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  • Organization: PSI - Population Services International
  • Location: Washington | Mozambique
  • Grade: Consultant - Contractors Agreement - Consultancy
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Statistics
    • Information Technology and Computer Science
  • Closing Date: 2019-01-20

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Data Collection and Analysis Consultant

Washington (United States of America) | Mozambique

Population Services International


St**r**engthening Pri**vate** Secto**r** Prov**i**s**i**on of PHC and SRH Services in Mozambique**

REQU**E**S**T** FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) NO. : 2018/12/MOZ**/**PHCSRH**

TO PROVIDE : Data C**o**ll**ect**i**on** and Analysis Services

ISSU**E** DATE : 19 December 2018


CLARIFICATION QU**E**S**T**IONS BY PSI : 25 January 2019**


CLAR**IFICATI**ON QU**E**S**T**IONSB**Y** PSI**:** : 28 January 2019

RFP CLOSING DATE AND PLACE : 1 February 2018**


Subject Line: Question RFP2018/12/MOZ/PHCSRH


Subject Line: Submission RFP2018/12/MOZ/PHCSRH


RFP No. 2018/12/MOZ/PHCSRH

Sect**i**on T**itle**






1.0 Introduction

PSI is a non-profit organization working to improve the health of poor and vulnerable people in developing countries. PSI has an annual budget of $500+ million, offices in 60+ countries, and 8,000+ employees. Country offices are supported by 200+ staff providing services in programmatic and administrative areas. Collectively this group is referred to as “Global Services”, though most staff are based in Washington, D.C. Global Services is divided into four “cones” which encompass over 20 departments. For further information on PSI's size, scope, structure, and strategy refer to

2.0 Information

This Part I, Bidding Instructions and Procedures, will not form part of any resulting award or contract. It is intended solely for the information of prospective Suppliers.

3.0 Bidding Costs

Bidders are under no obligation to prepare or submit bids in response to this RFP, and do so solely at their own risk and expense. PSI does not undertake to reimburse any costs incurred therefore.

4.0 Review of RFP

Bidders are solely responsible for the careful examination of all of the terms and conditions of this RFP and to comply fully therewith. Failure to do so will be at the Bidder's risk and expense.

5.0 Language

All documents submitted in response to this RFP, as well as all correspondence in connection with the RFP, shall be in the English language.

6.0 Clarifications

Any questions or clarifications concerning this RFP must be submitted in writing, to be received by the date shown on the cover page as the “**LAST DATE FOR RECEIPT OF CLARIFICATION QUESTIONS BY PSI**.” Such inquiries shall be sent by email, directed to

Attention: Ryan Kelley Email:

PSI is under no obligation to consider or respond to questions that are not received by that date.

7.0 Bid Preparation

Bidders should submit their responses to this RFP to include:

A.Technical Proposal

B. Financial Proposal

A. Technical Proposal

Your proposal should provide basic information about your Company and relevant service offerings. It should have a section addressing each of the following areas (maximum 15 pages):

A) Company Profile

B) Approach

C) Responsiveness to the Scope of Work (SOW) see Part 3

D) References

Responses should include the following information:

a. Company Profile

  • Describe the Company on an overall basis, both nationally and internationally (if appropriate)
  • Summarize the Company's qualifications and experience of the activities described in the SOW
  • Provide a detailed track record of previous similar work undertaken

b. Approach

  • Review study protocol, including objectives, methods, instruments and sampling methodology
  • Provide a detail descriptions of Company's proposed method, including justification is company is proposing approach different from PSI
  • Describe data collection plan including recruitment and field management strategies, protection of client confidentiality and periodic review of key question for decision on saturation point
  • Data quality assurance plan
  • Describe data management strategy
  • Describe data analysis plan
  • Workplan and timeline
  • Describe the key personnel to be utilized on the engagement along with resumes of key personn
  • Indicate their degree of expertise and prior experience, which would be appropriate for the engagement

c. Responsiveness:

  • Identify key personnel who will be available for consultation or discussion;
  • Describe any current or past relationships your organization may have with PSI, and if it is a potential conflict of in If there is a potential conflict of interest then please explain how this risk will be mitigated.

d. References:

  1. Submit two (2) client references for key members (minimum 1-2) of the proposed client service team;
  2. Submit three (3) non-profit client references;
  3. Provide any other information to demonstrate the Company's capability in relation to the SOW (i.e. published reports)

B Financial Proposal

Bidders are asked to present a budget which identifies as precisely as possible the amount of money needed for each of the activities listed as key milestones and to achieve all listed deliverables in the SOW which is found in Part 3 of this document. The budgeting should be indicative of each activity as presented in the submitted work-plan. Please include a budget narrative with the budget.

9.0 Bid Submission

All proposals must be in writing, in the English language, and manually signed and dated by an authorized employee of the Bidder. They may be emailed as shown on the RFA cover page.

