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Consultancy to evaluate reorganization process


  • Organization: Diakonia
  • Location: Stockholm
  • Grade: Consultancy - Consultant - Contractors Agreement
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Human Resources
  • Closing Date: Closed

Diakonia seeks a consultant to evaluate the process of reorganisation and downsizing conducted at Diakonia’s head office from 2021 to 2022. 

In order to be more effective and closer to the programs Diakonia went through a process of decentralization around 2010, in which decision making was moved from head office to regional offices, and from regional offices to country offices. These changes in responsibility required changes in internal organisation in terms of steering, supporting, controlling, compliance, quality assurance, inter alia. A number of new roles were designed and staffed at head office. 

During the years to come several minor adjustments were made at head office to better meet internal and external demand. By the end of the decade a number of initiatives had also been taken for more in-depth analysis in regards of the roles and added values at head office, such as working groups, workshops, the creation of a broader management structure, inter alia. Regardless, by 2021, no major review or adjustment of head office roles and responsibilities had been made. 

In 2021 it was concluded that Diakonia was heading towards a substantial reduction in grant funding after many years of continuous growth over time, and management concluded that head office, who is largely funded by overheads of regional grants, needed to be downsized. With a smaller organisation at head office, it was deemed vital by management that the roles at head office were reviewed simultaneously building on the previous analysis and need to review roles post decentralisation. 

A new organisational setup was presented by management and negotiated with the unions, after which individual negotiations and replacement processes were initiated with staff no longer having a role in the new organisation. The way this latter process was handled by management was heavily criticised by staff at head office. In response to a letter sent by the unions, the board of directors ordered an evaluation of the process should be conducted, which has resulted in this assignment.

1. The assignment 

The assignment of the selected consultant is to determine basis for accountability in regard of compliance with labour law and best practice, core values and code of conduct, while identifying lessons learned and measures to increase institutional capacity to manage future processes of change. See specific key questions below.  


2. Key questions 

The assignment should respond to the following key questions. 

  1. What formal breaches of labour law and best practice on the labour market, if any, were committed during the process and/or improper mixture of processes, with what consequences, and under whose responsibility?  

  1. In what way, if at all, did the employer’s conduct in the process stand in conflict with Diakonia’s code of conduct or core values? 

  1. Based on this experience, what can Diakonia learn, and what measures should Diakonia take, in order to improve management of similar future processes (re e.g. communication, transparency, routines, competences, preparedness including alternative procedures, etc.), and to ensure trust in management and a healthy work environment. 

3. Delimitations 

The assignment does not include an evaluation of the new organizational set-up (the What), but on the process surrounding it (the How), starting from autumn of 2021. Personal information in the process and reporting must be handled with the highest discretion.

4. Time 

The evaluation should be ready during the first tertial of 2023.

5. Specification of requirements 

The tender shall: 

  • Outline the methodology1 to be applied. 

  • Specify the personnel participating and leading the assignment (CVs attached). 

  • Submit a time schedule for the assignment. 

  • Specify the total cost of the assignment. 

  • Specify experience from previous similar assignments. 

  • Verify in-depth knowledge of Swedish labour laws and regulations. 

  • Specify previous experience of working with the NGO sector and value-driven organisations.

The tenders will be evaluated on the basis of: 

  • Quality of tender, including proposed methodology 

  • Qualifications and experience 

  • Time and Price 

6. Evaluation process

A process with regular check-ins with a reference group will be set up with the consultant.  

Contact person:
Mattias Brunander, Acting Secretary General,  


This vacancy is now closed.
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