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Apply for the UN Peace Operations Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain rosters

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Impactpool is a trusted partner by United Nations Peace Operations and together we build geographically and gender diverse pools of civilian talents serving, or willing to serve in Peace Operations around the world.

UN Peace Operations are often associated with the blue helmets, therefore many professionals don't know that the UN Peace Operations recruit a large number of civilian talents every year. They have about 23,000 civilian staff positions in the field. These include approximately 15,000 national staff and 8,000 internationally-recruited staff.

Now we are opening up a new call for international talents!

The UN Peace Operations launch 14 global rosters and this time around we are super excited to launch a recruitment campaign targeting several seniority levels, which is often not the case with rosters.

The campaign consists of 14 global rosters, that will be published at Impactpool over the coming weeks. Applying for a roster means that you are not applying for a specific job, you apply for a role and you will then eventually be placed in a job location based on the assessed need(s).

The rosters are targeting civilian Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain talents, especially those who have experience from the Private Sector, International Organizations, Humanitarian Organizations, Military and/or other backgrounds that are applicable to the context of the UN’s work in the field.

It is a strategic move by the UN to group Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain into one campaign, as many of the targeted talents have overlapping skills. It is therefore recommended that you to apply to all the rosters that you qualify for, that speaks to your interest, your professional experience and background.

Best regards,

Henrik Ryden
Co-founder of Impactpool

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