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#WeCanDoBetter Together We Disrupt

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Worlds largest online impact
career campaign for women

The #WeCanDoBetter campaign is focused at getting the change pace accelerated and at introducing qualified women to impact career opportunities.

#WeCanDoBetter is the world’s largest online campaign for impact enterprises and organisations who stand behind the statement: #WeCanDoBetter.

This year a long list of organizations have enrolled, organizations that publish all their jobs on Impactpool. This year they have collectively 97476 jobs advertised. By clicking on your favorite organizations logotype below, you will learn more about what they do and see all their available job opportunities.

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Achieving gender parity must not take 217 years

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Meet the women who dedicate their lives and careers to make our world Better

The impact sector is growing rapidly and the whole landscape is changing. In the past, this sector has been associated with slow, hierarchical, political and bureaucratic non-profits. With all global challenges that we face, it starts to get obvious for most people and companies that a change in behavior is urgently needed to save our planet for the next generations. Impactpool is founded to provide you the jobs making positive impact and on this campaign site, to inspire we have listed some of our popular career tracks.

Event Calendar

  • 01
    How to make an impact in Afghanistan? With: Sandra Kukla, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan
    Impactpool career podcast episode 4 making an impact  how to make an impact in afghanistan e00eea64 0750 4360 a53e 3fb8eecbaca2
  • 08
    Making an impact – how to promote Gender Equality? With: Comfort Lamptey, UN Women’s Country Representative in Nigeria
    Episode 5 making an impact  how to promote gender equality 6a5a9a0a 45d1 46d8 8615 e692337fe12b
  • 08
    In collaboration with SDA Bocconi, Impactpool will issue a €5000 Stipend to a women leader to the EMMIO programme - Executive Master in Management of International Organizations
    Finance your education at sda bocconi school of management and strengthen your capacity as leader serving international development 324a2a35 63ca 4460 be12 2d3fb0219e8d
  • 15
    Making an impact – what role does research play? With: Marylene Wamukoya, Senior Data Analyst at the Africa Population Health Research Center in Kenya
    Impactpool career podcast episode 6 making an impact what role does research play d893a9f1 a572 414f a6c6 7ef0f38a3564
  • 20
    Advancing women in science at UNESCO
    Wecandobetter webinar with unesco advancing women in science ad27a8cc 232a 482d 84a7 b849c4780e9c
  • 22
    Find out from women working in air traffic management at EUROCONTROL
  • 22
    How to save a refugee’s life? With: Annika Sandlund, the Chief, Interagency and Coordination Unit at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) headquarter in Geneva
    Impactpool career podcast episode 7 how to save a refugees life f20b87ec 39fe 454d b3d5 e0a7b52049fa
  • 25
    Are you struggling to attract women talents - Join our gender parity acceleration webinar
  • 26
    CERN: Unique opportunities at the cutting edge of technology
    Webinar cern for wecandobetter 0247fc25 a359 4572 af04 c3449dbbcb15
  • 29
    What does a good CV look like? With: Anna Cook, the Deputy Group Leader – Talent Acquisition at CERN in Geneva
    Impactpool career podcast episode 8 what does a good cv look like ce190336 43b9 446b b587 749b736aa66e

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