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Start Building Your Impact Career Today

- The Perfect Gift to Yourself or Your Friend to Land a Dream Job In International Development

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In this offer, we bundle our two eBooks driven towards Mid-level Career advancement in international development. Written by Henrik Ryden, Co-Founder and COO of Impactpool, a Human Resources Professional with many years of experience as a recruiter at the United Nations.

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Start Making a Difference

- How to Launch a Meaningful and Rewarding Career in International Development

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Learning from professionals who have succeeded in this journey, we share honest advice on how you can approach this type of career strategically - from choosing the right jobs to apply for, to positioning yourself in the best way for advancement and growth. Gain a better understanding of how this sector works.

We give you the basics to build a career which includes educational requirements, relevant skills, and experience, organization types, career tracks, and remuneration.

I found this piece of work rigorous and at the same time practical in order to focus, save energy and time, and to maximize the possibilities of success in applications for the international development sector.
Javier Martín, Head of HR at The Union for the Mediterranean

Ebook practical career guide mid level 01b6c48993dd7ba84f4b4b8c29ff4faf8a369c377fd0f58275845b6645685453

Practical career guide: Mid-level edition

- How you land your dream job in the Impact Sector

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We introduce career enablers, transition strategies, and the skills that will help you when applying for jobs in the most competitive international organizations in the world. Advance your career or transition into a role in the Impact Sector.

We help you to understand career catalysts, tips on how you can apply smarter and what will enable you to succeed and eventually land the prestigious job that you dream of.

What a tremendous piece of work this represents! It should be recommended reading for HR staff in the UN system. It will certainly also help anyone to get a greater understanding of what it takes to find a job in the UN. The booklet contains real, hands-on, useful information and indeed spelling it out is so important.
Anna Cope, HR Consultant / Career Coach / Small Business Owner