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UNFPA Leadership Pool - Call for Expressions of Interest

Deadline for applications: 8 December, 2017.
Campaign unfpa leadership pool natalia kanem

Leadership counts and the best leaders are the leaders that transform, inspire and deliver high-impact and sustained results. That's why I am pleased to launch a new call for applications for our innovative Leadership Pool; UNFPA’s next generation of leaders.

UNFPA is seeking leaders who thrive in an increasingly dynamic context and who will help drive our 2018-21 Strategic Plan and the 2030 Agenda through innovation, co-creation, and systems-thinking. We need leaders who are transparent, exceptional in how they manage the resources entrusted to them and who commit to deliver excellence in programme results. Our leaders need to be able to maneuver complex political settings, often in humanitarian and fragile contexts; able to leverage partnerships; and able to position UNFPA with system-wide solutions that reach beyond individual entities and interests.

If you are prepared and willing, consider serving on the front-lines of UNFPA. Our ultimate accountability is to the women and girls whom we serve; those most vulnerable, excluded, and marginalized. Join UNFPA, the UN reproductive health and rights agency.

UNFPA Executive Director NATALIA KANEM

  • Do you have the experience and passion to lead a dynamic, international, rights-based organisation?
  • Can you advocate for the rights of young people and women to make informed decisions about their sexual reproductive health?
  • Are you a catalyst for change, action and innovation?

If the answer is yes, UNFPA invites you to apply to their innovative Leadership Pool.

UNFPA is seeking leaders who through programmatic partnerships with governments, other UN and bilateral agencies, civil society and the private sector, can make a positive difference in the lives of billions of people.

Candidates are competing to become members of our prestigious Leadership Pool; the next generation of UNFPA leaders and their pipeline for international rotational posts including those of Country Representatives, Deputy Country Representatives, and International Operations Managers.

Note: Candidates should apply for all job types for which they are interested in being assessed

You may access the vacancies using the link provided below. Deadline for applications: 8 December, 2017


Campaign unfpa leadership pool sennen hounton

The UNFPA leadership pool assessment is one of several innovative initiatives in the HR transformation at UNFPA. What I particularly like about it is the systematic and comprehensive approach used, the resources availed to candidates before, during and after the assessment. I learned a lot about myself, my potential and the skills I need to further develop. It is a great program and I encourage all colleagues who would like to embark on this journey of managing people and managing resources to apply.

Sennen Hounton: Senior Reproductive Health Advisor

Campaign unfpa leadership pool mary otieno

The leadership pool assessment was an eye opening exercise for me; I benefited a great deal from the process. As a result of participating in the assessment, my abilities to communicate, analyze, confront conflicts, and leadership skills, have definitely increased. I am in a better position to face the challenges of my work. The assessment was intense, rigorous and yet so inspiring that I came back to my country office with a lot of energy to lead the team to make a difference in the lives of women, adolescents and youth. The best part of the assessment was the feedback session with my assessor which was so beneficial to me-it reaffirmed my strengths and pointed out areas for further development. This is an excellent and a “must take” programme for those in leadership positions as well as those aspiring to get to the same.

Mary Otieno: Country Representative, Zambia

Campaign unfpa leadership pool kristine blokhus

Leadership is about so much more than technical expertise; it is also about interpersonal skills, performance under pressure, and the ability to bring out the best in others. I felt that the leadership pool assessment brought out these aspects well. It was intense, exhausting - and really quite fun!

Kristine Blokhus: Deputy Representative, Kathmandu

Campaign unfpa leadership pool emmanuel roussier

Going through the whole selection process was an incredibly rich experience in itself. The psychometrics tests were fun and demanding; self-assessing on leadership and career aspirations was an important moment for self-reflection; I received rich and constructive feedback from colleagues through the 360-evaluation; the competency-based interview I had on my leadership skills and past experiences was one of the most interesting interviews I ever had, in terms of introspection and self-analysis.

The most challenging and rewarding part of the selection process is undoubtedly the day spent at the assessment centre.

The role plays gave us the possibility to demonstrate a large spectrum of the competencies, skills and behaviours needed for any leader; innovation, communication and listening skills, empathy, coordination, representation, negotiation, strategic thinking and emergency response.

The feedback I received was extraordinary: comprehensive, well structured, and accurate and with interesting recommendations in terms of career development, new skills to acquire or areas to strengthen.

The leadership programme is extremely well designed, very informative and of course, opens great opportunities within UNFPA. I would highly recommend to anyone with managerial and leadership aspirations within or outside the organization to apply, and contribute in making UNFPA a stronger, more visible and responsive actor. Our mandate has never been as important as today.

Emmanuel Roussier, Humanitarian Response Specialist: UNFPA Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Office

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