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Terms of reference: Information Management Specialist - Open Database system


Background and context (ReDSS)  
The Regional Durable Solutions Secretariat (ReDSS) is not an implementing agency but a coordination and information hub acting as a catalyst and agent provocateur to stimulate forward thinking and policy development on durable solutions for displacement affected communities in East and Horn of Africa. It seeks to improve joint learning and research, support advocacy and policy development, capacity development and coordination.  
ReDSS Solutions analysis and overall framework  
ReDSS has operationalized the IASC Framework for Durable Solutions for IDPs to develop the ReDSS Solutions framework for displacement-affected communities. The ReDSS Solutions framework is a rapid analytical tool that offers a snapshot in time to assess to what extent durable solutions for displaced populations have been attained in a particular context. The Solutions framework looks at physical, material and legal safety of the displaced populations in comparison to the host communities. It comprises the 8 IASC criteria with 31 outcome indicators that are organized around physical safety, material safety and legal safety. ReDSS has commissioned a series of reviews and analyses aimed at piloting the ReDSS framework in different operational and policy contexts in the region, in order to test the indicators and to collect and record lessons learnt to adapt and improve it.  
Consultancy objective 
The main objective of the consultancy is to develop a public dashboard on ReDSS website to visually present its Solutions Framework analyses in various contexts to its stakeholders in the best way possible. This will allow stakeholders to view ReDSS solutions indicators in use, to identify priorities for early action based on the indicator rating, understand the key challenges in durable solutions programming and identify the gaps that must be closed in order to maintain a focused momentum and stakeholder engagement in the search of durable solutions for displacement affected communities. ReDSS will maximize the use of the dashboard in order increase communication and collaboration between all its partners and stakeholders. 
Specific objectives  
  • The consultant will create a public dashboard for ReDSS that will present complex information in a simplified visual format and make the data accessible and filterable to meet the specific mandates or interests of various stakeholders. 
  • A detailed filter mechanism will be developed on the dashboard to allow stakeholders to interact and engage with the ReDSS indicators 
  • The dashboard will be based on a fixed excel database capable of filtering the relevant datasets. The consultant will develop a responsive back end for ReDSS staff to be able to update the data regularly.  
  • Link and create a tab for the public dashboard onto the ReDSS main website  
  • Train ReDSS staff and partners on how to use and maintain the system 
Audience, Stakeholders, and ReDSS Objectives for Data Visualization  
The search for durable solutions requires a multi-stakeholder and multi-sectorial, rights and needs based programming approach. The main purpose of ReDSS solutions analyses is to inform governmental, non-governmental and civil society organizations, policy makers, and other stakeholders who have the direct objective of informing durable solutions planning and programming.  
In identifying and communicating ReDSS solutions framework in a way that can be useful to stakeholders, ReDSS has broken down the data visualization of its dashboard into two components that is: 
  • Interactive infographic and indicator filter mechanism: as ReDSS various stakeholders either supporting or implementing programs aimed at achieving durable solutions need access to various kinds of information of the solutions analyses; the objective of the interactive infographic is to make very large quantities of diverse and detailed data accessible and filterable to meet the specific mandates or interests of various policy makers, international agencies, local or international non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders who are focusing on different aspects on the search for durable solutions. To achieve this, the interactive infographic will combine information available on the ReDSS matrix used during the solutions analysis which includes the list of indicators, the overall rating for each indicator, and the mapping of interventions/ agencies involved in implementing relevant programming. A functional indicator filter mechanism would allow stakeholders to filter according to main preference. The consultant would be responsible of presenting the best way to filter ReDSS matrix onto the infographic and how this can be updated regularly.  
  • GIS static mapping: Combined with the interactive infographic, this will capture and display data geographically.  
