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Senior Officer, Green Growth and Post-conflict


Senior Officer, Green Growth and Post-conflict

The Senior GG and post-conflict officer is in charge of developing substantive technical and strategic inputs and analyses to support the development, delivery, and assessment of work programs and activities at country level as per defined in these terms of reference; organizing program activities across green growth planning, project formulation and program-specific knowledge development for effective results delivery; maintaining effective program reporting and communication internally and externally in line with GGGI corporate policies, standards and protocols.

Contract Type
Individual Contractor (ICA)
Salary scale
Country Scale
Contract Duration
36 months
Date to close
Ref No


  • Assess issues and opportunities within the sustainable landscapes – AFOLU sectors that could become bankable project opportunities in support of the low-carbon, sustainable development agenda of the post-conflict Ministry;
  • Formulate projects within the context of the objectives and criteria of the programs and policies managed under the Post-conflict Ministry, focusing on sustainable rural development; sustainable, climate-smart agriculture and REDD+, where green growth and peace-building can be most effectively integrated;
  • Analyze dynamic contexts and evolving green growth needs & priorities of priority areas defined within the post-conflict Ministry, and integrate them into policy or programmatic solutions and concrete activities or projects;
  • Support the implementation of the portfolio of specific projects structured under the FCS, including liaising with IDB-FCS operational team, participate in technical committees for project proposals evaluation and selection, project implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  • Support the Technical Implementation Unit of the FCS to ensure that the project pipeline developed is meeting the objectives of the Fund and overall goals to which it wants to contribute.
  • Support the preparation of Annual Operational Plans and annual progress reports that reflect priorities set by the Steering Committee of the Fund, and more importantly, that are leading to achievement of climate mitigation, green growth and sustainable rural development targets set by the Government.
  • Develop results reporting structures to support FCS pipeline delivery internally and externally 
  • Ensure that projects structured and presented to FCS are well aligned with national development and green growth priorities and can be promoted to the to the Government as well as the donor community
  • Apply institutional strategy (“GGGI Strategic Plan 2015-2020”) and country engagement strategy
  •  (“Country Planning Framework”) to the design and development of yearly GGGI program plans and activities for the alignment with GGGI core values and corporate priorities


  • Advise Country Representative and team with evidence and data driven substantive inputs and analyses on program activity development, implementation and assessment, particularly within topics of relevance for the Sustainable Landscapes Thematic area activities.
  • Collaborate with other country teams, units and divisions of GGGI on identified joint activity opportunities to ensure integrated delivery as “One GGGI”, particularly for activities relevant to the implementation of projects within the Sustainable Landscapes Thematic area.
  • Maintain active professional relations with partner government counterparts and key stakeholders to capture and integrate their changing green growth needs and manage “client” expectations.
  • Promote green growth and GGGI´s best practice, knowledge products and advisory services with the donor community and other relevant stakeholders;
  • Advise GGGI on opportunities for engagement in the national context, demonstrating effective adaptation of the GGGI approach;
  • Advise and support the participation of the Post-conflict Ministry in the Colombia Peace Fund, the Sustainable Colombia Initiative and all related coordination instances;
  • Support the Technical Implementation Unit of the FCS in aligning investments and financing from the Colombian Government and other funding sources to enhance the pipeline of projects;
  • Facilitate and provide capacity building to ensure adequate participation of local governmental entities, private sector, civil society and ethnic local communities in the formulation and implementation of projects financed under the FCS
  • Support an effective integration of the FCS-financed projects with other funding sources and initiatives that target similar objectives y similar areas


  • Identifies project delivery issues and ensures effective coordination of project activities and resources to ensure attainment of objectives against established timeframes.
  • Organize program activities including policy consultation and validation meetings & workshops, capacity building programs based on yearly/ biannual work programs and budget plans
  • Guide and ensure that the project management cycle established under the Operations Manual of the FCS is being applied in a timely and proper manner
  • Support the Technical Coordination Unit in the drafting of the Annual Operations Plans, considering the recommendations of the various Steering Committee Government agencies, the Consultative Technical Committee and the Technical Advisors of the IDB.
  • Support in the definition of all the technical specifications and scope of the competitive project selection processes, as per rules defined within the Operations Manual of FCS
  • Support in the selection of potential projects and executing agencies that could be subject of financing under the FCS to meet the objectives of the POA and that comply with prioritization and eligibility criteria
  • Provide capacity building and technical advise to the implementation agencies during project preparation and implementation to ensure timely and successful operation
  • Ensure safeguard compliance, poverty reduction, social inclusion and gender balance of selected projects
  • Ensure project cycle compliance during project formulation
  • Perform data collection and analyses to build and maintain specific knowledgebase and disseminate experience gained under the FCS
  • Develop result reporting of FCS activities and facilitate internal and external communications
  • Capture lessons learned in project management to support refinement/improvement of existing policies and procedures.



  • Master degree in natural resources management and policy, environmental economics, rural development, ecology, or related studies
  • At least 10 years of relevant experience on Land Use and Climate Change mitigation-related topics, particularly in policy development and project formulation, monitoring and evaluation and project management
  • Strong knowledge of Colombia´s policy and institutional framework regarding Sustainable Rural Development and climate change
  • Relevant experience in working with Government entities, private sector and the donor community in Colombia


  • Strong theoretical base and practical understanding of Rural and Agricultural Development with an emphasis on climate-smart agriculture and REDD+ policy and investments, with ability to translate theory into practice
  • Experience in advising high-level government officials on Sustainable Rural Development and Land Use policy and practice, particularly on low-carbon, resilient and market-oriented agricultural development
  • Sound track record in the design and implementation projects, including technical, financial, regulatory, operational and management aspects for successful implementation
  • Exceptional analytical, quantitative and strategic thinking skills, with excellent abilities to provide synthesis and communicate clearly and effectively.


