Consultant (Self-Learning Programme Consultant)


The proposed consultancy will facilitate implementation of the SLP in Yemen to ensure continuation of education for OOSC and in areas with limited access to educational facilities. This will be achieved through the elaboration of required learning tools and pilot in a few governorates building on the case of Syria that has successfully implemented with UNICEF’s support.



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Post Title  :   Consultant (Self-Learning Programme Consultant) (for Yemeni Nationals Only)

Level of Post    :  NO3

Duration  :  140 Working Days

Estimated Start Date :  15th April 2017

No of posts  :  One Post

Duty Station  :   Sana'a- Yemen



The proposed consultancy will facilitate implementation of the SLP in Yemen to ensure continuation of education for OOSC and in areas with limited access to educational facilities. This will be achieved through the elaboration of required learning tools and pilot in a few governorates building on the case of Syria that has successfully implemented with UNICEF's support.


** Main Responsibilities of the consultant:

An international consultant has already been recruited for remote assistance on the SLP and the role of the national consultant will be to work in close collaboration with the latter to translate guidance and recommendation in the country.

In close collaboration with the international consultant and under the supervision of the responsible Education Specialist in UNICEF, the national consultant will support the MoE via the Working Group (WG) created for the purpose and provide technical support and guidance throughout the process by:

  • Leading the development and design of SLP materials on the basis of nationally recognized Yemeni curriculum used by the MoE;
  • Facilitating the process of validation and endorsement of SLP materials by appropriate authorities in the MoE;
  • Building capacity of resource group members on use and application of self-learning materials;
  • Elaborating required reports and sharing progress on work.

** Specific Tasks:

  • Identify potential and experienced technical personnel from MoE/academic institutes to participate in WG responsible for developing and designing SLP materials;
  • Conduct a desk review of self-learning programme of Syria and prepare an outline of the programme for Yemen;
  • Prepare an action plan with MoE within a specific time frame for development of SLP materials and implementation of the programme;
  • Orient WG on content, objectives, importance of SLP and working modalities for development and pilot of the programme;
  • Organize and facilitate training workshops for writers/developers of SLP materials and technical staff in the MoE;
  • Review current Yemeni curriculum and textbooks version 2014 (Arabic, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies of grade 1 to 6) and develop an outline of the materials to be used for SLP;
  • Prepare details contents of materials in consultation with international consultant, MoE's technical personnel and WG. Content will focus on setting objectives, identifying learning profile of target audience based on their psycho-social characteristics, and selecting components – including targeted competencies and their corresponding instructional procedures and assessment strategies;
  • Support and guide WG for development of SLP materials in line with national Yemeni curriculum, addressing criteria of international frameworks related to citizenship and human rights based education in conflict and non-conflict settings. Key criteria to be considered when addressing human rights perspective include;
  1. Education in conflict settings and for social cohesion (politicized educational content, manipulation of education to incite hate and violence, gender-biased content, harmful or negative representations of ethnic and religious groups and content is not appropriate to children lives and daily experience in the conflict, content not sensitive to the history, culture, language traditions and religion of different social groups)
  2. Pedagogical approaches including psychosocial aspects (life skills, gender and social relation, psychosocial wellbeing, content appropriate to the context, age, development level, language, culture, needs of learners including children with learning and physical disabilities).
  • Provide day to day technical guidance and support to writers, design and production group members for development of children's materials and facilitator's manual, review draft materials and make necessary adjustment;
  • Pre-test the project tools and materials before they are finalized and approved by MoE and subsequently pilot the project in the selected locations;
  • Organize and facilitate enrichment, validation and finalization workshop at MoE with respective technical personnel and decision making authorities.