Developing the open dashboard for ReDSS is based on an excel database/ matrix that will be provided. The dashboard should have a direct connection to a responsive database to ensure ReDSS staff can easily update the necessary data on a regular basis. The consultant will be required to create a functional web-based interactive infographic which will provide a user easy acquisition of the data collected captured during the solutions analyses in different countries (and further geographic disaggregation). This will include developing a filter function and various data display and visualization models.  The consultant will be tasked with formulating various data display and visualization templates for presenting the filtered data. The data display and visualization should include but is not limited to charts and tables.  
Expected Outputs: 
  • Fully functional and well-designed web-based interactive dashboard connected to a responsive database with functional filter mechanism. 
  • User friendly back-end & front-end 
  • A technical proposal detailing the following key issues needs to be addressed:  
o    What online database platform will be used (options of how the platform will be hosted)? 
o    What procedures will be used to ensure quality (accuracy, integrity, and completeness)? 
o    How will data storage and preservation be handled? 
o    How will data security be managed (tiered access, removal, privacy) be ensured?/ How will long-term access be ensured?  
o    What procedures will be used to upload/transfer/share data?  
o    Detailed budget and work schedule 
o    Training schedule (For ReDSS staff) and also quotation for continuous support for the database after the roll out.  
o    Maintenance and reporting plan  
Reference Work 
A concept of the intended interface can be seen on the links below. The idea is to have visualize the ReDSS Solutions framework and overall rating in an easily and quickly filterable manner: 
  • |   
  • |  
ReDSS is keen on collaborating with the consultant in ensuring the data is offered in an evocative and consumable way. The filter function, as to be developed, will encourage a user-centric approach which allows a personified data generation/search process. The data presentation/visualization models, which will present the user inquiries, should therefore be developed to complement ReDSS framework.  
Minimum Requirements  
  • Degree-level qualification or equivalent in Information Technology or Information Systems 
  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience 
  • Willingness and ability to work in often stressful time-critical situations 
  • Ability to work in English required 
  • Cultural and Gender awareness and sensitivity  
Technical Skill sets 
  • Strong knowledge of Excel and preferably MS Access or other databases.   
  • Demonstrated experience and  knowledge in data analytics and working with dashboard software  
  • Understanding of GIS Cartographic outputs and ability to collect and organize data to support their production (potentially to be produced by others);  
  • Strong ability to present information in understandable tables, charts and graphs 
  • Ability to maintain and manage database content for ReDSS 
  • Experience in web design and programming 
  • Knowledge of ArcGIS or other mapping software an advantage. 
  • Knowledge of Visual Basic/macros is a plus 
  • Samples/ examples of previous databases/dashboards created (they must be functional) 
Management and timeframe 
The consultant will report and work with the Knowledge Management Officer and ReDSS Coordinator. As part of the consultancy, the consultant will present an initial layout (inception phase) and the final database which will incorporate the feedback received at different phases of the consultancy.  
Duration of assignment 
The duration of this assignment should take a total of 21 days.  
Commitments: DRC has a Humanitarian Accountability Framework, outlining its global accountability commitments. All staff are required to contribute to the achievement of this framework.  
For general information about the Danish Refugee Council, please visit 
Application process  
Interested applicants who meet the required profile are invited to submit an expression of interest including:  
  • A suitability statement including CV of participating consultant(s) with details of qualifications and experience 
  • Technical proposal that will explain how the objectives and expected outcomes of the consultancy will be delivered  together with the proposed methodology 
  • Work-plan clearly indicating the activity schedule 
  • Financial proposal providing cost estimates and consultancy fees 
  • Contacts of three organizations that have recently contracted you to carry out similar assignment 
Interested parties should forward the expression of interest, in English on this link under vacancies no later than 12 March, 2017.  
If you have questions or are facing problems with the online application process, please contact  

Before applying, please make sure that you have read the requirements for the position and that you qualify.
Applications from non-qualifying applicants will most likely be discarded by the recruiting manager.
  • Organization: DRC - Danish Refugee Council
  • Location: Nairobi
  • Grade: Mid/Senior
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Management, Administration and Finance
  • Closing Date: 2017-03-20

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