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Emergency Operations Centre-expert to Indonesia

  • Organization: MSB - Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap
  • Location:
  • Grade: Senior level - Senior - Only open for Swedish residents and/or nationals
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Operations and Administrations
    • Medical Practitioners
    • Humanitarian Aid and Coordination
    • Emergency Aid and Response
  • Closing Date: Closed

Emergency Operations Centre-expert to Indonesia


The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) recruits committed and skilled experts for our humanitarian, resilience and peace support operations worldwide on a daily basis. We have great experience on working together and strengthening other organisations for example the UN and the EU in crisis, conflicts or other disasters.

MSB is currently looking for an Emergency Operations Centre expert to support the ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on Disaster Management (AHA Centre) in Jakarta, Indonesia. The duration of the mission is three months and will commenc in the first half of 2023. The position will be placed in Jakarta, Indonesia, with potential study visits before and after mission to Sweden and/or Brussels.

The overall purpose of this assignment is to strengthen the institutional capacity and management of the AHA centre. The assignment is composed of several related but distinct tasks to be completed in person working with the EOC staff at the AHA Centre in Jakarta, Indonesia, assisted by the LACER Team Leader.

These two outcomes below serve the overall ambition of the AHA Centre to strengthen its position as a coordinator of multinational response efforts during large scale disasters in the ASEAN region.

• Enhanced institutional capacity of the AHA Centre in monitoring, preparing and responding to disasters and hazards across the region.

• Strengthened operational capacity of EOC officers and DMA staff in monitoring, acquiring, analysing and disseminating information.

The information generated and disseminated by the EOC will be the platform from which decisions are made and the various kind of response given to the affected population is decided.
The duty officer function is the lifeblood of the EOC. Similar to the 24/7 duty officers of the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC), AHA duty officers work with monitoring and alerting, information management, coordination with participating countries, liaison with disaster-affected countries and cooperation with international partners. The role exists in other contexts as well, such as the TIB role in MSB. When the duty officer functions as intended, the AHA EOC can support the target audience with the right information in time, allowing timely and effective decision making and empowering AHA Centre to achieve its ambition in the ASEAN Respond as One framework.

Introduction swedish

MSB arbetar dagligen med att kompetensförsörja insatser runt om i världen. Vi har stor erfarenhet av att samarbeta och stärka andra organisationer som exempelvis FN och EU i katastrof- och konfliktsituationer.

MSB söker nu en Emergency Operations Centre-expert för en insats till ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on Disaster Management (AHA-center) med placering i Jakarta, Indonesien. Insatsen är på tre månader med start våren 2023, och inkluderar eventuellt studiebesök till Sverige och/eller Bryssel.
EOC (Emergency Operations Centre) är AHA-centers kärna för samordning av katastrofinsatser och hantering av informationshantering under kriser. EOC spelar en viktig roll i Aseans medlemsstaters övergripande insatser genom att förse de nationella katastrofhanteringsorganisationerna med relevanta uppdateringar i rätt tid med uppgifter från pågående katastrofer och framväxande faror.

Adekvat informationshantering är en viktig tillgång för att hantera och samordna katastrofer på ett effektivt sätt. Den information som genereras och sprids av EOC kommer att utgöra grunden för vilka beslut som fattas och de olika typerna av svar som ges till den drabbade befolkningen.

Duty officer-funktionen är EOC: s livsnerv. I likhet med handläggarna som har 24/7 beredskap vid Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) arbetar AHA-tjänstemän med att upptäcka, verifiera och larma om uppkomna händelser eller kriser. De arbetar också med, informationshantering, samordning med deltagande länder, kontakter med katastrofdrabbade länder och samarbete med internationella partners. Rollen finns även i andra sammanhang, till exempel TIB-rollen på MSB.

De uppgifter som uppdraget främst innebär är att bidra med:

• förbättrad institutionell kapacitet hos AHA-centret när det gäller att övervaka, förbereda och reagera på katastrofer och faror i hela regionen.

• stärka den operativa kapaciteteten hos EOC-tjänstemän och DMA-personal när det gäller att övervaka, förvärva, analysera och sprida information.


