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App and Website Developer - Consultant - Iran

Tehrān (Iran)

Rights Respected, People Protected


Innovation Project - App and website development

Period: 26 August 2018 – 30 November 2018



The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is a non-governmental humanitarian organization with 60 years of experience in helping create a safer and more dignified life for refugees and internally displaced people. NRC advocates for the rights of displaced populations and offers assistance within the shelter, education, food security and water, sanitation and hygiene sectors. We aim to provide high quality and innovative technical solutions to daily challenges of life in displacement that also offer protection. Through our programme in Iran, we help Afghan refugees cope with the struggles of living in long-term displacement. NRC’s programmes support Afghan refugees as they seek to improve their living conditions, prevent secondary displacement, help to guarantee their access to basic services, and reinforce their coping strategies.

In order to facilitate the access of the refugees to services and programmes, NRC Iran is seeking innovative, technology-based solutions to communicate with the Afghan refugees. Developing a mobile application and a website for sharing information about NRC programmes and services with the beneficiaries is part of this solution.

Accordingly, NRC is seeking the services of a Consultant to design and develop a mobile application and a website that can satisfy the specific needs of the Afghan refugees. The project should be handed over to NRC no later than 30 November 2018.


The app/website development has two main objectives:

  1. To inform Afghan refugees about critical issues such as processes, timings and costs for obtaining documentation such as refugee status cards, education support cards, work permits, health insurance, etc. in addition to informing about services provided by NRC or other NGOs.
  2. To enable Afghan refugees to ask questions to NRC and receive answers, or simply to give feedback.


The required features of the app and website are described in detail below. Overall, the application and the website will have very similar features and NRC expects that the Consultant will develop both technologies in parallel. The app will target refugees who have access to smartphones while the website will target users who have access to computers typically through internet cafes. The required features of the app and website are described in detail below.


  1. The app will essentially be a platform for providing information and notifications on topics of interest to the Afghan refugees (see topics above). Figure 1 below shows the required features for the app:

    Figure 1: App features

  2. The information and notifications need to be filtered by some basic characteristics including: province of residence, type of documentation, whether the household has children of school age, whether the household has working-age males, etc. These characteristics will have to be entered by users on their first log-in to the system to enable tailoring of information provision.


  3. A profile of the refugees and a history of their interactions should be saved in the app database. There should be a possibility for users to register their phone numbers to enable further communication through IVR/SMS.


  4. The App should have a straightforward back end that allows non-specialist users to easily publish updated information and notifications to different user groups.


  5. The App should have a straightforward back end that allows users to see and manage any incoming feedback and questions, and if necessary have a ‘chat’ functionality with users.


  6. The app should also provide a channel for the refugees to communicate with NRC, through asking questions and receiving answers (perhaps a ‘chat’ function), or simply giving feedback.


  7. Notifications and Information on the app should be available to the users in text and audio format since some of the users might be illiterate or not able to read easily. The information should be available in both Farsi and Pashtu for the refugees who cannot speak Farsi fluently.


  8. The design and content of the application should be accessible for people who experience visual impairment.


  9. The app will only have an Android version since the majority of the users are anticipated to work with Android phones.


  10. The application should be light on data usage to install and operate, to minimize any cost barriers. Further, given high levels of illiteracy among the Afghan population, it should be as straightforward to install as possible.


  11. The application will not include any ‘social media’-type feature nor will it enable any interaction among the users. The comments and questions users post in the app must not be visible to any other users.

b) Website

  1. The website will have the same look and functionality as the app. However, the final design and content of the website is dependent on the discussions with the Iranian Authorities.
  2. Information on the website should also be available in text and audio format and in both Farsi and Pashtu.
  3. The design of the application should be disabled-friendly.
  4. The website should be responsive and mobile-friendly.


Time and Deliverables:

  1. The Consultancy will start in mid-August 2018. It is expected that by the end of November 2018 a prototype of the app is finalized and approved by NRC team and tested with a sample of beneficiaries in one of the provinces covered by NRC. By the end of November, the website should also be fully developed, presented to NRC team, and tested;


  2. The Consultant must deliver the following document after 2 weeks of starting the project:


    • A detailed design document, explaining clearly the steps that the Consultant will take in order to develop the app and the website;
    • A conceptual UI design for the app and website;


  3. The Minimum viable product (MVP) should be prepared by end September and the Beta version should be ready for user testing by end October;


  4. The development of the app and the website should finish no later than the end of November 2018.


  5. The Consultant must develop user videos in English for the app/website;


  6. The Consultant must deliver the source code to the NRC IT Officer upon project implementation;


  7. The Consultant must deliver a half-day end-user training for the NRC users after acceptance of the system;


  8. The Consultant will be expected to engage fully in presenting the concepts/minimum viable products to NRC project team and also Iranian government counterparts. After the development of the minimum viable product the Consultant will be expected to engage in some user testing with groups of Afghan refugees, with the support of NRC project team.


As part of the project, the Consultant agrees to fix any bugs identified on the system for a period of 6 months after the project closure, at no cost to NRC. This responsibility does not extend to administering the system.


The Consultant will respect the confidentiality of all data in the NRC database and will not alter, share or copy any data in the system the Consultant has access to.


Bids shall include budgets in Iranian Riyals. The sum shall include all fees and costs (including international flights, per diems, hotels, transportation around Tehran, taxes, and insurance) incurred in conducting the consultancy tasks. The Consultant is responsible for paying any social security insurance or taxes required by the Iranian Government for work performed in Iran.

The amount will be paid in two instalments upon acceptance of the app and website modules no later than 30 November 2018.


Interested applicants must provide the following and submit it through the webcruiter or by sending them to  by 24:00 hours on 5 August 2018.

  • Cover letter confirming interest in applying for the app and website development consultancy position, outlining previous experience with NRC or similar humanitarian or development organizations, and showing the estimated cost for the development of the app and website;
  • Updated CV.

Shortlisted applicants will need to attend an interview and provide client reference upon request.


Before applying, please make sure that you have read the requirements for the position and that you qualify.
Applications from non-qualifying applicants will most likely be discarded by the recruiting manager.

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  • Organization: NRC - Norwegian Refugee Council
  • Location: Tehrān (Iran)
  • Grade: Consultant - Contractors Agreement - Consultancy
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Emergency Aid and Response
    • Information Technology and Computer Science
  • Closing Date: 2018-08-06

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