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  • Organization: UNV - United Nations Volunteers
  • Location: Bangkok
  • Grade: International Volunteer - Internationally recruited Volunteer
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Accounting (Audit, Controlling)
    • Statistics
    • Information Technology and Computer Science
    • Operations and Administrations
    • Volunteerism
  • Closing Date: 2018-11-14

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UNV Results Based Management (RBM) and Data Analytics Officer

Bangkok (Thailand)

UN VVOLLUNTEEER DESSCRIPTTONN OFFASSSIGNMMENNT THARR0002711UNV ResulsBased ManagemeentRBM))andDaaaAnnaytcsOffferrc The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme is the UN organization that promotes volunteerism to support peace and development worldwide. Volunteerism can transform the pace and nature of development and it benefits both society at large and the individual volunteer. UNV contributes to peace and development by advocating for volunteerism globally, encouraging partners to integrate volunteerism into development programming, and mobilizing volunteers.In most cultures volunteerism is deeply embedded in long-established, ancient traditions of sharing and support within the communities. In this context, UN Volunteers take part in various forms of volunteerism and play a role in development and peace together with co-workers, host agencies and local communities.In all assignments, UN Volunteers promote volunteerism through their action and conduct. Engaging in volunteer activity can effectively and positively enrich their understanding of local and social realities, as well as create a bridge between themselves and the people in their host community. This will make the time they spend as UN Volunteers even more rewarding and productive.

Ge en neer ral l Inf for rma at tion n

Couunty ofAsssgnnmennt Thailand

Hoost nsttute United Nations Development Programme

VolunteerrCategoory International Specialist

NummberrofVoolunteer 1

Duration 12 months

Expected Starting Date Immediate

Duty Statono Bangkok [THA]

Assignmeent Pacce Family Duty Station

Assignmeent PacceReemaakk

Livng Connditons

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia. The climate is tropical, with the monsoon season running from May/June through October/November. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, and it is also the most populated city in the country. It is located in the Chao Phraya River delta in the central part of the country. Bangkok has an estimated population of 8.75 million as of 2017 (13% of Thailand’s total population), based on data from the 2010 census. Over the past decades, Bangkok has grown rapidly with little urban planning or regulation. This has led to traffic congestion and air pollution, and there is frequent flooding of streets during the rainy season in the City’s low-lying areas.

The cost of living in Thailand is relatively low, as compared to many other capitals in Southeast Asia. Housing is widely available in various sizes and at various price points. Many condos are wheelchair accessible. Private healthcare in Thailand is of excellent standard, and there are numerous top hospitals in 14 Nov 2018 Page 1 of 8Bangkok, which fall far below countries like the US in terms of price. There are numerous high-quality international schools available in Bangkok, with English as the language of instruction.

Bangkok has different public transportation options, including the BTS Skytrain and MRT Underground,

metered taxis, mobile-based ride-hailing services (Grab, All Thai Taxi, etc.), tuk tuks, motorbike taxis,

buses and boats. Accessibility for persons with physical disabilities may be an issue – while all MRT

stations have elevator access, only some BTS stations do. Tuk tuks, motorbike taxis, buses and boats are

generally not accessible. Using public taxis or mobile-based ride-hailing services requires the ability to

transfer from wheelchair to the backseat of a regular car. Larger taxis can accommodate folding

wheelchairs, but for most regular-sized taxis – due to the CNG gas tank in their boot – folding wheelchairs

need to be secured by strap so that the boot lid can be tied down. Public transportation to commute

from/to the UN ESCAP compound, where the UNDP office is located, requires taking a public taxi/mobile-

based ride-hailing service to the nearest BTS station. The BTS station (Ratchathewi) closest to the office

has elevator access to the train platforms (it was just newly installed). UNDP does not have an official

vehicle that is available for wheel-chair users.

The UN ESCAP compound is wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair users are currently working in the

compound. ESCAP continues working towards making the compound a more inclusive and accessible

space for all persons. A compound wide assessment of the facility was completed in October 2017 and

ESCAP are now working on the action plan, some of which has already been implemented. UNDP offices

and work stations, conference rooms and bathrooms are wheelchair accessible, too. Desks have the

appropriate height to accommodate wheelchair users, however printers do not.

For persons with visual impairments, only the elevators in the compound have buttons and signs in Braille.

