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UNICEF recruits: Female Leaders for Emergencies

Please note that this campaign closed on July 31st, 2017.

For every child, a champion!

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Are you a female leader ready to take on a challenge where the expectations on you as a leader are high and where the environment you serve in can be hard and extraordinary? Are you ready to be pushed far outside your comfort zone culturally, geographically and intellectually to lead teams that will serve the most vulnerable children of our world? If yes, this UNICEF campaign is just right for you!

The international community is constantly faced with increasingly complex humanitarian crises which place children and women at significant risk. UNICEF has a long history of working in emergencies and humanitarian contexts, both natural and human-made. Every year, UNICEF responds to hundreds of emergencies worldwide.

We are searching for resilient female leaders for emergencies!

In this campaign UNICEF works closely together with Impactpool to reach senior female leaders and fulfill fair and important diversity targets within UNICEF!

Diversity at all levels in the workforce is important because it brings a varied range of views to the table that contributes to a more rounded decision making, it contributes significantly to improving communication and creates an inclusive environment. Diversity also increases sensitivity and responsiveness to the partners, clients and broader population that we serve.

- Nana Yaa Nikoi, Associate Director, Strategic Staffing & Business Partnering Branch at UNICEF

Our mutual goal is clear; we are searching for resilient female leaders, passionate about making a lasting difference for children who are ready to serve where the need is the greatest and where the work conditions may be very challenging.

We strongly recommend women to apply to the following vacancies:

Apply today and set up a free job alert. A job alert will ensure that you don’t miss out on opportunities like these.

Henrik Ryden
Founding Partner of Impactpool

For every child, make a difference
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For every child, a calling
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For every child, inspire
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Please find below voices of UNICEF international female staff members and some insight into the way the organization works, day by day, to improve the lives of individual children around the world.