National Consultant: M&E MoH Kes. Ling. and STBM National Program Secretariat


Under the dual supervision of the UNICEF WASH Chief and the Sub-director of WASH (PASD), MoH, this consultancy work aims to accelerate, with strong technical support, the Monitoring and Evaluation elements of the water and sanitation teams based at MoH including the STBM/PKAM National Programs.

Title:    National Consultant: M&E MoH Kes. Ling and STBM National Program Secretariat 
Type of Contract:  SSA (Special Service Agreement)
Duty Station:    Jakarta
Duration:   1 May to 31 December 2017 (8 months)

Please indicate the expected daily rate/ total lump sum fee in your application. Application without proposed fee may not be considered.

The UNICEF WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) program supports the acceleration of the Government national sanitation and hygiene program, STBM.  This program is led by the Ministry of Health and aims to help ensure optimal survival, growth and development of children in Indonesia and has five components or pillars: defecation-free, hand washing with soap; food and drinking water treatment at the household, solid waste management and waste water management.  UNICEF provides technical support at National and sub-national level to Government in order to achieve an open defecation free for Indonesia, and on water quality issues to achieve safe drinking water in homes. UNICEF WASH also advocates for adequate WASH facilities (hardware and hygiene promotion) in schools and health facilities.

To ensure high quality technical support to STBM, UNICEF is aiming to recruit a consultant to link closely with MoH on the acceleration and consolidation of STBM and strengthening the strategic linkages across other actors at National level as well as linkages to the sub-national levels.  The consultant will provide assistance to the Environmental Health (KL) Directorate of MoH and to the team of the STBM Secretariat on issues related to strengthening monitoring and evaluation of data coming from the sub-national level.  The SSA will support on monitoring & evaluation in order to achieve the objectives of the STBM National Program and on related water quality issues.  of the SSA will support the environmental health unit to link withboth health centers and district/municipalities to better track progress of sanitation and water access in their regions within the current mechanisms for collecting the data.

Under the dual supervision of the UNICEF WASH Chief and the Sub-director of WASH (PASD), MoH, this consultancy work aims to accelerate, with strong technical support, the Monitoring and Evaluation elements of the water and sanitation teams based at MoH including the STBM/PKAM National Programs. In addition to the specific deliverables below, the SSA will support the MoH Environmental Health unit to manage the MonEv systems for STBM and PKAM and also routinely help them to prepare, collect and analyze the data as per their requests.  This will involve recommending how best to further develop the STBM / PKAM data systems in terms of its functionality and usefulness as well as day-to-day operation and maintenance of the systems.

1. Review structure of the STBM and water quality (PKAM) databases and provide a SWOT analysis with recommendations for areas for strengthening.
2. Descriptive stats overview of both databases with analysis plan.
3. Analysis undertaken as per the focused program intervention areas.
4. PKAM correlation analysis.
5. Province scorecard developed and reported on in consultation with UNICEF WASH team
6. District scorecard developed and reported on in consultation with UNICEF WASH team
7. Support MoH on preparing the overview of statistical presentation of both systems at the National Sanitation conference (KSAN)
8. Provide MoH with a revised SWOT analysis with recommendations for areas for strengthening the STBM and PKAM systems for 2018 with costings

1. SWOT analysis on STBM SMS-based database and PKAM database
2. Descriptive stats report + analysis plan
3. Focus intervention Districts report
4. PKAM report
5. Province scorecard report
6. District scorecard report
7. KSAN presentation
8. One high level knowledge product produced summarizing overall situation and to be shared at KSAN 2018

Workplace of Consultant:
Day to day at MoH with frequent visits to UNICEF Jakarta office to update on progress.  The consultant will work closely with the WASH unit to ensure donor reporting requirements and sector strengthening objectives are met and will link with the mHealth team to ensure the broader linkages to UNICEF Child Survival & Development technical support on Monitoring and Evaluation to MoH are streamlined and coherent. The consultant will report on a daily basis to the Sub-Director for water & sanitation at MoH while deliverables payments will be made based on the submission of a regular report to the UNICEF supervisor

• One suitably qualified professional with a degree in Public Health, Environmental Studies or Social Sciences with solid experience of working on M&E, especially linked to WASH issues.
• Will have a strong understanding of database structures and how to analyze and report on large datasets
• Have knowledge and experience of the rural water supply and or sanitation programmes, at National and / or Sub-national level
• Understanding of the WASH sector in the Indonesian context as well as the related Government structures for program implementation at sub-national and National level
• Have experience and interested to the knowledge management, advocacy and participatory monitoring & evaluation
• Should be updated on development issues, social policies, economic issues, and have the ability to liaise with various departments, institutions, NGOs and experts.
• Prior experience of working with UN agencies, World Bank, WSP, large civil society organizations or NGOs or other International Development Agencies is an advantage.
• Knowledge, ability to use databases, MS office Power Point, MS Publisher including graphics is essential.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills in Bahasa is mandatory, capability speaking and writing in English is a very strong asset.

Disclaimer: The screening of your application will be conducted based on the information in your profile. Before applying, we strongly suggest that you review your profile to ensure accuracy and completeness.


Before applying, please make sure that you have read the requirements for the position and that you qualify.
Applications from non-qualifying applicants will most likely be discarded by the recruiting manager.
  • Organization: UNICEF - United Nations Children’s Fund
  • Location: Jakarta
  • Grade: International Consultant
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Accounting (Audit, Controlling)
  • Closing Date: 2017-03-30

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