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International Consultant to elaborate the Institutional Guidance for implementation of NAP process in Turkmenistan


  • Organization: UNDP - United Nations Development Programme
  • Location: Ashgabat
  • Grade: International Consultant - Internationally recruited Contractors Agreement
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Democratic Governance
    • Public Policy and Administration
    • External Relations, Partnerships and Resource mobilization
    • Climate Change
  • Closing Date: 2022-05-23

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Turkmenistan is vulnerable to climate change due to the steady temperature rise and increasing water deficiency. While the changing climate is impacting the entire economy, the water sector that is suffering the most acutely. The Government of Turkmenistan seeks to strengthen its adaptive and resilience capacities to climate change by integrating climate risks and adaptation measures into planning and budgeting processes via the development of a National Adaptation Planning process (NAP).

The project seeks to achieve the following outcomes: 

  • Outcome 1: An institutional framework to implement the Paris Agreement established; 
  • Outcome 2: The evidence base for adaptation planning in the water sector strengthened;
  • Outcome 3: The capacity for adaptation planning strengthened;

The project is focused on developing a national coordination mechanism and governance processes for conducting adaptation planning and measures and on strengthening the evidence base within the water sector so as to provide the information required for effective decision-making. Lastly, the project will increase the capacity of those involved in adaptation planning as within the water sector and adaptation planning in general.

Purpose, objectives and expected outcomes of the consultancy:

UNDP/ GCF NAP Project is seeking technical support to conduct a review of the existing institutional framework and design a coordination mechanism for implementation of the NAP process in Turkmenistan. The preferred approach would be to study the existing institutional arrangements, and single out the structures that could partially or in full accomplish the function of the coordination mechanism. This will support the process of institutional development and help to avoid establishment of new mal-fitted structures. The Institutional Guidance and the Proposal for Coordination Mechanism will be elaborated in close consultation with the national partner and relevant stakeholders. Both will support the process of formalization of the institutional framework for implementation of adaptation goals and obligations within the Paris Agreement.

Duties and Responsibilities

In accordance with the above-mentioned objective of the assignment and under the supervision of the Project Manager and Portfolio Analyst, the International Consultant (IC) will review the existing institutional framework and design a coordination mechanism for implementation of the NAP process in Turkmenistan.

To achieve the objective, he or she will work together with the national consultant based in Ashgabat to implement the following:

  1. With input from the national consultant prepare a list of relevant documents to be reviewed for the analysis of institutional arrangements and ongoing policy related to climate change in Turkmenistan.
  2. With input and overall assistance from the national consultant develop a list of stakeholders to be interviewed. Develop a semi-structured interview guidance note for the stakeholder interviews. Provide guidance to the national consultant who will be responsible for undertaking the interviews with stakeholders in Turkmenistan and transcribe the interviews into English.  
  3. Develop the first draft of the Institutional Guidance which should include the following key areas of information:
  • Overview of the current institutional arrangements and ongoing policy processes related to climate change in Turkmenistan; with a special focus on the NAP process;
  • Institutional analysis of the existing and potential mechanisms and channels (entry points) for integrating adaptation into water and agricultural sectors at the national level;
  • Proposal for Coordination Mechanism for implementation of adaptation goals and objectives under the Paris Agreement;
  • Recommendations on how entry points could be used strategically for channelling financial resources, information and capacity to mainstream adaptation and how to enable use of climate information by key actors;
  • Three good practice examples of NAP development from other countries with similar to Turkmenistan climate conditions. This shall be based on regional and/ or global overview of NAPs.

Format: It shall be an integral part of the Institutional Guidance document. Each country example shall contain general information on the NAP Process in this particular country, institutional/ steering arrangements, financing, successes and key barriers in NAP implementation as well as lessons learned (no more than 2-3 pages per each country example).

4. Lead (with support from the national consultant and the NAP Project team) the organization and delivery of two-day validation and capacity-building workshop with relevant stakeholders. The workshop shall highlight the importance of the NAP process, presentation the key sections of the Institutional Guidance with a particular focus on the Coordination Mechanism, as well as good practices on NAP process development from other countries.

The workshop will include representatives from the national ministries, the consultants, UNDP and non-state actors (private sector, research institutions, development agencies/ projects working on the same topic).

5. Finalize the Institutional Guidance incorporating the feedback received from the NAP Project team as well as from the national stakeholders who took part in the validation workshop.