** Deliverables:













Submission of action plan


Action plan submitted


Submission of report on orientation and training of MoE officials and WG


Report submitted


Development and submission of draft SLP materials (12 books out of targeted 24) for children and facilitators manuals (12 out of targeted 24)



Draft materials submitted (Arabic, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies subjects for each grade from 1 to 6)


Development and submission of remaining number of draft SLP materials for children (12 books) and facilitators manuals (12)



Draft materials submitted (Arabic, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies subjects for each grade from 1 to 6)


Submission of report on enrichment, validation and finalization workshop


Workshop report submitted


Submission of final SLP materials (24 books for children and 24 facilitators manuals) endorsed by MoE



Submission of completion report



** Minimum qualifications, background and competencies:

  • Masters' degree in Education, Social Sciences or related field;
  • Minimum of five years' experience working in education field;
  • Experience in designing curriculum, strategy documents, text books, supplementary reading materials and lesson plans;
  • Work experience with ministry of education, academic institutions, international NGOs in the field of education programme development;
  • Knowledge of MoE structure, interactions and experience working with ministry officials and across sectors essential;
  • Previous experience carrying out similar assignments;
  • Experience in education emergency planning and management will be an asset;
  • Computer skills in data analysis, using word processing and spreadsheets required;
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Arabic languages is a must.


** Selection criteria:

  • Extent and depth of knowledge and experience in conducting research and development of education materials;
  • Demonstrated experience of working with education sector in strategy development, planning and management;
  • Demonstrated ability to support, advice and guide research process and protocols;
  • Breadth of experience and demonstrated ability to work with multi-disciplinary technical teams;
  • Demonstrated ability to liaise with multiple UN, NGO and the government;
  • Ability to plan, organize, implement and report on work;
  • Excellent communication, writing and presentation skills in English and Arabic;
  • Familiarity with UNICEF's mandate and goals.



** Payment schedule:

Financial bid should include consultant's fee, writer's fee, development of materials, cost for materials design, workshops, conduct of pre-testing, coordination, supervision etc. The consultant will be paid on instalments upon production of deliverables as follows:

  • 25% payment upon submission of the action plan
  • 25% payment upon submission of the draft SLP materials for children (12 books out of targeted 24) and facilitators manuals (12 manuals out of targeted 24)
  • 25% payment upon submission of the remaining number of draft SLP materials for children (12 remaining books for children and 12 facilitators manuals)
  • 25% payment upon submission of final (endorsed by MoE) SLP materials for children (24 books) and facilitator's manual (24 manuals)

** Contractual Obligations:

  • No work may commence until a contract has been duly signed between the consultant and UNICEF;
  • The consultant must abide by the terms and conditions of the contract signed between him/her and UNICEF;
  • The consultant shall also uphold standards of behaviour that are acceptable and follow UN norms that will be made available at the stage of signing the contract.


** How to Apply:

If you meet the requirements stated above, please apply through the provided link: (not later than 1st April, 2017) :

Applicants should submit the following documents within the specified date and time mentioned in the advertisement;

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Technical proposal (with some relevant sample materials developed by the applicant)
  • Financial proposal (in a separate document)


While UNICEF seeks to recruit the best talent in the Yemeni labor market to be able to deliver the best possible services for the children in Yemen, we would like to make it clear that we never use any third party in any of the recruitment processes for all junior and senior positions advertised. All received applications are treated with high level of transparency and professionalism. Only applicants whose profiles meet the advertised job requirements are considered and only within the announced deadline.

في حين تسعى اليونيسف لإستقطاب أفضل الكوادر في السوق اليمنية لتتمكن من تقديم أفضل خدمة للأطفال في اليمن، تود التنويه إلى أنها لا تستعين بأي شخص أو جهة (قد يقدم نفسهـ/ـا) كوسيط أو طرف ثالث في أي من عمليات التوظيف وفيما يخص جميع الوظائف، باستثناء الإعلان عبر وسائل الإعلام والمواقع الإليكترونية. إن اليونيسف، منظمة الطفولة، تعمل بمستوى عال من الشفافية والمهنية. ولا يتم التواصل إلا مع المتقدمين الذين توافقت مؤهلاتهم وخبراتهم مع الوظائف المعلن عنها والتي تقدموا لها في الموعد المعلن.

UNICEF, is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organization. UNICEF is a smoke-free environment.

Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

Before applying, please make sure that you have read the requirements for the position and that you qualify.
Applications from non-qualifying applicants will most likely be discarded by the recruiting manager.
  • Organization: UNICEF - United Nations Children’s Fund
  • Location: Sanaa
  • Grade: International Consultant - Consultancy
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Development Cooperation and Sustainable Development
    • Development Cooperation and Sustainable Development
    • Education, Learning and Training
  • Closing Date: 2017-04-01