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ntaries: Housing, Land and Property Rights, and Forced Eviction - Somalia



Terms of Reference

Production of Two Video Documentaries: Housing, Land and Property Rights, and Forced Eviction


Housing, Land and Property

Forced Evictions




Consultancy type




Baidoa, Dollow, and Mogadishu

Kismayu, Mogadishu, and Baidoa


1st Aug to 25 August 2017

1st Aug to 25 August 2017

Reporting to

ICLA Project Manager

ICLA Project Manager

Critical interface

ICLA Specialist

ICLA Specialist



The NRC Somalia Country Programme is part of NRC Horn of Africa, Yemen, Uganda and South Sudan regional mission. Operations in the region began in Somaliland in 2004, and eventually expanded to Puntland in 2006, and South Central Somalia and Kenya in 2007. In total, five additional country programmes have been established in the region since 2011 – Ethiopia, Yemen, Djibouti, South Sudan & Uganda – with strategic programming priorities focusing on shelter, WASH, Education, Food Security, Protection, and Information, Counselling and legal assistance (ICLA). The ICLA programme has been operational in Somalia since 2012, first established in Puntland, providing services linked to the promotion and protection of Housing, Land and Property (HLP) rights, including forced evictions, case management, capacity development, advocacy and strengthening of coordination capacity in new and emerging strategic locations to IDPs and returnees claim and exercise their HLP rights and attain durable solutions. The ICLA programme now has operational presence in Puntland, Somaliland, South Central Somalia, and Juba land.

Access to HLP rights remains a major factor in overcoming barriers that displacement-affected populations in Somalia face. It is also at the heart of efforts to empower displaced populations and bring them into the mainstream of development. Unfortunately, widespread forced evictions in the context of Somalia continue to affect the delivery of humanitarian aid and is adversely impeding the attainment of durable solutions. IDPs are more vulnerable to HLP rights violations due to tenure insecurity and a general lack of protection.

Forced eviction has been identified as one of the most pressing protection challenges facing IDPs and returnees in Somalia, and addressing it remains is critical imperative for the realization of reintegration and durable solutions potentials. NRC documented more than 162,421 evictions (including female headed households) across Somalia in 2016 and virtually 95% of the incidents resulted in further rights violations, including loss of shelter and livelihoods. Approximately 90% of the reported evictions took place in South and central Somalia specially Mogadishu accounting for 98%, Kismayo 2% and Baidoa 1%. The violation of HLP rights, in the form of forced evictions, remains unarguably a major hindrance to the overall protective environment of displacement affected populations in Somalia.

Expected Results

It would be highly desirable for NRC to well produced videos for an impactful and innovative delivery of the advocacy message to be derived from this initiative. The documentaries are to be empathy driven, moving and motivational, told mainly from the perspective of those mostly affected, with interviews and voices from local communities, decision makers and NRC. The documentary should be produced in English, at highest market quality standards, high-definition, fast paced and colorful, with clean stylistic touches. The total running time of each documentary should be ten minutes, including introductions. The entire documentary production i.e. writing, filming, editing, voicing/narration etc. should be done by the consultant, delivering a final ready-to-air product in broadcast standards and in HD technology. The entire development and production process will be closely monitored by the NRC ICLA program and media department providing continuous review, comments and thematic inputs when necessary.

NRC Horn of Africa through the Somalia Country program is the Executive Producer of the documentary and works are protected by copyright law. The consultant shall not reproduce or use this documentary without permission, infringing certain exclusive rights granted to NRC, which is the copyright holder, such as the right to reproduce, distribute, display or perform the protected work, or to make derivative works.

The following shall be the main deliverables of this consultancy:

  • The production of two high-quality audiovisual short documentaries – one on Housing, Land and Property issues, 10 minutes long, while the other on forced eviction in Somalia, also 10 minutes long. ICLA beneficiaries and local authorities will be targeted for interviews.
  • Each documentary will highlight the main issues and challenges, linked to the subject of focus, with which displaced populations in Somalia are confronted as well as their impact on the attainment of durable solutions, and the enjoyment and exercise of HLP rights.
  • Each documentary will be approximately 10 minutes in duration, and it will be made in 3 parts of approximately 3.3 minutes each – to be produced in English and Somali. Each part will focus on a particular HLP or Eviction issue, and will use a specific NRC intervention scenario as a way of demonstrating evidence. NRC will define at the inception phase the specific HLP and forced eviction issues of focus for each of the 3 individual parts. The final production quality of the video shall be approved by NRC before the final signoff.

Final products must be delivered in the following formats:

  • 1 mixed sound edited master
  • 1 x split track edited master (separate narrative, music and natural sound)
  • 1 x International version edited master (a version with separate track audio as above and no subtitles, captions or other text on screen)
  • Copies of all original footage – interviews and raw footage.

