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Fellow badge Our guide to the jungle of International talent pools, rosters, clusters and pipelines

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by Impactpool


Roster/Pools/Clusters have become recruitment buzz words in the Impact sector. Learning how to navigate and succeed at them will have undoubtedly put you in a much better place to land a job withing the largest international organizations.


Different types of roster recruitments

Country Director and Deputy Country Director rosters

Multiple locations and/or Multiple grades, active, passive and traditional rosters

Cluster recruitment

Candidate pools

Senior Women Talent Pipelines



Pre-selection of candidates for all coming job openings in a specific section/field/experience is widely used, but the methods differ from each other. One frequent misconception is that they are only for junior applicants, conversely, there are rosters/pipelines that are exclusively for senior and D1 and D2 positions are also available.

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