Proposals may not be altered, corrected or withdrawn after the Date of Receipt, except that PSI, at its sole discretion, may permit correction of arithmetic errors, transposition errors, or other clerical or minor mistakes, in cases in which PSI deems that both the mistake and the intended proposal can be established conclusively on the face of the proposal. Other than the mistakes listed in the previous sentence, no mistakes alleged by a Bidder after the Date of Receipt will be permitted to be corrected.

Proposals must be valid for at least ninety (90) days from the Date of Receipt.

10.1 Bid Evaluation

In evaluating the proposals, PSI will seek the best value for money rather than the lowest priced proposal. PSI will use a two-stage selection procedure:

Category 1 to 3 will be first scored based on technical proposal and evaluated against 80 points. The recruited agency should score 55 points to get through the technical evaluation. Category 4 score will be given only after evaluating the financial proposals for the total score of 100 points for the technical evaluation.

Specifically, the selection committee will evaluate each proposal upon the following criteria:

1. Category 1: Key personnel education and experienc The skill, experience and training of the key persons who will be performing the services requested (10 points);

2. Cate**g**o**ry** 2: Technical brief (60 points):

  1. Study design
  2. Ethics, field monitoring and movement plan
  3. Approach to data management and analysis
  4. Overall responsiveness to SOW

3. Cate**g**o**ry** 3: Prior Experience of Agency (10 points)

4. Cate**g**o**ry** 4: Financial Proposal (20 points)

If at any time prior to award PSI deems there to be a need for a significant modification to the terms and conditions of this RFP, PSI will issue such a modification as a written RFP amendment to all competing bidders. No oral statement of any person shall in any manner be deemed to modify or otherwise affect any RFP term or condition, and no bidder shall rely on any such statement. Such amendments are the exclusive method for this purpose.

Any contract award will be subject to the terms of PSI's Service Agreement shown at Part 4 of this RFP.

PSI is not bound to accept the lowest or any proposal and reserves the right to accept any proposal in whole or in part and to reject any or all proposals.

PSI shall not be legally bound by any award notice issued for this RFP until a contract is duly signed and executed with the winning Bidder.


Expectations for Ways of Working:

In addition to the deliverables listed below, the recruited agency must be willing to work in the following ways. PSI staff will work alongside the recruited agency throughout the process. The agency will be provided with draft research tools including: FGD, IDI questionnaires/discussion guides, recruitment script and consent forms. The agency will test and finalize these tools. The agency will be responsible for recruitment of all research participants using the provided recruitment script. All participants must consent to participate in the study. The agency must comply with all ethical considerations of the research to be determined by PSI. The agency must comply to receive quality assurance spot checks routinely throughout data collection and data entry. The agency must provide PSI with a contact who is ready to respond to questions throughout the study.

Key Milestones**


Finalization of FGD guide


Finalization of IDI guide


Translation of all data collection tools


Testing of research tools in both urban and rural areas


Selection and hiring of Interview/moderator/note-taker


Interview/moderator/note-taker training


Recruitment of research participants


Data collection


Data transcription and translation


Data analysis


Prepare final report


Interpretation workshop (including preparation)

Minimum Deliverables

Proposal in response to RFP:

Please review Part 1 of this document for specific Bidding Instructions and Procedures

  1. Technical proposal which highlights proposed methodology, sampling strategy, recruitment plan, data collection and management plan, data quality assurance plan, data analysis and reporting, and ethical considerations based on requirements described in this RFP
  2. Detailed workplan and timeline describing time necessary to achieve milestones listed All deliverables will be expected to be completed no later than 65 days after award has been signed.
  3. Financial propos**al** which includes detail cost breakdown and budget narrative
  4. Orga**niz**at**i**o**n** ba**ckgr**o**und** including manpower, capacity and experience

Upon award:

  1. St**udy** Re**p**o**r**t** which highlights key study findings and conclusion,
  2. Transcripts a**nd** reco**rding**s** from the IDIs and FGDs,
  3. PowerPoint which summarizes the key study findings and insights
  4. Co**n**s**um**e**r** Jo**ur**ne**y** Ma**p**s** for each service types and urban/rural breakdown, if relevant
  5. All research materials used for the study

Minimum R**equi**r**ements** for Recruited Agency:

  • Must have documented experience in executing quantitative and qualitative research
  • Review RFP including objectives, methods, and sampling methodology; propose a study design that demonstrates understanding of study objectives
  • Prepare a data collection and management plan including recruitment strategy, data quality assurance, data protection and ethical principles
  • Recruit female interviewer and group moderators for IDIs and FGDs
  • Manage all field logistics
  • Analyze data and prepare study report
  • Demonstrate capacity to work in both urba**n** and rural regions of Mozambi Ability to travel within these regions on the country.
  • Exper**i**ence conducting consumer behavioral research, a plus if it is in the healthcare sector
  • Ability to translate from Portuguese to English and back to Portuguese (both written and orally)
  • Must supply own equipment for voice recording and electronic data entry


Apply Here

Apply Here

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