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  • Organization: ICMPD - International Centre for Migration Policy Development
  • Location:
  • Grade: Level not specified
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Scientist and Researcher
    • Civil Society and Local governance
  • Closing Date:

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Vacancy Announcement VA19P017V01 Researcher

Focus: Migration Dataand QuantitativeResearch th

PostingDate: 12 February2019 th

DeadlineforApplications: 5 March 2019

DutyStation: Vienna,Austria

Start Date: As soon as possible

Contract Duration: 14 Months (withpossibilityofextension)

Type of Post: International OrganisationalOverview:

The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) is an international organisation tasked with promoting innovative, comprehensive and sustainable migration policies. With 17 Member States and over 60 projects active throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, ICMPD is a growing and ever-more relevant presence in its field. The organisation’s greatest assets are its 200+ staff members, who personify its values of commitment, integrity, partnership, respect, and innovationinactionsanddecisions.

Project Overview:

ICMPD is invitingall interested candidates to apply for the Researcherposition with special focus on migration relevant data, quantitative research methods, particularly (longitudinal) survey methodologyandcoordinationandthefollowingprojects:

The FIMAS –panel survey on refugees’ integration trajectories aims at identifying, facilitators and possible barriers to successful labour market integration in Austria, based on cross- sectional and longitudinal data analyses, in order to outline policy recommendations for improved labour market integration. For the running survey 1.600 interviews (CAWI/CAPI) are being conducted. Based on previousexperience and anextended questionnaire (German, Arabic, Dari), a next survey round will be implemented and include a panel component, following initial respondents from previous waves, plus a refresher sample. It will give prioritytoyoungrefugeesinAustria.

The project evidence-driven Migration Governance Policy and Practice in North Africa (eMGPP) aims to generate, operationalize and disseminate migration-focused knowledge, research and evidence that can inform and improve migration policy and governance as a shared practice between North African governments and European Union Member States. The project includes the building of an innovative migration-focused network, North Africa Migration Academic Network, to develop migration research and policy and research and analysis of progress made toward the strategic objectives of the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa in the North of Africa. Together, the network and strategic-level research and analysis will produce original evidence related to key migration issues in the North of Africa. This evidence will be put to work to formulate and elaborate specific policy 1 directions, cooperation and collaboration among countries affected by migration from, in and throughtheNorthof Africaregion.

Pleasenotethat this positionissubjecttoapproval and availabilityof projectfunds. Job Description:

The Researcher is responsible for analysing, assessing as well as developing new approaches to research on migration and related fields using primarily quantitative methodologies. S/he is responsible for the development and coordination of research projects of medium/high complexity, as assigned, and for the provision of expert support to projects as relates to planning, developing, implementingandquality-controlofresearchoutputs.

The Researcher develops concepts, identifies opportunities and formulates proposals for new research projects. S/he monitors, analyses and interprets developments of the state of knowledge in the assigned specificorcross-cutting area(s) of expertise, develops and formulates research activities and outputs and engages in specialist events and external debates. S/he keeps abreast with trends and issues, builds and maintains networks and partnerships in the field, and continues to develop his orherownprofessionalskillstoensurerelevanceandhighqualityresearch.

The Researcher contributes to the development of ICMPD’s knowledge body by engaging in information-sharing and exchanges and by disseminating research outputs through various channels to internal and external stakeholders. S/he develops concepts, identifies opportunities and formulatesproposalsfornewresearchprojects.

Within the assigned projects, the Researcher plans and coordinates research deliverables and is responsible for their timely achievement and quality. S/he closely cooperates with stakeholders and donors and creates scientific content, continuously assessing outputs for quality and relevance. S/he develops, assesses and analyses projects’ results, translating them into options for further policy development, innovation and institutional knowledge and disseminating findings across internal and externalstakeholdergroups.

The Researcher works collaboratively with members of the Research and Policy Teams in the Directorate for Policy, Research and Strategy (PRS) to deliver results and to enhance knowledge exchange and information sharing. As applicable, s/he closely coordinates with Project Manager(s) and Project Teams in the Directorate for Migration Dialogues and Cooperation (MDC) of assigned projects. S/he directly supervises project teams or selected staff members of assigned projects, includingexternalResearchers,AssociateResearchers,andassistants.

The Researcherworks under the supervision of the Head of Research and the functional supervision of the Senior Researcher or Project Manager as applicable for specific and cross-cutting areas of work.

Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Researchand ResearchCoordinationintheThematic,CrosscuttingAreasandforProjects: Design, direct and undertake policy appropriate quantitative research in relevant areas such as migration, integration, labour market, education, demography and cross-cutting areas of medium/highcomplexity;

Oversee and collect statistical data (both original and third party administrative and other needed data sets), primary and secondary quantitative data analysis as well as quantitative empirical research, particularly (longitudinal) surveys, in the assigned projects of medium/highcomplexity;

2 In line with scientific standards, select data collection instruments, plan, coordinate and deliver research-related outputs guaranteeing scientific standards. Review, assess and revise results within the assigned research for quality and relevance and coordinate peer reviews and feedbackonresearchoutputs;


Analyse, organise, synthesise and present research findings in appropriate formats and translateresearchfindingsintooptionsforfurtherpolicydevelopment;

Translate research findings into formulation of new projects. Identify and develop ideas for new projects. Develop and formulate new project concepts and proposals. Direct research proposalsandfundingapplications/bidsofmedium/highcomplexity;

Share information, disseminate research findings, provide contextualised findings from specificfieldsofexpertiseandcontributetointernalandexternaldiscussions;

Act as a focal point on statistical data collection and analysis, survey research, and other quantitative methodological approaches for cross-unit/cross-departmental cooperation. Provideresearch-relatedinputinternallyandtoexternalstakeholdersasrequested. 2. Team Management:

Supervise the work of project teams, internal and external Researchers, Associate Researchersand/orAssistants;

Monitorqualityandtimelinesofworkoutputsandprovideguidanceandfeedback; Assessperformanceofthedirectsuperviseesaswellasmotivateandmentor.

3. ResearchMonitoring,NetworkingandEngagement:

Follow and keep up to date with relevant scientificdiscussions and developments in thematic and cross-cutting research areas. Identify opportunities for ICMPD to engage in relevant debates to promote ICMPD’s research work and to disseminate findings. Formulate and present substantive contributions at meetings, trainings, conferences and other fora for academicand policydiscussions;

Establish and maintain networks with stakeholders in the field of work, especially in academia, think-tanks, national and international institutions, involved in migration research and policydevelopment;

Exchangeandshare informationwithexternalstakeholdersonICMPD’sresearch-related activitiesandfindingsthroughvariousformsofcommunicationandevents;

Conceptualiseresearch/policyrelevantevents,meetings,workshopsanddissemination eventsalsooutsidetheimmediateprojectcontextwhererequested.

Key Results:

Research debates in the specific and cross-cutting areas of work followed and analysed for relevance;

Researchinspecificandcross-cuttingareasofmedium/highcomplexitydirected; Project(s) research outputs planned and delivered in a timely and qualitative manner accordingto projects(s)workplan(s);

Project(s) research results translated and shared for further policy development as well as advancinginnovationandknowledge;


Projects’scientificresultstranslatedintooptionsforfurtherpolicy development; Specificorcross-cuttinginputstorelevantdebatesandeventsproducedanddelivered; Research networks cultivated and opportunities for ICMPD to participate in the debate promoted.

3Incumbent Profile:

At least5yearsof position-relevantexperienceinmigrationorother-closelyrelatedsocial and policyresearchareasincludingempiricalresearchexperience;

Soundknowledgeofsurveymethodologiesandotherquantitativeandqualitativemethods of datacollectionandanalysis.Experiencesinapplicationofavarietyofscientific methodologicalapproaches;

Practicalexperiencedevelopingsurveyinstrumentsandsurveysamples,andcoordinating surveydatacollectionandanalysis;


ProficiencyindataanalysiswithStata,SAS,SPSS,R,orotherstatisticalsoftware; Strongskillsinanalysisofdatasetsat both anationalandan internationallevel; Knowledgeofissuesofdatacomparability,availabilityanddatacollectionpractices; Experienceinprojectcyclemanagement,projectdevelopmentandprojectcoordinationof medium-tolarge-scaleresearchprojectsinvolvingmultiplepartnersand/orcovering multiplecountries;

Good knowledgeofmigrationandotherrelatedareasofsocialandpolicyresearch,including theoreticalapproaches,methodologiesandmajorempiricalresearchandpolicyissues; Publicationrecord,commensurate withexperiencerequired;

Excellentanalyticalandscientificdraftingskills(EnglishandGerman),includingabilityto presentandvisualizestatisticalanalysestopolicy andpractitionersaudiences; Strongorganisationalandsolidcommunicationsskills.



Proficiencyin(verbal/written)EnglishandGerman, proficiencyinanothermajorEU language,Russian,orArabicisan asset;

PhDorMaster’sdegreeinsocialsciences(sociology,economy,politicalscience)orrelated field.


ICMPD offers a monthly gross salary to be calculated based on qualifications and experience. AdditionalbenefitsincludeHealthandAccidentInsuranceandsixweeks’annualleave. Application Procedure:

Interested candidates are requested to submit their application in English through the ICMPD online

recruitment system at by midnight (CET) of the closing date specified above. For this purpose, candidates will first need to register with the ICMPD website. Once the relevant data has been entered, candidates will be able to apply for vacancies.

Please note that in the course of the online application, the motivation letter and personal CV must be uploaded in the EuropeAid format in English. The template is available for download at

All applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible after the vacancy has been posted and well before the deadline stated above. Applications received afterthe published deadline, and offline applicationssubmittedviaemail,faxorpost,willnotbeconsidered.

Due to the high volume of applications, only short-listed candidates will be contacted and applicants are expectedtobeavailableforapersonal/telephoneinterview.

In theeventofatechnicalissuewithyourapplication, 4GeneralInformation:

ICMPDretainsthediscretiontore-advertisethevacancyorto canceltherecruitment. 5

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