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Project Logistics Manager - Mykolaiv - M/F


  • Organization: ALIMA - Alliance for International Medical Action
  • Location: Ukraine
  • Grade: Mid level - Mid level
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Logistics
    • Supply Chain
    • Project and Programme Management
    • Managerial positions
  • Closing Date: Closed

ALIMA in Ukraine

Mission Location: Odessa & Mykolaiv

We will focus its effort in South Ukraine to provide emergency primary health care and support to hospitals in the war zone of Mykolaiv Oblast and around. The main objective is to reduce the mortality and suffering among the population affected by the war in this area through 4 axes:

Reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with chronic disease and communicable diseases among the isolated population in Mykolaiv Oblast

Reduce mental health burden through psychological care in Mykolaiv Oblast

Support hospitals to deliver trauma and intensive health care in Mykolaiv City

Ensuring a rapid response mechanism to delivered health care support to affected population


Level 3: As part of his/her duties, the incumbent will visit programs and come into contact with children and/or vulnerable adults. Therefore, a criminal record check or a certificate of good character will be required. In situations where a criminal record check or character reference is not possible, a declaration on honour will be requested.


He/she reports to the Project Coordinator (line manager) and the Logistics Coordinator (functional manager)

He/She manages the project's logistics staff (log base, supply, stock, external activities, log assistant, guards...). He/she collaborates with all other members of the mission


  1. Definition of objectives and data analysis
    1. Data and reporting

Consolidates reports for all logistics families and analyzes data

Writes and transmits the monthly logistics package to the Project Coordinator and the Logistics Coordinator.

Writes an annual project logistics report

Organizes clear filing and archiving of all paper and electronic logistics documentation

Compiles quantitative logistical data (consumption, stocks, distributions) and analyzes them before transmission to the logistics coordinator,

    1. Specific objectives

Identifies local actors in the working environment: local authorities, NGOs, service providers, suppliers. Creates or maintains favorable working relationships with these stakeholders in collaboration with the PI and the Field Administrator.

Participate in any exploratory or assessment missions in the area of the base to which he/she is assigned

Participate in discussions on the conduct of the project and the definition of objectives.

  1. Program Implementation

With the medical activity managers and the project coordinator, determines the needs for the structures supported by the project in water, hygiene and sanitation, and basic necessities. If present on the mission, refers to the WASH coordinator

Supervise the waste treatment chain (collection, sorting, destruction, dumping) in the supported facilities in collaboration with the WASH Manager.

Ensures compliance with the biosecurity measures put in place 

Ensures the safety of the facilities and buildings (presence of fire extinguishers, grounding of electrical installations, etc.) in collaboration with the logistics coordinator and the health district.

Ensures the availability and proper functioning of IT equipment, internet connectivity and telecommunications in collaboration with the logistics coordinator: Evaluate and propose the appropriate means of communication, Follow-up on the recharging of communications means, ...

Organizes and supervises the work decided in common agreement with the medical department

Arranges transportation for patient referral and cross-referral

Organizes and supervises the maintenance and upkeep of medical equipment and infrastructure

  1. Inventory management

Ensures the implementation of inventory management tools

Choose the premises, decide on the layout and organize the security of the storage spaces.

Centralizes and controls monthly, quarterly and annual inventories

Performs physical inventory controls.

Monitors and analyzes consumption of food, fuel and common consumables (chlorine, hygiene products, patient kit, stationery, etc.).

In connection with the Supply Manager, he/she ensures and controls the quality of storage in the warehouses.

Ensures proper stock management through stock cards, by implementing control tools.

Ensures that waybills and project transportation documents are accurately developed.

Follows up on donations (logistical and medical equipment), the establishment and archiving of donation certificates.

  1. Ordering and procurement

Ensures compliance with purchasing procedures on its projects and the validity of framework contracts

Centralizes the orders of its project and establishes the orders according to the follow-up of consumption and the frequency of supply and transmits them to the Supply Manager.

Validates quotations and orders of materials for the sites and ensures the supervision and control of the purchase forecasts

Ensures the receipt of field orders, validation of documents for all transactions, and archiving.

Ensures relations with suppliers

Ensures that the supply supervisor has the necessary information and documents (supplier list, etc.)

Oversees the procurement of basic necessities (kits) in collaboration with the Procurement Manager.

  1. Fleet management

If rented vehicles

Ensures that standard services of ALIMA's own and leased vehicles are performed, as well as daily and weekly checks.

Ensures that the use of rented vehicles is recorded.

If ALIMA vehicles

Manage the mechanical stock (spare parts, consumables, fuel stock).


Implements weekly and daily vehicle usage planning.

Controls the movements of the machines

Ensures rational consumption for all vehicles, generators and motorized equipment.

  1. Base and office

Proposes a possible management improvement based on its data analysis

With the medical activity managers and the project coordinator, determines the new, maintenance or supply needs for the medical infrastructures (energy, lighting, equipment, consumables) and for the team's housing and offices.

Participate in the reflection Eco responsible and bring up solutions that can be innovative by participating in the reduction of carbon consumption:; hybrid system, ...

  1. Security Management

Accompanies the CP in the implementation of and compliance with security procedures and rules

  1. Team management and animation

Supports his teams in the organization of tasks by department

Organizes training courses for upgrading and using logistics management tools

Evaluates and provides support to the various departments of the Logistics Department.

  1. Implementation of prevention measures against abuse of power, gender-based and sexual violence:

Participates in training and awareness sessions

Implements abuse prevention standards

Ensures that team members complete training and awareness sessions and implement abuse prevention standards
Helps create and maintain a nurturing and protective environment.

Experiences and Skills

  • Experiences

    Experience in managing the logistics of medical projects

    Experience working in patient care against epidemics, having worked in an Ebola environment is an asset

    Experience in a medical NGO of at least 3 years.

    Experience in team management and supervision

    Qualities of the candidate

    Professional rigor

    Calm, excellent stress management and composure

    Very good communication and listening skills

    Ability to adapt

    Excellent ability to understand and follow medical procedures


    Good command of French (reading, writing, speaking) essential

    Fluency in English and/or a local language is an asset


  • Contract term: 

    Contract term: contract under French law, contract length: 3 months (renewable, based on funding availability and performance)

    Position to be filled: ASAP

    Salary:  depending on experience + per diem

    ALIMA pays for:

    travel costs between the expatriate’s country of origin and the mission location

    accommodation costs

    medical cover from the first day of the contract to a month after the date of departure from the mission country for the employee

    evacuation of the employee

How to apply 

  • To apply, please send your CV and your answers to our job page.

    Applications are processed in the order of arrival and we reserve the right to close the offer before the term initially indicated if a good application is successful. Only full applications will be taken into account. Only accepted applications will be contacted. 

    Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

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