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Women’s Protection and empowerment PSS Assistant

Syria (Syria)

  • Organization: IRC - International Rescue Committee
  • Location: Syria (Syria)
  • Grade: Level not specified
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Women's Empowerment and Gender Mainstreaming
    • Administrative support
    • Disability Rights
    • Public Health and Health Service
    • Social Affairs
    • Gender-based violence
  • Closing Date:

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The International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helps people to survive and rebuild their lives. Founded in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein, IRC offers life-saving care and life-changing assistance to refugees forced to flee from war or disaster. At work today in more than 40 countries and in 22 U.S. cities, IRC restores safety, dignity and hope to millions who are uprooted by conflict or disaster. IRC leads the way from harm to home.



The Syria crisis is often described as the worst humanitarian catastrophe since the end of the Cold War. Inside Syria, 7.6 million people are internally displaced and 12.2 million are in need of humanitarian assistance, with 4.8 million in hard- to-reach areas. There are 4 million Syrian refugees in neighboring countries. This is no short-term humanitarian episode. The devastating human consequences to huge numbers of people will endure for decades. The destruction of relationships, communities, livelihoods, homes and infrastructure will take years to repair.


IRC is offering a robust humanitarian response to the Syria crisis. With an annual budget in excess of $140 million and a rapidly expanding portfolio, supported by more than 1,250 staff in the region, IRC is undertaking programs in Syria and the neighboring countries of Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan in the fields of health, child protection, education,

Women’s protection and empowerment, NFI and food distribution, cash assistance, water and sanitation, and livelihood programming. Our work in these challenging settings gives rise to some of the most pressing issues facing contemporary humanitarian action, including questions of access, security, funding and coordination.


Job Overview/Summary:

The Women’s Protection and Empowerment Case Management/Psychosocial Support Assistant will be responsible for providing protection case management service provision as well as community based, focused and non-specialized psychosocial support services within communities/centers in southern Syria. The IRC is expanding into protection case management and community based psychosocial service provision in order to:


Ensure access to protection services for those in need

Ensure the continuity of protection services and care for beneficiaries

Ensure the provision of protection services in a holistic and coordinated manner

Protect and enhance the psychosocial wellbeing of individuals and communities



Key Responsibilities:


Direct Service Provision:


Case Management Responsibilities;


Beneficiary identification and outreach: Identify protection cases through conducting daily household visits as well as through receiving referrals from partner organizations and internal IRC teams, and maintaining close communication with the communities

Protection Needs Assessment: Conduct thorough assessments of cases to ensure comprehensive need and risk analysis of individual cases

Case Documentation: Document cases using agreed upon electronic forms, update databases to ensure a comprehensive record of the case. Ensure that data collection and storage respect data protection protocols and confidentiality principle

Case Planning: Create case plans and counsel beneficiaries on available service options.

Resource identification: Liaise with local authority, UN agencies, International and local NGOs and other counterparts on the availability of services and contribute to service mapping.

Linking Clients to Services: Conduct referrals to relevant facilities and assist beneficiaries in attaining services by external service providers. Provide information to beneficiaries

Monitoring Service Delivery & Follow up: Regularly follow up on cases to ensure all services are carried out within agreed time frames. Ensure that progress is regularly reviewed

Basic Psychological First Aid and focused, non-specialized psychosocial support service provision for identified cases

Supervision and Coordination with Cross Border Team: Work with Amman based supervisors and managers to arrange case conferences for complex cases and ensure beneficiaries receive multi-service support. Participate in weekly case consultation meetings with allocated Amman based supervisor

Best Practices: Manage cases in line with SOPs, adhere to standard documentation processes and follow best practice guidance


Psychosocial Support Service Responsibilities;

Conduct key informant interviews and focus group discussions in order to periodically assess needs of women and girls in the community and validate the current curriculums

Facilitate and provide children, youth and adults with a focus on women and girls with culturally and age appropriate, safe and stimulating non-structured as well structured PSS activities such as recreational sports and games, life skills and positive coping mechanisms activities

Conduct community-based psychosocial education of selected topics

Co- Facilitate group based focused non specialized psychosocial support curriculums with women and girls

Activate social networks through engaging with community to support traditional community structures and support groups

Promote positive mental health and wellbeing through provision of key messages on constructive coping mechanisms

Raise awareness regarding the availability of mental health, psycho social support other and protection services

Raise awareness among health teams on GBV and PSS issues

Work alongside the Child Protection and ProL PSS team to ensure a coordinated integrated approach to addressing protection concerns.

Identify and refer cases for more specialized mental health support or case management services.

Participate in capacity building trainings as directed by supervisor

Coordination with livelihoods center to have strong referral pathway.

