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Increased demand for Safety and Security expertise at International Organizations

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by Impactpool

Safety and Security is a growing career profile and is key in many programme activities to ensure a efficient execution and delivery. Do you have the profile organizations search for? Find out in this article and see all current jobs in the area of Safety and Security.

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What is Safety and Security?

In several languages there is only one word for Safety and Security, but the English language has dividing them in two different aspects. Safety could be seen as the activities taken to reducing the risk of accidents to happen and Security to protect against deliberate attacks.

Safety and Security as an Occupational Group also has a few specific characteristics, it is one of few Occupational areas at International Organizations that attracts professionals starting a second career. Safety and Security jobs at International Organizations attract several retired military and police officers.

What is the most common profile recruited?

The most common profile of a security officer in the development sector is a male, trainee military or police. As the retirement age for police and military is low in many countries, you often find retired police and military officers in the application list.

Safety and Security is a good example of a transferable career profile. Expertise is recruited both from private companies and public organizations.

When applying for a Safety and Security job make sure to compare the complexity of what you have done in the past with the complexity of the job you are applying for. If you apply for a role in a crisis context (war zone) it is fair to say that your application is only of interest for recruiting organizations if you have previous experiences from comparable contexts.

The recruiter look for a few profile at the screen stage, it is an advantage being a Police or Military. Recruiters look for experience from Security Operations, Security management, Security Administration and Security Organizations. It is an dvantage having managed multiple and diverse military, police or security units operating in a conflict or post conflict environments.

Where do I find the opportunities?

Use Impactpool's extensive search function to search for Safety and Security jobs, particularly at agencies like the Department for Field Security (UN-DFS), but also at field based organizations like UNDP, WFP, UNFPA, UNHCR, IOM, ICRC, IRC, NRC, DRC, etc.

In past years we have seen more collaborations between organizations in the effort to build Safety and Security rosters. Earllier we have seen a collaboratory effort between UNDP, UNFPA and UNWomen aimed at sourcing Safety and Security expertise.

What is the most desired profile?

When reviewing application lists and the lists of applicants invited for the interview I often see applicants from the following companies….

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