• Plan exercises which test capacities in a heightened alert setting –in collaboration with AHA Centre Operations Division, and develop a series of EOCX exercises in 2023 to strengthen collaboration and command systems. This includes suggested scenarios, injects and potential facilitation etc.

• Contribute to development of capacities in information management routines and practices.

• Observe and support the development of sound information management routines and practices, including use of DMRS and creation of AHA branded information products disseminated to member states during the disaster cycle. Focus on reviewing the monitoring and sharing of early warning and disaster data and contribute to improved information-sharing and coordination between AHA Centre and ASEAN member states. Which includes the day to day work as well as disaster events.

• Lead a workshop where experiences from other EOCs (MSB, ERCC, etc.) are shared to be able to give recommendations on ways to develop the AHA EOC practices moving forward. A workshop would also provide an overview on use of operational pictures and situational analysis. Participants should be enabled to structure the information flow during disasters using operational pictures and situational analysis methods for effective information sharing and crisis communications.

• Contribute to review and revision of DMA Guidelines. To be shared by AHA Centre in first quarter of 2023 for comments and reviews.

Expected outcomes:

• EoCX series of exercises planned and developed for 2023.

• Review of current disaster EWS, information management and dissemination system.

• Develop and carry into effect a workshop on information management and dissemination, including training on operational pictures and situation analysis as well as other useful tools in the MSB Common Guidelines for Collaboration and Command in Societal Disruptions (In Swedish terms "Gemensamma grunder").

• Review DMA guidelines including recommendations on revision.



• At least two years of work experience in an emergency operations centre or comparable operational environment.

• Familiarity with refining the tools and routines of an EOC, such as rosters, working guidelines, monitoring and analysis tools.


• Experience in leading training exercises for emergency operations staff.

• Field experience in disaster management or humanitarian response.

Relevant academic background.


•Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.

Other requirements

• We are looking for persons with a strong commitment towards humanitarian relief and disaster operations. It is of utmost priority that you understand, respect and act in the spirit of the mandate and core values of the MSB.

• You must inform your regular employer of your potential assignment with the MSB.

• You must undergo a pre-employment medical examination with verified results.


We are looking for people who have following skills:

• Ability to work in an international/multicultural environment

• Rapid self-starting capability

•Team player with appropriate social and interactive capacities

• Ability to interact with sensitivity and display respect for diversity and gender in multi-cultural environments.

• Capacity for working under pressure

• You must possess a high level of professional and personal maturity together with an ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues, managers and external partners

• You are expected to have excellent analytical and communicative skills, show initiative and take both a hands-on and an analytical approach to tasks and problems

Contractual conditions

Working with the MSB on international operations means that you are temporarily employed by MSB. MSB pays salary as well as a comprehensive allowances and benefits package to field staff on international operations. In addition, participants on induction training and relevant specialist training courses receive remuneration from MSB. If you are selected for this mission, an evaluation will be made after the project implementation. The evaluation may result in an offer to be registered in the MSB roster, which means broader opportunities to receive mission requests as well as participation in various trainings and exercises. The registration in the MSB roster is valid for 3 years. After this period there is an opportunity for extension should you have passed a new evaluation process. All the personnel taking part in MSB missions as well as the individuals registered in the roster are obliged to attend the MSB Induction Course and other mandatory profile specific trainings.

Employed by the MSB on an international mission you will receive a monthly salary as well as a comprehensive allowances and benefits package, ranging from free home leave travel to access to psychosocial support.

How to apply:
If you wish to apply to this position you first need to create an account on MyPages. Please note; the information that you provide on MyPages will form the basis for your CV. When you have created you account and registered your CV-details on MyPages you submit your application by clicking on the "Apply" button in the add, and the follow the specified steps. If you already have an account on Mypages you can go directly to Apply-button. If you find any trouble with MyPages, please contact our Mypagess support;

It is your responsibility as an applicant to document your skills in a way that allows an objective and qualitative assessment. As a government agency we are subject to the principle of public access to official records. This means that if someone requests copies of application documents, we are obliged to disclose them.

Please note that your application needs to be in English.

We look forward reading your application!

Questions concerning requirements, contractual conditions and how to apply please contact Ann Bylund Jonsson, tel. 010-240 5286 or e-mail
Application deadline

Point of contact

Ann Bylund Jonsson

This vacancy is now closed.
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