Duties and responsibilities of each consultant

  • Research plan and the design of a story for each of the 3 parts.
  • Acquisition of archive footage from the contracted company, if deemed appropriate. No video or still photos from other sources can be used, unless it is original archive footage or still photos from the contracted company.
  • Development of the script storyboard in English. All scripts will be reviewed and approved by NRC before use.
  • Technical editing of the documentary.
  • The production of the soundtrack including voice-over recording and copyright free music.
  • Translation of the script into Somali (for the national consultant). NRC will facilitate the translation for the international consultant.
  • Subtitling of the documentary into English.
  • The coordination and the production of the layout of the DVD, the cover design and other graphical elements.
  • Planning of interviews and the filming schedule. This will visit the project sites in Mogadishu, Baidoa, Kismayo, Dollow to interact with the local communities who’ve been directly impacted by rights violations linked to HLP and forced evictions.

NRC project teams will provide the following logistical support in an effort to facilitate execution of the exercise:

  1. Accommodation (without meals) during the consultancy period
  2. Transportation – both road and air
  3. Security support where necessary

3.            PROGRESS PLAN

Delivery dates

Milestones and key deliverables

26th July 2017

Background documents to be provided electronically to Consultant/s for research.

1st Aug 2017

Start date in Somalia

15th August

All shooting on location to be complete.

20th Aug 2017

1st rough cut to be delivered to NRC for review and feedback.

25th Aug 2017

Final production ( documentaries ) to be complete and submitted in its final form to NRC.


The starting date is non-negotiable and the final cut of the documentary must be complete by 25th August 2017.

Qualifications and Experience

The consultant will be required to meet the following minimum requirements

  • Minimum of three (3) years' documented work experience in the area of documentary/reportage/documentary writing, producing, directing and editing;
  • Demonstrated ability to produce high quality documentaries.
  • Possession of their own professional cameras, lighting, audio and digital editing.
  • Ability to operate under strict time lines and apply high production and technical standards for the purpose of maintaining high level of professionalism;
  • Ability to communicate and conduct interviews in both English and Somali. Somali desirable for the international consultant, and a requirement for the national consultant.
  • Experience working with and access to state of the art equipment, including standard lighting kits on all professional sites, fantastic sound with a microphone that provides cinema quality sound
  • Access to post production facilities including the most up to date version of the industry standard post production sound editing and design software for the documentaries.  Track record of successful materials filmed in the region and/or on similar topics is an asset.


  1. At least two links to work samples demonstrating most relevant previous productions
  2. Two references (with contact information) from previous clients
  3. Detailed list with technical information of the equipment intended for use, including camera, light, sound, editing software etc.
  4. Brief presentation of the team, with CVs and functional responsibilities of the key people to be engaged in the production of the documentary.

Creative Direction

  1. Brief letter, describing previous experience on similar projects as well as proposed creative direction for the documentary. Creative ideas and suggestions are encouraged.


  1. Detailed filming plan and timeline for all phases in pre-production, production and post-production.
  2. Detailed break-down of all estimated costs, including estimated days of shooting, production team, days of editing, travel costs, music, etc.

Limitations of Scope

  • No video or still photos from other sources can be used, unless it is original archive footage or still photos from the contracted company.
  • The consultant is not authorized to speak on behalf of NRC unless specifically authorized by NRC.
  • The consultant shall represent himself/herself/themselves, vis-à-vis his contract as a Videographer Consultant to the NRC ICLA program.
  • NRC shall have final editorial control.
  • NRC will hold the rights to all the video footage shot and audio recordings made, but will be amenable to granting the producer use of the footage as evidence of their experience/for their CV.


  • The Consultant/s will be hired under NRC terms of contract and shall work under the direct supervision of the ICLA Project Manager for South Central Somalia with a critical interface with the ICLA Specialist for Somalia.
  • The consultant will be based in NRC area office in Mogadishu with frequent travels to project sites.
  • NRC shall provide all necessary support to the consultant for the execution of the assignment specified in this Terms of Reference, including but not limited to, i) access to relevant project documents; and ii) the facilitation of meetings with stakeholders and other targets of this initiative.

Application Procedure

Expression of interest should be submitted on and before 20th July 2017 through NRC webcruiter. The consultant should be ready to start immediately. The assignment is expected to take a maximum of 20 days from the time of contract signing.

Only short listed candidates will be invited to participate in a call to further present and clarify their ideas.


Before applying, please make sure that you have read the requirements for the position and that you qualify.
Applications from non-qualifying applicants will most likely be discarded by the recruiting manager.

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  • Organization: NRC - Norwegian Refugee Council
  • Location: Mogadishu
  • Grade: Level not specified
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Architecture, Building and Property Management
    • Emergency Aid
  • Closing Date: 2017-07-20

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