Participate in regular supervision meetings with supervisor Monitoring and Reporting:

Maintain complete, accurate, and confidential e-case files to document client interactions and interventions using

IRC tools;

Make sure to follow case management data protection protocol for case files and client identifying personal information;

Contribute to randomized selection of case management beneficiaries for M&E visits, support M&E Assistant visits with beneficiaries


Ensure daily reporting of attendance per activity and ensure that the data collected is accurate

Compile and weekly monthly reports to provide information on activities conducted, topics discussed, challenges, faced



Develop and maintain effective working relationships with all relevant stakeholders including other NGOs, civil society groups, authorities, and UN agencies

Develop and continuously update a service mapping system detailing available services and assistance in our areas of operation

Ensure that other IRC sectors are efficiently and confidentially referring cases to the team based on selected criteria’s


Other relevant duties as assigned by the supervisor to support the implementation of the program

All IRC staff are required to adhere to The IRC Way Standards for Professional Conduct and the IRC country employment policies


Key Working Relationships:

Position Reports to: WPE PSS officer Indirect Reporting: WPE Manager

Other Internal and/or external contacts: MHPSS Specialist, Protection Manager, Protection Coordinator, WPE static center Case Managers, CP and ProL teams


تستجيباللجنةالدوليةللانقاذ لأسوأالأزماتالإنسانية،وهيتُعينالمتضررينعلىالبقاءعلىقيدالحياةوالتأسيسلاستعادةسبلمعيشتهم. لقد تأسستاللجنةفيعام 1933 بناءعلىطلبالعالمالفيزيائيألبرتأينشتاين. ومنذذلكالحينوهيتقدمالرعايةالمنقذةللحياةللاجئينالذين أجبرواعلىالفرارمنالحروبوالكوارث. تعملاللجنةفيأكثرمن 40 بلداًوفي 22 مدينةأمريكيةمعيدةالأمانوالكارمةوالأملللملايينممن اجتثتهمالصراعاتوالكوارث. إناللجنةالدوليةللإغاثةتمهدالطريقللاجئينللعبورمنالألمإلىالأمل.


تعتبرالأزمةالسوريةأسوأكارثةإنسانيةتعرضللبشريةمنذنهايةالحربالباردة. فيوجدفيسوريا 7.6 مليوننازحو 12.2 مليونمحتاجإلى مساعداتإنسانيةمنهم 4.8 مليونشخصيسكنونفيمناطقيصعبالوصولإليها. كمايوجد 4 ملايينلاجئسوريفيالبلدانالمجاورة. ومن المؤسفأنهذهالأزمةالإنسانيةليستقصيرةالأجل،فإنالدمارالهائلالذيلحقبملايينالأشخاصسيستمرأثرهلعقود،أماالبنيةالتحتية والمنازلوالعلاقاتالاجتماعيةوسبلالعيشالمدمرةفسيتطلبإصلاحهاسنوات.

تقدماللجنةاستجابةإنسانيةفعالةللأزمةالسورية،وبفضلميازنيةسنويةتزيدعلى 140 مليوندولار،وبدعممنأكثرمن 1,250 موظفاًفي المنطقةفإناللجنةتنفذبرامجفيسورياوالدولالمجاورةكتركياوالعارقولبنانوالأردن. وتتركزالاستجابةفيمجالاتالصحةوحمايةالطفل، والتعليم،وحمايةالمرأةوتمكينها،وتقديمالموادغيرالغذائية،وتوزيعالأغذية،والمساعدةالنقدية،وخدماتالمياهوالصرفالصحي،وبرامجسبل العيش. إنعملنافيهذهالأوضاعالصعبةيثيرقضاياملحةتواجهالعملالإنسانيالمعاصر،منهاصعوبةإيصالالمساعدات،وقضاياالأمن والتمويلوالتنسيق.


يعتبرمساعدوالدعمالنفسيالاجتماعيالتابعينلقسمالحمايةمسؤولونعنتقديمخدماتالدعمالنفسيالاجتماعيالمركزةغيرالمتخصصة المجتمعيةداخلالمجتمعات/الماركزفيشمالسوريا


1 . ضمانحصولالمحتاجينعلىخدماتالحماية

2 . ضماناستمراريةخدماتالحمايةورعايةالعملاء

3 . ضمانتوفيرخدماتالحمايةبطريقةشاملةومنسقة

4 . حمايةوتعزيزالرفاهالنفسيوالاجتماعيللأفرادوالجماعات.





تيسيروتزويدالأطفالوالشبابوالبالغينبالتركيزعلىالنساءوالفتياتمنذويالثقافاتوالمتغيراتالعمريةوالأكثرأمناوإثارةوتحفيزالأنشطة غيرالمنظمةمثل PSS مثلالرياضةالترفيهيةوالألعابوالمهاراتالحياتيةوأنشطةآلياتالتكيفالإيجابية؛










الاضطلاعببناءقدراتالجهاتالفاعلةالأخرىفيالمجالالإنسانيوموظفيلجنةالإنقاذالدوليةبشأنخدماتالعنفالقائمعلى النوع الاجتماعي والعنفحسبالطلب؛




  • التنسيق مع مركز سبل العيش لبناء نظام إحالة فعال.









·تجميعالتقاريرالأسبوعيةوالشهريةمنأجلتقديمالمعلوماتالمتعلقةبالانشطةالمعقودة،المواضيعالتيتمتمناقشتها،الصعوباتالتي تمتمواجهتها.


·تطويروالحفاظعلىعلاقاتعملفعالةمعجميعالمعنيينبمافيذلكموظفي IRC منالبرامجالأخرى.







إنهذهالوظيفةمسئولةأمام: ضابطالدعمالنفسيوالاجتماعي

تشرفعلىهذهالوظيفةبشكلغيرمباشرمنقبل : لااحد

جهاتالاتصالالداخليةو/أوالخارجيةالأخرى: مديرالحماية،وأخصائيالصحة النفسيةوالدعمالنفسيوالاجتماعي،ومنسققسمالحماية،

فريقحمايةالطفلوفريقبرنامجدورالقانونفيتأمينالحمايةومدراءالحالاتفيبرنامجحمايةوتمكينالمرأة .


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