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Urgent Call! Join the Impactpool for Senior Executive Women

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by Impactpool

Join the Impactpool for Senior Executive Women and use your leadership skills to make the world better. As an Impactpool member we keep you updated on job opportunities matching your background and interest! You receive our free job alerts! You have access to all our members career resources, but most importantly you work with something meaningful and rewarding! Join us to make a positive impact!
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Laura Londen, Senior Executive Leader at UNFPA (ASG). Be inspired, listen to our podcast interview with her.

Impactpool works with close to 100 organizations,
the most credible organisations in the world. Gender equality has been a problem in many of these organizations for decades and the progress has been slow or no.

Impactpool has time after time shown that we are not having problems to source world class women for the most challenging places on earth!

Therefore we are now taking the gender inequality issue to a higher level and help International Organizations to build the world’s largest pool of women qualified and prepared to work and make a positive impact! Pools that these organizations will be able to tap into and find matching talents.

With the new Secretary-General of the United Nations we also see a complete new pattern when it comes to openness and transparency, even the most senior positions are open for competition. 

The UN has several senior positions posted right now but more coming up, they look for women that have led large organizations. Women that have served as a Director or led companies in the private sector. These organizations are interested in leaders from the private sector, so don’t let lack of sector experience scare you!

You have at least a master's degree and 15 years of experience. You work in English and it is a significant advantage if you also work in another language like Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese,  Spanish. These roles are both based in headquarters and in crisis contexts.

Please click here to join the impactpool for Senior Executive Women

If you are already a member, just complete your profile to join the pool!

Step 1-3: Complete the profile. Indicate your current working grade as Senior Executive. Indicate in your profile your flexibility (select Any location or Non-family location) to indicate where you want and where you can serve. The more resilient the easier we will have to match you to jobs.

You have an optimal matched profile first when the completion level is 100%. Please note that additional fields will be added in coming weeks and you will be notified when those fields are added.

Step 4: "What is your area of expertise and/or interest?" - Select Supply Chain and/or Procurment and/or Logistics as occupational group. As soon as you have fulfilled this process you are ready to receive job alerts for positions that matches your skills.

Laura Londen, Senior Executive Leader at UNFPA (ASG). Be inspired, listen to our podcast interview with her.

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