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Delivery of Training on Arabic Literacy - Tripoli

Lebanon (Lebanon)

  • Organization: IRC - International Rescue Committee
  • Location: Lebanon (Lebanon)
  • Grade: Level not specified
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Education, Learning and Training
    • Translations and Languages
  • Closing Date:

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Requisition ID: req7235

Job Title: Delivery of Training on Arabic Literacy - Tripoli

Sector: Economic Recovery & Livelihood

Employment Category: Consultant

Employment Type: Part-Time

Open to Expatriates: No

Location: Tripoli, Lebanon

Job Description

1.Background and Justification

The majority of Syrian refugee youths in Lebanon face barriers to accessing employment and are offered few skills-building opportunities as an alternative. These youths need a safe learning space that will equip them with tools to tackle these challenges and eventually earn a safe income, thereby helping them to rebuild their self-confidence.

In Lebanon, English or French with Arabic are taught from early years in school and education is compulsory from the age of 6 to age 14, corresponding to the basic education cycle. In addition, and as a result of the Syrian crisis, the Accelerated Learning Program for Syrian children, incorporates Arabic, Math, Sciences and English (the second shift). Illiteracy is a central barrier to the educational inclusion of Syrian refugees; it is also a major barrier for Syrians accessing decent employment within Lebanon. As “Literate people could be characterized by a greater innovative-activity level, which provides opportunities for modernization, development, and economic growth"

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is developing a programme that provides a tailored language, literacy, business and life-skills curricula. These training sessions aim at improving the skills of Syrian and Lebanese communities to enhance their ability in finding a job. These curricula will be delivered at an IRC-operated Livelihoods Centre in Tripoli/T5 District.

The training described below focuses on Literacy.

Literacy is the ability to read and use written information and to write appropriately, in a range of contexts. It is used to develop knowledge and understanding, to achieve personal growth and to function effectively in our society. Literacy also includes the recognition of number and basic mathematical signs and symbols within text. Literacy involves the integration of speaking, listening and critical thinking with reading and writing. Effective literacy is intrinsically purposeful, flexible and dynamic and continues to develop throughout an individual’s lifetime (Australia’s Language and Literacy Policy Companion Volume to the Policy Paper, 1991).

The need for a Literacy Training was equally requested by several jobseekers of the IRC’s livelihoods centre, and especially by employers who see it as a requirement in the market and not as an option.  Based on the above, this training is proposed for youth Lebanese residents and Syrian refugees living in Tripoli/T5 area.


2.Learning Objectives and Delivery Methodology

By the end of the 84 training hours, trainees should be able to

  • Speak and listen for a wide range of purposes in different contexts
  • Read a wide range of Arabic texts on screen and on paper
  • Understand basic everyday Arabic expressions and short, simple texts
  • Engage in simple oral and written communication in order to provide and obtain information
  • Construct very basic and simple sentences
  • Demonstrate limited control of essential grammatical structures

The 20 participants will be organized in one training group divided between Lebanese and Syrian other nationalities from both genders.

3.Indicative Contents of the Training

The topics covered throughout the training should include:

  •  predicting the content of an Arabic text using headings, visual clues, known words and cognates
  • using illustrations to confirm meaning
  • using pictures and diagrams to predict meaning
  • classifying information
  • cross-referencing information
  • interpreting cognates and using them to infer meaning
  • making links between spoken and written forms
  • reading ahead to infer meaning
  • recognizing the association between print and sound
  • scanning to locate key words
  • using a monolingual dictionary
  • using known words and sounds to understand and read new words
  • identifying, understanding and applying punctuation
  • identifying grammatical patterns and features
  • placing key words in context
  • constructing a text for a specific purpose
  • understanding language as a system
  • collaborating with others to identify clues to meaning
  • recognizing speech melodies and varying tones
  • recording information on an appropriate form
  • recounting facts in oral or written form
  • skimming for general meaning
  • Understanding basic Arabic texts and forms relevant to life in Lebanon

4.Period and location of training delivery

The training should be delivered to 20 male and female trainees over a period of 12 consecutive week from 9th of December 2019 till the 8th of March 2020, and will last for 84 hours as a minimum.

