fly to Mars in 6 years time, we can collectively reach gender parity in 2 years, but only if we all want it...

September 2018 - Impactpool featuring

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