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Transport Infrastructure Consultant


  • Organization: AIIB - Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
  • Location: Beijing
  • Grade: Consultancy - International Consultant - Internationally recruited Contractors Agreement
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Logistics
    • Infrastructure and Urban-Rural development
    • Transport and Distribution
    • Supply Chain
  • Closing Date: Closed

Application close date


1. Project Background

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has a mandate to foster economic growth in Asia by investing in infrastructure and other productive areas and promoting regional cooperation and partnership. AIIB keeps supporting transport infrastructure projects in South Asia and Southeast Asia countries. This transport infrastructure consultant will participate in conceptualizing, preparing, and implementing transport sector projects in South Asia and Southeast Asia (i.e. rural and urban roads, urban transport and public transport, highways, airports, seaports, etc.). Project information could be found at

2. Objectives of the Assignment

The purpose of the contract is to engage a transport infrastructure consultant to support the AIIB project teams on the project identification, project preparation and project implementation. The consultant is expected to provide his/her knowledge/inputs/comments to the Project teams as listed in the scope of services. The consultant is also expected to join missions of AIIB and be required for assessing all technical aspects of the projects. In addition, the consultant will work with the clients to review and update documents related to the project preparation and implementation.

3. Scope of Services

The consultant is expected to demonstrate significant experience with transport sector public or private investments, and experience in a multi-lateral development bank or similar institution. 1) As a member of a respective project team, participate in the preparation and implementation of transport sector projects in South and Southeast Asia , primarily India, or other countries or Regions, as requested; 2) Advise to the Project team on the related state strategies and plans in terms of social-economic statistic, transport network and connectivity, disaster management and climate resilience, inter-border trade, and safety initiatives, etc.. Collect relevant information and data if needed. 3) Support the Project team to review and comment on the DPRs and designs of the project; Evaluate the soundness of design especially in the aspects of safety, climate resilience, etc. by considering bank’s priorities and innovation initiatives to be included in the project. And provide detailed comments and suggestions for the client to improve the DPRs to the Bank’s standard. 4) Contribute on AIIB bank documents including but not limited to Project summary document, Project Document and Aide Memoir, etc. Join the missions or virtual mission if needed for detail discussion of the project; Contribute the findings and comments to the AM and the required follow up actions. Also provide necessary support in coordinating with concerned departments of relevant Government. 5) Provide guidance on TA studies in this study; Review and Refine TOR if necessary. Attend or present on meetings/mission/workshops to exchange international and domestic best practice experiences if needed. Follow up on the required TA studies to be proposed under the Project. 6) Comment on safeguard documents if needed. Comment on the bidding documents of contracts. 7) Undertake site visit to project sites as needed. Assist client governments, as requested, in solving implementation issues, reviewing implementation progress, and other implementation monitoring tasks or activities assigned. 8) Review the quarterly progress reports, change requests, testing reports, and other reports related to the project implementation. 9) Assess the project implementation progress and provide mitigation measures and recovery plan if there is any delay. Monitor implementation of the proposed mitigation measures and recovery plan. 10) Organize workshop/training sessions to clients regarding the advanced technology/trends of transport development

4. Consultancy Output / Deliverables

• Technical review comments and suggestions • Contribution to Aide Memoire of AIIB's missions/site visits • Workshops/training events organized • Contribution to Meeting minutes with clients • Contribution to AIIB's Project Document and other project documents • Participation in Missions/site visits and meetings required

5. Implementation Arrangement

The consultant will mainly work remotely. The consultant, as needed, will join the project missions at project sites/cities during project preparation and implementation stage. The consultant will work with the project team leader and project team.

6. Support to the Consultant by the Bank

• Bank email address • Client contact information • Technical documents to be passed to consultants if needed • Arranging travel-related logistics, such as hotel booking and transport ticket booking

7. Knowledge Transfer and Training


Qualification Requirement

• Master’s degree in planning or transport related fields. • Minimum 20 years project experience in transport and infrastructure planning. Significant knowledge on the existing situations of India in terms of their development priorities and solutions, and the national and sub-national levels. Good understanding on the main obstacles in project preparation and implementation in India. Good understanding on the institutional arrangements and their responsibilities at the subnational level across various states. • Significant knowledge on the international multi-lateral development banks and their strategies is preferred. Wealthy knowledge on climate change agenda, and mitigation and adaptation strategies and measures are a plus. • Proficient in English, both written and spoken. • Good communications skills and ability to work in a multi-cultural team environment. Good presenter and educator for the potential experience transfer meetings/workshops • Effective team-player

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