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United Nations Immersion Programme 2022

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by Impactpool

UNITAR believes that every single human being in the world can have a positive impact on others. They are convinced everyone has the potential to make a difference, create positive change, drive progress and contribute to making the world a better place.

As our world’s most pressing challenges are global in nature, they also require global solutions. Therefore, they believe that a critical way to make the world a better place is through strengthening the spirit of international cooperation, also known as multilateralism.


For this reason, UNITAR has designed a series of trainings on the most important multilateral institution, the United Nations. The courses aim to empower participants with the knowledge and skills to understand the UN system, global challenges and actions anyone can take.

The programmes further aim to foster UN values such as human rights, empathy, solidarity and respect for diversity. They lastly intend to provide a link between participants and UN staff, opening the door for you to help make a change from within the United Nations.

United Nations Immersion Programme



  • July Edition: 20 Jun - 22 Jul 2022
  • August Edition: 25 Jul - 26 Aug 2022



UNITAR is delighted to deliver three 5-day field visits to Geneva. They will offer participants the chance to fully immerse themselves into the host city of the main UN offices and thereby gain first-hand experience of the United Nations.   

UNITAR will host most of the activities in the headquarters of the UN at Geneva, the historic Palais des Nations. They will consist of a nuanced balance between the following elements: 

  • Expert lectures  
  • Training workshops  
  • Multilateral conferences  
  • Private guided tours  
  • Career development sessions  

The purpose is to equip participants with knowledge and skills in diplomacy, empowering them to work more effectively and efficiently in any international environment. It further aspires to offer access to the UN’s institutions and staff to build up networks and gain insights into future career steps. 



The UN Immersion Programme to Geneva serves to provide an overview of the United Nations. It will help participants build solid ground knowledge of themes and topics in international affairs, deliver training in core diplomatic skills and offer activities with the following Geneva-based agencies:  

  • United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) 
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR) 
  • World Trade Organisation (WTO)
  • International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) 
  • World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) 

UNITAR offers the Immersion Programmes to Geneva in Spring and Summer editions, in May - August 2022. It will provide an in-depth focus on career development in the United Nations as well as on leadership skills. Training workshops on these topics will provide a considerable part of the activity.  



Participants also have the chance to opt for an Immersion Programme premium package. This includes the 4-weeks UN Young Leaders Online Training Programme as a preparatory e-Learning course. It is implemented on the UNITAR online platform in the four weeks prior to the field visit and thereby sets the stage for their time at the UN.  

It comprises 4 different modules, which can be studied in a self-paced manner and require 6-8 hours of studying per week. It includes 5 hours of live components per week with UN experts, weekly reading material, multimedia files as well as moderated discussion boards:  

  • Module 1: The United Nations 
  • Module 2: Conference Diplomacy 
  • Module 3: Sustainable Development Goals
  • Module 4: Cross-cultural Communication 

For premium package participants, the accommodation in Geneva during the field visit is included in the fee. UNITAR will provide 6 nights in a reputable hotel in close proximity to the United Nations institutions (check-in: Sunday before, check-out: Saturday after).  



The Immersion Programme is open to everyone with a deep interest in the United Nations. Participants can come from the public or private sector, NGOs, think tanks and academia. University students and participants from an entirely different background are equally welcome to apply. 

In order to ensure the highest quality standards, a maximum of 30 participants per field visit and 50 participants per online training programme will be allowed. Slots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. At the end of the programmes, participants will receive a UNITAR certificate of completion.



In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, UNITAR will assure the program will entirely conform with up-to-date health safety standards, including social distancing, hygiene measures, and contact tracing in case some participants are not yet fully vaccinated. The programme's agenda may be subject to modifications in line with the most recent developments in this regard.  

In case that due to any COVID-19-related travel restrictions, participants registered for the field visit to Geneva are unable to travel to Switzerland this spring/summer, it is possible for them to attend the UN Young Leaders Online Training Programme free of charge. In addition, their slot for the field visit to Geneva will be automatically transferred to its next editions in 2022 or 2023, with no additional costs charged. 

UNITAR warmly welcomes your participation and looks forward to receiving you in Geneva this spring and summer:


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