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Impact Careers for Women in STEM

Gender Equality in the STEM field

In coordination with this month's Virtual Career Fair for Women in STEM, we have launched this gender parity campaign in collaboration with GCF, ESO, ESA, EUSPA, IAEA, CERN, CTBTO.

A career support event to empower international motivated and skilled leaders:

Join a unique virtual career fair for women in STEM, where participants will have the opportunity to chat directly with HR staff, hear employee success stories, view available jobs, and enjoy an array of live online career workshops throughout the day, which includes group Q&A sections.

Fighting for Gender Parity

The number of women and girls studying STEM university programs is constantly increasing. Yet the presence in the science world continues to be “overwhelmingly male” (UN, 2023). Women graduates working in STEM-related profiles account for only 35% of all professionals in the field. Meanwhile, a mere 1 in 3 researchers is a woman. Gender parity is more challenged in several niche fields, for instance in Artificial Intelligence, where only 1 in 5 professionals are women. With this campaign, we want to raise awareness and tackle those challenges. Are you with us? Let's push for equality and close this talent-gender gap!

Featured Jobs

Featured Jobs from the participating organizations.

IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency
EUSPA - European Union Agency for the Space Programme
CTBTO - Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
ESA - European Space Agency
ESO - European Southern Observatory
GCF - Green Climate Fund
CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research