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Save the Children International est une organisation indépendante leader dans le monde en ce qui concerne la promotion des droits des enfants. Elle apporte le secours et l’assistance des enfants dans les pays en développement. C’est au travers des projets dans plusieurs secteurs de la vie des enfants et financés par différents partenaires dans le monde que Save the Childe travaille dans la promotion des changements des politiques en vue d’améliorer de plus en plus les droits des jeunes gens. C’est dans ce cadre que son Bureau National en République Centrafricaine publie un appel d’offres pour expertise en audit externe de deux de ses projets exécutés sur le territoire Centrafricain détaillés dans les termes de référence en annexe auxquels les postulants doivent impérativement se conformer.

Save the Children will support 27 schools in two-conflict affected prefectures in providing a protective learning environment and conflict-sensitive education for children affected by the Central African crisis. More specifically, the action will contribute to the psychosocial and physical wellbeing of 16,630 conflict-affected children in Ouaka and Bangui by organizing child-led activities aimed at building their life skills as well as the capacities of their teachers and communities to adequately support them while promoting a culture of peace in and around targeted schools.

Additionally, Save the Children intends to raise awareness on the importance of supporting and investing in Education in Emergencies by publicizing the positive impact ECHO and Save the Children's action in Central African Republic has on conflict-affected children's lives

BAILLEUR: European Commission for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection

LIEU D'IMPLEMENTATION DU PROJET: The Award was implemented in Ouaka, which is one of the prefectures of the Central African Republic headquartered in Bouar located at 450 km away from Bangui, the capital city of the Central African Republic. However, all the key documentation and supporting documents are kept in Bangui.

DUREE DU PROJET A AUDITER : 01/01/2015-30/11/2015

EXPECTATIONS: Auditors are expected to have accomplished the following:
Expectation 1: Express an opinion in accordance with:
(a) International Standards on Auditing (ISA);
(b) Standards issued by the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI)
(c) Or equivalent international auditing standards;
(d) Save the Children policies and procedures;
That the Financial Statements of the Award detailed above are fairly presented, in accordance with the donor’s instructions as per the agreement signed by the parties.
Expectation 2: Review and clearly:
• Make a Statement whether the donor’s instructions and Save the Children’s procedures and policies are fulfilled;
• Express an opinion that funds have been spent exclusively in line with the purpose for which the award has been approved and clearly detailed in the agreement;
• Confirm that any exception has been fully documented and pre-approved by the right entity.**

Reporting of the award audit
This field audit is expected to start one week after having signed the contract. Besides, Audit reports will be written per project separately and will be expected twenty-one days from the date the audit works have been completed. These audit reports will be submitted in duplicate respectively to the Save the Children funding office and to the Save the Children CAR Office.
The auditors selected will be given the instructions from the respective Save the Children funding Offices as basis of their work.
They will sign the following:
a) Confirmation compliance form based on these instructions prior to auditing;
b) Fill in the checklist at the end of the audit work to be sent to the Save the Children funding offices;
c) Make a written compliance statement to the child safeguarding policy to be given to auditors after being selected.

Management Letter
In addition to the audit report appendix, the auditor will:
• Prepare management letters on completion of its system reviews with comments and observations,
• Identify specific deficiencies and areas of weakness in systems and controls and make recommendations for their improvement;
• Provide observations on the risk of fraud and corruption in the implementation of the award and provide details of any actual fraud or corruption incidents during the period under the review.
As usual, Save the Children CAR will submit to the auditors with copy to SC funding office a Management Response to the final audit report copies within twenty-one days from the date the audit reports will have been received.

Requirements for the Auditor
In one hand, the audit firm and its partners must be members of one of the following corporations with a valid certificate of practice:
• International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI);
-International Federation of Accountants ‘’IFAC’’;
-International Institution of Auditors ‘’IIA’’;
-Or equivalent international auditing Firms.

They would employ a team of qualified and experienced staff to perform the audit in accordance with auditing international standards Accountants. It is desired that the Audit Team Leader employed should be suitably experienced in auditing the accounts of entities comparable in size and complexity to the Awards in concern.

Finally, the audit firm and its partners must not be or have not been found involved in bad practices such as money laundry, corruption, fraud or any other form of terrorism.

The Auditor will be given access to all records, reports and documents pertaining to the Award that may be required during the course of the audit to arrive at their opinion.

Les cabinets intéressés par cet avis d’appel d’offres devront faire ce qui suit :

  1. Déposer les propositions d’offres techniques et offre financières sous plis fermés
    portant la mention : « Audit externe-Projets 01, SC RCA » au plus tard
    le 14/12/2015 à 14h30 à l’une des adresses suivantes :
    a) Adresse physique : Bureau Save the Children, RCA, Coordination Nationale, Sica 1, Bangui
    b) Adresse électronique: OU
  2. Votre offre doit contenir les informations essentielles notamment :
    a) Les coûts détaillés des services que vous proposez sur base des précisions fournies dans
    les termes de référence ci-dessous;
    b) Les copies d’agrément de la maison d’audit et Certifications de l’auditeur ou des
    auditeurs conformément aux termes de référence ci-dessous
    c) L’expérience professionnelle des auditeurs commis à cette tâche ainsi que celle du
    d) Les projets déjà audités de même type (en taille, en budget, en complexité, etc) que ceux
    soumis à l’audit ci-dessous;
Before applying, please make sure that you have read the requirements for the position and that you qualify.
Applications from non-qualifying applicants will most likely be discarded by the recruiting manager.
Having problems applying by email?

When clicking the apply button, your email client should open as a separate programme (if you are using Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird, or similar), or in a different tab in your browser (if you are using GMail or similar).
If nothing happens when clicking the button, please open your email client, start a new email, and copy the following email into the to field:

  • Organization: Save the Children
  • Location: Bangui
  • Grade: Senior
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Accounting (Audit, Controlling)
    • Education, Learning and Training
    • Office Management, Administration and Finance
    • Office Management, Administration and Finance
    • Education, Learning and Training
    • Accounting (Audit, Controlling)
  • Closing Date: 2015-12-14

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