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The United Nations seek global talent for their Political Affairs, Human Rights and Judicial Affairs rosters

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Impactpool is a trusted partner by United Nations Peace Operations and together we build geographically and gender diverse pools of civilian talents willing to serve in Peace Operations around the world.

UN Peace Operations are often associated with the "blue helmets", therefore many professionals don't know that the UN Peace Operations recruit a large number of civilian talent every year. They have about 23,000 civilian staff positions in the field. These include approximately 15,000 national staff and 8,000 internationally-recruited staff.

Now we are opening up a new call for international talent!

UN Peace Operations maintain a number of rosters for civilian staff positions in the field. These roles could be in special political missions or peacekeeping missions located in conflict or post-conflict areas around the world. The roles are at a range of levels, from entry up to senior management.

For this campaign we are super excited to launch roster processes for the positions of Political Affairs, Judicial Affairs and Human Rights. Positions in these areas often give the opportunity for rewarding work in the field, with real impact on the people we serve.

Applying for a roster means that you wold like to be cleared as a qualified and available candidate for similar posts when they become available in the field. Although Roster membership does not guarantee selection, most vacancies in field missions are advertised as "Recruit from roster" job opening and only candidates who are already on a relevant roster are eligible to apply.

The United Nations' Secretariat is committed to achieving 50/50 gender balance in its staff. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply for these rosters.

It is a strategic move by the UN to group these into one campaign, as many of the targeted talents have overlapping skills. It is therefore recommended that you to apply to all the rosters that you qualify for, and that speak to your interest, your professional experience and background.

Kristina Koch
Chief, Recruitment Section
United Nations Department of Field Support

Make impact where the need is the most

The following rosters are targeting jobs in challenging locations currently or previously affected by armed conflicts. Check on the map below where you will be serving.

Undfs support duty stations

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