The training should take place in the livelihood center in Tripoli-Mina


5.Target audience and profile (age, literacy level)

The target group will consist of 20 trainees, males and females from different nationalities, who shall all be registered at the livelihoods center.

  •  The training will be delivered to mixed groups (Syrian, and Lebanese), in an attempt to promote social cohesion among the different communities.
  • Beneficiaries’ selection will be carried out by the livelihoods centre. The Contractor should meet the participants before the training and verify the suitability of the selected candidate trainees.


The criteria for selection will include:

  •  Men and women within the age range of 15 and above
  • Low literate or illiterate
  • Lebanese, and Syrian nationals
  • Interest and commitment to attend the whole training with an active participation
  • Already registered at the Livelihoods Centre


6.Pre- and post-training test requirements

The contractor will be entrusted with developing pre- and post-test questionnaires through which the level of knowledge and skills of the beneficiaries vis-à-vis the Arabic language level will be rated. The pre-test and post-tests are the same questionnaire delivered before the training starts and after the last session. The contractor will be expected to collect the data, to analyze the results of the pre and post-test questionnaires and to document them in a “Technical Training Report” to be submitted one week after the last training session to IRC.


7.Arrangements Expected from Contractor

The contractor is expected to ensure the following:

  •  Attend the entire contract period:

§The Training would run over 2 days of the week, with 3,5 hours per day, in the morning or in the afternoon

§The trainer would finalize the Training across a period of 12 weeks for a total of 84 hours.

  •  Provide samples of Training books/material for distribution
  • Certification of graduation, based on attendance and learning (measured against an entry and exit test)

In addition to the above, kindly note the following:

  •  The beneficiaries’ drop-out is to be taken into account. For this reason, the Contractor must make sure that trainees meet the basic requirements to meaningfully engage in the training.
  • Training hours must be decided in consultation with interested beneficiaries to maximize attendance and avoid drop outs; based on previous experience, IRC anticipates that selected candidates will be available to attend the training during the morning and afternoon.


8.Expected Deliverables

  •  One literacycurriculum for a period of 12 weeks (84 hours in total)
  • A facilitator’s guide, including:

§The training calendar with session titles;

§The Facilitator’s Guide organized by training sessions describing:

§Session topic

§Learning objectives,

§Duration of the session,

§List of key contents and talking points,

§Sequence of steps to deliver the session,

§Required materials

§The pre and post-training test questionnaires, to verify competences and learning

  • Attendance sheets of each training day
  • Delivery of the 24 training sessions of at least 3,5 hours each, over 12 weeks. In total, the Contractor will deliver 84 training hours over a period of 12 weeks.
  • A training report including the results of pre- and post-tests of each trainee with a baseline and an end-line score, and recommendations on areas for improvement. The template for the training report is in Annex 1.

Annex 1: Table of Contents of the Training Report

Table of Contents

1. General Training Overview.

2. Training Objectives.

2.1 Learning Objectives Statement.

2.2 Achieved Results.

3. Workshop Delivery.

3.1 Overview of the workshop Agenda and Activities Day By Day.

3.2 Training Materials.

3.3 Delivery Methodology.

4. Participants’ Feedback.

4.1 Summary of Informal Daily Evaluations.

4.2 Summary of the Final Evaluation Results (using questionnaire).

5. Lessons Learnt and Remarks.

5.1 Remarks.

5.2 Recommendations for Future Trainings.

6. Participants and Learning Achievements.


I. Pre- and Post- Training Test (Questionnaire).

II. Agenda of the Training.

III. Session plan.

IV. Participants’ Evaluation of the Training.

V. Findings of Participants’ Evaluation.

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