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Do you have what it takes for an EU career?

Ready for a top job at the EU?

Danes, Finns and Swedes...

...are three nationalities with low staff representation in the EU. Hence, in 2023, we will do what we can to make it change! We will run events and outreach campaigns to increase the number of applications from these three countries.

Shaping the future of the EU!

We start in June with a dedicated webinar and a campaign to attract Economists.

The EU needs more motivated, driven, and young individuals with an academic background, as many as 79,1% of EUs staff are at the age of 40 or older.

During the fall of 2023, the EU will open up the Generalist calls targeting young professionals with a BA.

To learn more, watch the recorded webinar, and keep an eye out for the next webinar, which is planned for November. Sign up as an Impactpool member to stay updated.

New opportunities coming soon! Stay tuned...

Learn more and Apply

Soon more Open Competitions to come: Below EU's ongoing Open Competitions.

Danes, Finns and Swedes! Watch the exclusive EPSO and Impactpool webinar from the 29 June

EPSO is the European Unions Personnel Selection Office. This webinar targets nationals of Denmark, Finland, and Sweden.

Learn about all upcoming calls of 2023. Use this webinar recording to mark up your calendar and sharpen up your application.

Also, learn about the changes made to the competition module (the "entry test") and get the unique opportunity to ask your questions to the EU recruiters.

The next webinar is tentative November 2023.

Guide to Success in your EPSO Application: 5 Tips for Thorough Preparation and Effective Execution

Asia Riazantceva works as the Coordinator for EU Recruitment at the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR).

In this article, she shares her top five tips for applying to EPSO's Open competitions.