UNDP IT systems and tools are currently not accessible. Different assistive technology devices are

available at the UN Conference Centre’s Accessibility Centre in the UN ESCAP compound, including: Bar

Code Reader, Braille Information Instrument, Braille Printer, Daisy Player, Reading Enlarger, Mobile

Controller, Screen Reader SW, and Touch Monitor. For persons with hearing disabilities, assistive

technology devices available at the UN Conference Centre’s Accessibility Centre include: Bone

Conduction Hearing Aids and Hearing Assistive Aids for Smartphones. UNDP would engage with ESCAP

on the UNV being able to use such devices. For hearing disabled, UNDP would not be in a position to

provide sign language interpretation or captioning services on request, but only on exceptional basis for

specific events. The UNDP Regional Policy and Programme Services Division has successfully hosted an

intern with a hearing disability for three months from February to May 2018.

As sssiignnm me ennt t De et taiils

AssignmeentTitele UNV Results Based Management (RBM) and Data Analytics Officer

OrgannzatonallContext& ProjectDescriptono

Anchored in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and committed to the principles of

14 Nov 2018 Page 2 of 8universality, equality and leaving no one behind, the UNDP vision for its Strategic Plan 2018-2021 is to help countries achieve sustainable development by eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions,

accelerating structural transformations for sustainable development and building resilience to crises and

shocks. Across all the contexts in which it works, UNDP prioritizes the collection and use of disaggregated

data and analyses for identifying those being left behind, and support the design of targeted interventions

to reach them. The work of UNDP, in all cases, addresses the specific challenges faced by women and

girls and the deficits faced by marginalized and vulnerable groups, including people with disabilities. UNDP

also aims to lay strong foundations for effective planning, financing, mobilization and delivery of ODA,

domestic government cost sharing and, where this is requested and feasible, other forms of development

finance from public and private sources, including through the use of innovative instruments.

The Strategic Plan and the Asia Pacific Regional Programme 2018-2021 as one of the instruments for

delivering on it are centred on the notion of bringing timely, effective and catalytic services to the country

level via UNDP country offices. Access to quality advisory services and technical support for 24 country

offices in the Asia-Pacific region the is provided by the UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub (BRH), one of five

regional hubs globally. BRH provides the platform for subject matter experts from different development

practice areas and experts on cross-cutting issues (financing for the SDGs, innovation, partnerships,

resource mobilization, communications, knowledge management, management services, results based

management and financial oversight and compliance) to work in an integrated manner on delivering six

UNDP signature solutions – (i.) Keeping people out of poverty, (ii.) Governance systems & Institutions, (iii)

Resilient Societies, (iv.) Sustainable Planet, (v.) Close Energy Gap, (vi.) Strengthening Gender Equality) –

and providing coordinated and cohesive on-demand support to the UNDP country offices.

To bolster BRH’s ability to deliver support to country offices and integrated solutions that are evidence-

based and demonstrate impact at scale, the UNV RBM and Data Analytics Officer will assist in the data

analytics and results based management functions. The UNV RBM and Data Analytics Officer will have a

dual reporting line to the RBM Programme Specialist and Regional Management Advisor.

S/he will be a key resource working with BRH and country offices to visualize data to tell a compelling

story on UNDP’s achievements. In addition to supporting UNDP’s programme, the s/he will strengthen the

internal management advisory function of BRH, which aims to help UNDP country offices to continuously

improve their business processes for better performance and accelerating programme implementation.

Robust data sets and trend analyses are needed to gain business critical insights, whichin turn inform the

BRH and country offices to make informed decisions on strategy and service lines.

S/he will assist in supporting development results monitoring and reporting at BRH, including that of the

Regional Programme, in line with the UNDP corporate monitoring and reporting requirements. In addition,

s/he will help to establish proper internal systems for project monitoring, quality assurance and evaluation

system in line with UNDP policies. S/he will reinforce BRH’s capacity for facilitating substantive

contributions to the preparation of regional project documents, particularly in articulating the results and

M&E frameworks. Furthermore, s/he will also support in the formulation of annual integrated work plans

and unit work planning exercises. S/he will also provide support to country offices on the quality design of

14 Nov 2018 Page 3 of 8of their programme and project monitoring frameworks and evaluations, and ensuring that the corporate quality standards are applied in these processes.