  • Ability to participate in multi-disciplinary teams, from both public and private sector.
  • Outstanding stakeholder engagement, client relationship, communication, team work and consensus building
  • Excellent multi-cultural literacy, with full proficiency in Spanish and fluent written and spoken English skills
  • Demonstrated ability to function as team leader and ability to coach and mentor more junior staff



Since May 2013 GGGI has supported the Government of Colombia in various programs within the Sustainable Landscapes Thematic area, particularly the formulation and roll-out of the Amazon Vision-REDD for Early Movers Program and implementation of the a national-scale, performance-based program (called Declaration of Intent (DoI)) to advance climate change mitigation through reduced deforestation and forest degradation across the country. As defined by the DoI´s partners, the funding received by Colombia through this program will be channeled through the Sustainable Colombia Fund (FCS) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). This Fund has been created to finance peace-building, rural development and climate change mitigation efforts to be sponsored and promoted by the National Government, particularly in rural areas that have been affected by the civil conflict for decades. GGGI´s collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Post-conflict, as well as other government agencies to effectively implement this program and ensure that it will deliver climate change mitigation, as well as economic growth, peacebuilding and social inclusion results, will be the basis of our work in the following 2017 – 2018 period.

The IDB´s FCS aims to support projects and programs aimed at maximizing the environmental, economic and social dividends of peace in Colombia. The specific objectives of the Fund are: (i) to promote the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity; (ii) forge and support sustainable rural development; (iii) support the implementation of national policies that promote climate change mitigation and reduction of deforestation; (iv) support capacity-building in areas affected by armed conflict; and (v) incorporate climate change considerations into the development agenda as an intersectoral theme. The expected long-term impact of the FCS is to improve the well-being and living conditions of selected communities and the sustainability of their territories and support the implementation of Colombia´s National Determined Contribution.

The Technical Coordinating Unit of the FCS, to be housed under the Post-conflict Ministry, will carry out the following functions: i) preparation, coordination, management, implementation and supervision of the FCS; (ii) elaboration of Annual Operational Plans (POAs) and annual monitoring reports; (iii) coordination of the entire project cycle (nesting, formulation, monitoring and evaluation); (iv) report operational, fiduciary and donor performance to the Bank and national entities defined, (semiannual, annual, etc.), v) elaboration and adjustments of Operational Manuals, vi) coordination of resources from the government of Colombia and donors; (vii) ensuring the adequate participation of national, local and regional entities and the private sector and civil society organizations in the formulation and implementation of projects; (viii) preparation, coordination, management, implementation and supervision of the Fund; (ix) exercise the functions of the Technical Secretariat of the FSC Steering Committee; (x) Ensure that the Bank and donors' social, environmental, cultural and gender safeguards are met; xi) promote the visibility and knowledge of the Fund; (xii) support local and high-level advisory committees; xiii) coordinate with existing territorial spaces for the definition and formulation of projects; and other operational activities deemed necessary for the adequate functioning of the fund and flow of resources.

The signing of the Final Agreement for the ending of the conflict constitutes an immense opportunity to build the paths of a new Colombia, a Colombia with a stable and lasting peace. Postconflict is then presented as the possibility of joining forces for a better country, moving towards integral rural development, political participation with guarantees, solving the problem of illicit drugs and full recognition of the rights of victims.

 In this scenario, it is necessary to build a commitment to the environmental sustainability of the territories affected by the conflict, thus achieving a true transformation of the Colombian countryside in the perspective of Sustainable Rural Development (DRIS), so that the advisory team in the environment and sustainability of the High Council for Post-Conflict, develops a process of accompaniment to the Government that assures an environmentally sustainable vision in this new era. The country's environment, and in particular in priority areas for peacebuilding, most of which are highly forested and of strategic importance in the supply of ecosystem services, are at great vulnerability and environmental threat.

The Post-Conflict Ministry, created through Decree 1649 of September 2, 2014 and Decree 672 of April 26, 2017, within the structure of the Administrative Department of the Presidency, has the function of articulating the overall vision of the Colombian Government on all post-conflict activities, jointly working with other entities, civil society and departmental and local authorities in their respective role throughout the implementation of the plans and projects in the peace-building phase. Its specific functions include articulating the overall vision of the National Government on post-conflict, coordinating with the different Ministries and Administrative Departments, implementing programs and projects for post-conflict, and coordinating with local authorities the implementation of Programs and projects related to post-conflict. One of the key responsibilities of this Ministry will be the overall coordination of the Colombia Peace Fund, an umbrella “holding” type entity, created to align and coordinate all cooperation directed to peace-building and sustainable development in post-conflict priority areas. 

Before applying, please make sure that you have read the requirements for the position and that you qualify.
Applications from non-qualifying applicants will most likely be discarded by the recruiting manager.

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  • Organization: Global Green Growth Institute
  • Location: Colombo
  • Grade: X9 - Mid level
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Conflict prevention
  • Closing Date: 2017-09-10

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