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Political Economic Analysis Consultancy (PEA)

  • Organization: LMH - Last Mile Health
  • Location:
  • Grade: Senior level - Experienced
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Social Affairs
    • International Relations
    • Economics
    • Political Affairs
  • Closing Date: Closed

Political Economic Analysis Consultancy

National Community Health Systems (NCHS)

This role was posted on September 26, 2022 and is open until October 7, 2022. Please note that we will review applications on a rolling basis but prioritize those who applied within the deadline.

The Role

Goal: To conduct a Political Economy and Power Analysis (PEA) for the USAID-Community Health Activity (USAID-CHA) project in Liberia on MOH/NCHP community health financing transition strategy.


Last Mile Health (LMH) has partnered in the USAID Community Health Activity (USAID CHA) consortium primed by International Rescue Committee (IRC). Under this partnership, LMH’s key role is focused on addressing the challenges around sustainable health financing for the national community health program (NCHP) in Liberia. The Consortium activities started on October 1st, 2020 and runs up to September 30th, 2024. Geography coverage includes Lofa, Bong, River Gee, and Grand Kru Counties.

The USAID CHA goal: To strengthen the Liberian community health system through community-based health care services, especially in hard to reach areas while transferring ownership to the Government of Liberia by increasing the coverage of Community Health Assistants (CHA) in underserved districts, improving the capacity of CHAs and other community-based cadres to deliver quality health services, and strengthening county health teams and communities’ capacity to plan, manage and monitor community-based health services.

The overall USAID-CHA goal will be achieved through 3 main objectives, which are:

  1. Increased coverage of CHAs (Community Health Assistants) to population ratio in underserved districts and communities,
  2. Improved quality of health services through trained, supervised, and motivated CHAs and other community health cadres, &
  3. County health teams’ and communities’ capacity to plan, manage, and monitor a comprehensive delivery of health services enhanced.

Last Mile Health Statement of Work

LMH scope of work is to develop a transition strategy for increased domestic financial responsibility of the NCHP. Expanding GoL financial ownership of NCHP is a critical step in transition planning. LMH has worked in partnership with the MOH Financing Unit and Community Health Services Division (CHSD) to conduct resource mapping and costing, develop advocacy tools, and facilitate linkages to philanthropic capital. Diversification to include alternative funding schemes, including from the private sector are needed to sustainably transfer CHSS stipends to the GoL payroll. At the county-level, mindset shifts are needed so that CHTs, CHSSs, CHAs, and communities view the NCHP as an integrated element of the GoL health system. While technical support for improved planning and management of the NCHP at national and county-levels remains a key area for on-going support, the sustainability strategy should build on the transition discussions that have already taken place and will continue to improve accountability mechanisms. Meanwhile, the transition strategy will explore not just the financial sustainability of the community health program, but also programmatic sustainability, addressing, but not limited to, the capacity of the country stakeholders to independently manage the program upon donor transition. 

As part of the USAID-CHA agreements, LMH will lead on conducting a Political Economy and power Analysis (PEA) focused on the implementation of the MOH/NCHP community health financing transition strategy. LMH is now in search of a qualified Local Consultant to conduct the PEA within the USAID-CHA supported Counties with support from other members within the consortium. 

Project Details

This consultancy is open to Liberian National candidates.

Position: One (1)

Location: Monrovia, Liberia

Expected Timeline: 8 weeks

Remuneration: $8,000 USD paid per deliverable (See table below)


Consultant Statement of Work

The consultant will work with LMH’s National Community Health Systems (NCHS) - Health Financing team to:

  • Review national documents (Desk review)
  • Conduct FGDs and KIIs
  • Conduct PEA Analysis
  • Develop reports

Team: The Consultant will be embedded within LMH’s National Community Health Systems (NCHS) team in Liberia. The Consultant will report to a “Manager”, who will be responsible for overall direction and accountability of the project, serves as a resource for feedback, and relationship management with relevant external stakeholders. The Consultant shall act as the project “Owner”, with overall responsibility for driving the project forward and coordinating steps to accomplish the goal. The Consultant shall ensure all the work gets done (directly or with helpers) and involves others (consults) in a meaningful way. The team may be supported by additional helpers or consulted inputters.

Activity and Deliverables Table:

Thematic Areas

Description of Activities/Deliverables

Proposed Timeline

Review of national documents (Desk review)

  • Develop a work plan and budget
  • Review the legal, regulatory, and policy framework that influence health service delivery, emphasis on the community health program in Liberia.
  • Do analysis of the national and sub-national dimensions of intra-sectoral & inter-sectoral linkages relationships and interest that influence the community health services delivery of Liberia.
  • Stakeholder and social network analysis conducted to map key public and private sector actors at the national level submit a report of the literature review

2 weeks

FGDs and KII (national and sub-national levels)

  • Developed tools and processes for conducting the KIIs and FDGs
  • Assess the structures / layers (administrative structures) for the human resources and the logistical resources in support of the community health services delivery.
  • Examine the governance and administrative structures of county, district, and community level and as it feeds into community health program sustainability and transition.
  • Review the national and local resources allocations and decision-making processes and the impacts on community health programs (services).
  • Consultant expected to engage community-based groups, Civic Society Organizations (CSOs), health implementing partners, and local governance structures to obtain first hand political and socio-economic implications on the program.
  • Stakeholder and social network analysis to map key public and private sector actors at the subnational level (Bong, Lofa, RG & GK)
  • KII and FGD to inform policy changes to mitigate anticipated Political and Economic challenges affecting the NCHP.

4 weeks (include county/field visits)

Political Economy and power Analysis

  • Consultant will work with key divisions/units at central, counties, districts, and community level to reflect efforts to decentralize the sector.
  • Consultant will identify key political and economic opportunities and the most effective approached that stakeholders may take to strengthen local oversight of the health services and NCHP specifically around these areas:
  • Availability of qualified health workers and conditions of services, and to increase CHSSs on GoL payroll.
  • Review stock-out issues and other sectors' (private) willingness to support the NCHP.
  • Accountability and transparency relating to key actors of the NCHP.

4 weeks (using the same time as above – KII & FGD)

Report development

  • The different layers of reports (inception, first draft, final draft, & final) submissions

2 weeks


Other support provided:

  • County/field visits
  • Office support
  • Other logistical support

Skills required: 

  • Currently based in Liberia
  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Public Health, Social Sciences, Development Studies, Health Economics, or similar area
  • Over 5 years of professional work experience in health financing, health policy, political economy analysis, applied research especially in health financing and political economy in Liberia
  • Past experience / Demonstrated ability to develop landscape analysis, experience in writing policy and strategy documents.  
  • Previous experience and knowledge of national and county-level governance structures, financing policies, procedures, and systems in resource-limited settings in Liberia.  
  • Experience in working with the Ministry of Health, other line ministries including Finance and other implementing partners in Liberia
  • Previous experience and knowledge working with major donors to global health such as USAID is a plus.  


This is a deliverable-based consultancy. Total available budget for this is $8,000 with the following fee disbursement schedule per deliverable:




Deliverable 1

Desk Review and reports from FGD/KII


Deliverable 2

First draft PEA report


Deliverable 3

Final draft of PEA report





Application Process

Proposals should include the following:

  • Your approach to completing the tasks described above including a time-bound work plan and budget
  • Resume or CV 
  • Three references
  • A sample of at least one of your products in line with any of the deliverables above. 





This vacancy is now closed.
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