Susstanaable Devvelopmmennt 17. Partnerships For the Goals

Gooalss UNNV FFocussArrea Taask desscrpttono

National capacity development via volunteer schemes

The UNV RBM and Data Analytics

Officer will undertake the following tasks:

1. Data analytics

Work closely with BRH and country office senior management teams to understand their evolving

information needs, help develop business intelligence strategies and solutions that respond to these

needs, and help transition early stage ideas into strategic growth initiatives.

Assist in reviewing source data available and identifying potential analytics products for internal and

external audiences.

Help t o develop new and improve existing tools for data visualization.

Assist in analyzing programme monitoring data and drawing recommendations.

2. Results Based Management

Support in developing compilation of good examples of templates, Standard Operating Procedures

(SOPs), guidelines related to planning, monitoring, and reporting for country offices’ use.

Support in taking stock of M&E systems in the country offices—developing check lists, collecting data

and analysing them.

Support in conducting Capacity Needs Assessment of country office and project staff to identify the

areas that need to be strengthened and analyse the data collected.

Support in developing topic specific training modules that can be delivered to the country offices


Support in analysing the results of the Quality Assurance exercise for 2017 for each country office.

Support the implementation of the regional programme monitoring plan in close collaboration with

Regional Programme Analyst.

Support in ensuring that the data entered by the country offices as part of their Results Oriented

Annual Report is complete and correct in the various online platforms.

3. Knowledge management

Help design and deliver training in the use of data analytics and visualization solutions and tools for

UNDP staff in BRH and country offices.

Assist in developing SOPs/guidelines related to M&E and reporting, quality assurance, etc. .

Assist in developing and adapting tools and guidance as well as training materials and manuals in

monitoring, quality assurance and evaluation.

Assist in collecting and synthesizing lessons learned and good practices from data analytics and

14 Nov 2018 Page 4 of 8 RBM, and share them within BRH and with country offices.

Contribute to UNDP knowledge networks.

Work with the BRH Communications team in the selection and dissemination of regional programme

and country office results, success stories, lessons learned, etc.

Furthermore, UN Volunteers are required to:- Strengthen their knowledge and understanding of the

concept of volunteerism by reading relevant UNV and external publications and take active part in UNV

activities (for instance in events that mark International Volunteer Day)- Be acquainted with and build on

traditional and/or local forms of volunteerism in the host country- Provide annual and end of assignment

reports on UN Volunteer actions, results and opportunities using UNV’s Volunteer Reporting Application-

Contribute articles/write-ups on field experiences and submit them for UNV publications/websites,

newsletters, press releases, etc.- Assist with the UNV Buddy Programme for newly-arrived UN Volunteers-

Promote or advise local groups in the use of online volunteering, or encourage relevant local individuals

and organizations to use the UNV Online Volunteering service whenever technically possible.

Resuls/Expected Outputs

The key results have an impact on the overall economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of BRH and country

office operations in the following areas:

Improved regionally managed support to UNDP country offices

Enhanced business processes

Increased innovation in business operations

More evidence-based and intelligent decision making by the organization

Enhanced capacity and credibility of UNDP in implementating effective programmes with strong

impact at scale

• The development of capacity through coaching, mentoring and formal on-the-job training, when working

with (including supervising) national staff or (non-) governmental counter-parts, including Implementing

Partners (IPs); • Age, Gender and Diversity (AGD) perspective is systematically applied, integrated and

documented in all activities throughout the assignment • A final statement of achievements towards

volunteerism for peace and development dur-ing the assignment, such as reporting on the number of

volunteers mobilized, activities participated in and capacities developed

Qu uaallifficaattion nss//Reeq quuiireemme en ntts

RequiredDeegreeLevell Bachelor degree or equivalent

Educaton -AdddtonallCommeents

Hold a Bachelor or Master level, degree or be enrolled in a university degree at Bachelor or Master level

in Statistics, Mathematics, or a related field.

Requiredexpeerence 0 months

14 Nov 2018 Page 5 of 8ExperienceReemark

To be eligible to applyUNNDP-UNVV TaenttProgrammee orYouungProfessonnas wihh

Disabities,, candidates should:

Be no more than 35 years of age;

Be a person living with a physical or sensorial (hearing or visual) disability.

Work experience will be an advantage but not a requirement.


Demonstrated interest and aptitude in data, metrics and trend analysis;

Good in articulating business questions, pulling from large data sets and using statistics and concise

presentations to arrive at answers;

Strong analytical and diagnostic skills;

Strong commitment to working for sustainable development and human rights;

Interest in the UN and adaptability to a multicultural environment.

