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Fellow badge UN Job Market: Case Studies with Matanat

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by Impactpool

Disclaimer: Please note that the case studies are based on fictional characters. All sessions with Impactpool Coaches are kept confidential.


Case Study 1

Marie-Sophie, a French national, with 15 years of progressive local and international experience as a Product Manager in the pharmaceutical industry, moved to Geneva, Switzerland on personal reasons. When we met she shared that she wanted to leave corporate work in the pharmaceutical industry, be able to work supporting women about their health and wellbeing. She was open to working in the Geneva-based UN and International NGO programmes but she could not find out how her Product Manager background fits this market.

Case Study 2

Hasim, a Turkish national, Senior Sales Manager in a leading private bank in Istanbul, Turkey, in a wealth management sector with a focus on multi-millions private clients segment. When we met, Hasim shared with me that he was successful at work by generating high profit for the bank, he was very well paid and he liked his work. But this work demanded40-50% of travel. He had to work long hours and weekends. His family and friends felt unhappy not seeing him. Hasim felt disconnected and stressed.

Case Study 3

Karla, a Brazilian national, Researcher with both a Master's and Ph.D. degree from top European Universities in environment management, specialized in Amazon and European forestry and climate sector. After 8 years of work, she realized that while researching and analyzing big data in forestry was interesting, she valued more teamwork rather than working alone. She looked for a job in environmental and climate fields with human interactions like conducting project needs assessment and discussing and planning together with a team.

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