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Use your skills in Finance and Budget to work for global peace

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The United Nations has partnered with Impactpool to advertise vacancies in UN Peace Operations and to achieve our joint aim of building geographically and gender diverse civilian talent pools of highly motivated candidates who want to make a difference in war-torn countries.

The United Nations is hiring civilians to work in Peace Operations!
UN Peace Operations are known for the uniformed "blue helmets” and this image of UN soldiers guarding cease fire lines and protecting civilians caught up in conflict is well known. However, some 22,000 civilian professionals (about 8,000 internationally recruited staff and 14,000 national staff) work in UN peace operations and are employed directly by the United Nations Secretariat.

Civilians working in UN Peace Operations have exciting, challenging, and satisfying jobs.
UN Peace Operations staff have the honor to serve under the UN flag and to contribute to global peace and security every day. They are proud of their personal contribution to peace and understand that living and working in conflict-affected areas requires some personal sacrifice. For example, most staff serve in “non-family” locations, which means you cannot bring your family members with you when you take up a position. However, the UN compensates you for your sacrifice with a competitive salary and related benefits and entitlements such as paid rest and recuperation breaks every four, six, or eight weeks and education grant for your children.

Applicants for our field mission rosters should be ready to serve in conflict-affected locations.
Applying to a roster vacancy means that you will be screened, tested, interviewed, and (if successful!) cleared as a qualified and available candidate for specific types of functions in UN Peace Operations. Although roster membership does not guarantee selection to a specific job, most vacancies in field missions are advertised as "Recruit from roster" job openings and only candidates who are already on a relevant roster are eligible to apply.

Where are our vacancies?
About two-thirds of current vacancies in all UN peace operations are in MONUSCO (Democratic Republic of Congo), MINUSCA (Central African Republic), MINUSMA (Mali), UNMISS (South Sudan), UNAMA (Afghanistan), UNAMI (Iraq), and UNSOS (Somalia). Moreover, candidates who speak English and French are in high demand, as almost half of current vacancies are in MONUSCO, MINUSMA, and MINUSCA.

Gender parity by 2028 is our goal!
The United Nations has put in place a strategy to achieve gender parity in its civilian workforce by 2028. UN Peace Operations currently have 29% female civilian staff, so women candidates are particularly encouraged to apply to this roster vacancy.

This call for talent is for finance and budget managers and specialists.
UN Peace Operations have a finance and budget capacity mandated to ensure financial resourcing and stewardship, deliver strategic support and business intelligence, measure organisational performance, and manage risk in line with mission priorities. If you have the skills and expertise to lead a finance and budget office or the expertise to contribute as a mid-career level officer, please apply to these roster vacancies today.

Inspired? Apply today!
Please read the educational, work experience, and language requirements in the job opening carefully and explain in your application how you have the knowledge, skills and experience to do the job. All applications must be registered at Please see the specific links below to apply.

Thank you for your interest in serving for peace.

Kristina Koch
Chief, Recruitment Section
United Nations Department of Field Support

Make impact where the need is the most

The following rosters are targeting jobs in challenging locations currently or previously affected by armed conflicts. Check on the map below where you will be serving.

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