Compputerskis:: MS Office applications (Excel, PPT, Word) is required. Experience in using graphic

design programmes (MS Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, etc.) and/or frontend data visualization

libraries (D3, HighCharts, Protovis, etc.) would be an asset.

Language Skiisllls

English (Mandatory) , Level - Fluent

Area ofExpertses

Monitoring and evaluation Mandatory

Area ofExpertse Requirement

NeeedDrrvng Lcennee No

Commpetencies& Values


Commitment to Continuous Learning


Planning and Organizing

Respect for Diversity

Working in Teams

Co onnddi ition nss ooff SSeerrvviicee a anndd o otthe err innfforrmma attiionn

Conndton ofService Click here to view Conditions of Service

14 Nov 2018 Page 6 of 8Coondditonns offSeervice for InternaationaalSppeccialst::

The contract lasts for the period indicated above with possibility of extensions subject to availability of

funding, operational necessity and satisfactory performance. However, there is no expectation of renewal

of the assignment.

A UN Volunteer receives a Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA) which is composed of the Monthly Living

Allowance (MLA) and a Family Allowance (FA) for those with dependents (maximum three).

The Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA) is paid at the end of each month to cover housing, utilities,

transportation, communications and other basic needs. The VLA can be computed by applying the Post-

Adjustment Multiplier (PAM) to the VLA base rate of US$ 1,602. The VLA base rate is a global rate across

the world, while the PAM is duty station/country-specific and fluctuates on a monthly basis according to

the cost of living. This method ensures that international UN Volunteers have comparable purchasing

power at all duty stations irrespective of varying costs of living. The PAM is established by the

International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) and is published at the beginning of every month on the

ICSC website

For UN Volunteer entitlements, kindly refer to the link

In non-family duty stations that belong to hardship categories D or E, as classified by the ICSC,

international UN Volunteers receive a Well-Being Differential (WBD) on a monthly basis.

Furthermore, UN Volunteers are provided a settling-in-grant (SIG) at the start of the assignment (if the

volunteer did not reside in the duty station for at least 6 months prior to taking up the assignment) and in

the event of a permanent reassignment to another duty station.

UNV provides life, health, permanent disability insurances as well as assignment travel, annual leave, full

integration in the UN security framework (including residential security reimbursements).

UN Volunteers are paid Daily Subsistence Allowance at the UN rate for official travels, flight tickets for

periodic home visit and for the final repatriation travel (if applicable). Resettlement allowance is paid for

satisfactory service at the end of the assignment.

UNV will provide, together with the offer of assignment, a copy of the Conditions of Service, including

Code of conduct, to the successful candidate.

14 Nov 2018 Page 7 of 8Suppervision,,nduuctonn and duuty ofcare oofUNN Voolunteerrs

UN Volunteers should be provided equal duty of care as extended to all host entity personnel. Host entity

support to the UN Volunteer includes, but is not limited to:

- Introductory briefings about the organisation and office-related context including security, emergency

procedures, good cultural practice and orientation to the local environment;

- Support with arrival administration including setting-up of bank accounts, residence permit applications

and completion of other official processes as required by the host government or host entity;

- Structured guidance, mentoring and coaching by a supervisor including a clear workplan and

performance appraisal;

- Access to office space, equipment, IT support and any other systems and tools required to complete the

objectives of the assignment including a host entity email address;

- Access to shared host entity corporate knowledge, training and learning;

- Inclusion of the volunteer in emergency procedures such as evacuations;

- Leave management;

- DSA for official travel, when applicable;

- All changes in the Description of Assignment occurring between recruitment and arrival or during the

assignment need to be formalized with the United Nations Volunteer Programme.

Apppllcatonn Codde THAR000271-3520

Apppllcatonn proceddure


United Nations Volunteers is an equal opportunity programme which welcomes applications from qualified

professionals. We are committed to achieving diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture.

14 Nov 2018 Page 8 of 8

We do our best to provide you the most accurate info, but closing dates may be wrong on our site. Please check on the recruiting organization's page for the exact info. Candidates are responsible for complying with deadlines and are encouraged to submit applications well ahead.
Before applying, please make sure that you have read the requirements for the position and that you qualify.
Applications from non-qualifying applicants will most likely be discarded by the recruiting manager.

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