Deliverables and timeframe:

Deliverable 1 prepared through actions 1-3 above. In preparation for the Institutional Guidance and Coordination Mechanism Development, the following key documents will be developed:

  • A short workplan overview;
  • A reference list of relevant documents to be reviewed for the analysis of the institutional arrangements and ongoing policy; processes related to climate change in Turkmenistan;
  • A list of stakeholders to be interviewed;
  • A semi-structured interview guide;
  • An annotated outline of the Institutional Guidance;
  • A first draft of the Guidance for review and feedback;

Location: Home based /online. Number of days: 21 days.

Deliverable 2 prepared through action 4,5 above. In preparation of the validation and capacity building workshop and final version of the Institutional Guidance, the following shall be developed:

  • A draft workshop agenda;
  • Presentations and relevant hand-out materials for the participants;
  • A workshop facilitation/ or moderation plan;
  • Virtual or physical participation in the two-day workshop;
  • A workshop documentation (minutes/ notes from the discussion sessions, group work exercises, and alike);
  • A final Guidance incorporating comments and feedback;

Location: Home based/ and in Ashgabat (depends on COVID-19 situation, resuming of international flights to/from the country and quarantine requirements). Number of days: 10 days.

Payment conditions:

This is an installment-based contract that should cover the costs of consultancy required to produce the above deliverables. The final schedule of payments will be agreed upon in the beginning of consultancy. Payment will be released in two installments: 1st installment: 60% (for deliverable 1), 2nd installment 40% (for deliverable 2) upon timely submission of respective deliverables and their acceptance by UNDP Turkmenistan.


  • Knowledge of and extensive experience working with UN agencies and governmental entities;
  • Excellent analytical, facilitation and communication skills;
  • Results driven, ability to work under pressure and to meet required deadlines;
  • Good understanding and practice of capacity development;
  • Cultural sensitivity;
  • Diplomatic skills.

Required Skills and Experience


  • Advanced university degree in Environmental Science or relevant field;


  • At least 5 years of relevant progressive work experience in policy analysis in the area related to climate change adaptation and the National Adaptation Planning (NAP) process;
  • Good knowledge of the UNFCCC guidelines and international policy documents related to NAP;
  • Knowledge of the political system in Turkmenistan; understanding of the climate change policy of Turkmenistan would be an asset;
  • Strong analytical, research, writing and communication skills;
  • Experience working with the government and facilitating multi-stakeholders dialogues;
  • Experience in preparation and delivery of workshops for high-level governmental officials (including in online format); good facilitation and moderation skills;

Language requirements:

  • Fluency in English (spoken and written), knowledge in Russian would be an asset.

Submission of applications:

Interested individual consultants must submit the following documents/ information to demonstrate their qualifications:

All experts applying for this position are required to provide:

  • Financial Proposal with the references to (1) the daily rate for the assignment and within the timing scale indicated in the present TOR, and (2) any other expenses. Template of the form can be found at: The UNDP will enter into an Individual Contract based on a lump sum amounts. The financial proposal shall represent a detailed, justified and “all inclusive” amount.  In order to assist UNDP in the comparison of financial proposals, the financial proposal shall include a breakdown of this lump sum amount, including: a daily fee for the tasks and an estimated duration as specified in this announcement and any other possible costs (including communication, printing, etc.);
  • Cover letter explaining why they are the most suitable candidate for the assignment;
  • Resume /CV.

Evaluation of proposals:

Individual Consultants will be evaluated based on the combined scoring methodology. When using this method, the award of the contract should be made to the individual consultant whose offer has been evaluated and determined as:

  • Responsive/compliant and
  • Having received the highest score out of 100

Out of the maximum score, the score for technical criteria equals 70% - maximum 100 points, and for financial criteria 30%.

The technical evaluation will take into account the following as per the scoring provided:

  • Education in the area of environmental sciences or other relevant field – 15 pts;
  • The experience in developing similar Institutional Guidance documents, policy analysis in the area related to adaptation to climate change; strong research and writing skills. – 25 pts;
  • Good knowledge of the UNFCCC guidelines and polices related to climate change adaptation, knowledge of the political system in Turkmenistan – 15 pts;
  • Knowledge and experience of work in Turkmenistan or CIS – 10 pts;
  • Experience in preparation and delivery of workshops; good facilitation and moderation skills - 10 pts;
  • Fluency in Russian – 5 pts;
  • Fluency in English – 10 pts
  • Interview – 10 pt;

Financial proposal – 30% of total evaluation.

Additional requirements for recommended contractor:

Recommended contractors aged 65 and older, and if the travel is required, shall undergo a full medical examination including x-ray, and obtain medical clearance from the UN-approved doctor prior to taking up their assignment. The medical examination is to be cleared by the UN physicians and shall be paid by the consultant.

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