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How WFP’s new Future International Talent Pool enables faster deployment of Organizational key-roles

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by Impactpool

World Food Programme (WFP) launches the Future International Talent (FIT) Pool to enable an agile approach to speedy hire and deployment of personnel to key-roles.

Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in numbers of humanitarian emergencies. The need to change the procedure of recruitment is urgent, while organizations in the past have been inspired by the private sector, they have increasingly seen a need for inventing their own agile approach to faster hire and deployment.

To predict emergencies is hard, hence the key to success for humanitarian organizations is to build an agile HR workflow guided by preparedness, talent availability in combination with data-driven skills-forecasting and sophisticated search.

This approach also requires new and innovate IT systems, systems that allow sophisticated search functionality (eg. an Arabic speaking woman, having Supply Chain expertise, with hardship experience at P4 level etc., who is available for deployment) in combination with IT tools that engage the users.
In fact, no pool is relevant without engaged talents and no sophisticated assessments help if the talents are not available when the emergency arises.

Future International Talent (FIT) Pools - innovation to meet demands of the future 

The introduction of the Future International Talent (FIT) Pools very much follows a new innovate way of thinking when it comes to recruitment. The FIT Pools take a holistic and agile approach to recruitment and various FIT pool calls will be announced throughout the year, with a complete Impactpool profile you will get alerts when a matching pool is being launched.

One of the first announcements of the FIT Pool aims to find professionals for Communications, Security, and Procurement roles at P2, P3, and P4 level. This call will be followed by calls for qualified professionals in a range of expertise areas such as Program policy, Supply chain, Logistics, Finance, Security, Nutrition, Cash-based interventions, Vulnerability analysis mapping (VAM), and Communication to name just a few.

Learn more about the Future International Talent Pool

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