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Livelihood Network Facilitator - Balika Shivir: Accelerated Learning Centr...


  • Organization: Plan International
  • Location: Rajasthan
  • Grade: Level not specified - Level not specified
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Education, Learning and Training
    • Food Security, Livestock and Livelihoods
  • Closing Date: 2023-09-25
Position: Balgram Superintendent-Male, India Sponsorship Committee
Location: Lonavla, Pune, Maharashtra
Reporting to - Project Director, Antar Bharati Balgram
Nature: Full time-Residential on Campus Lonavala
Job Summary: 
Reporting to the Project Director - Balgram, the Superintendent-Male will be an experienced and qualified person, with a demonstrated ability to identify, assess, document, and provide social and emotional support and guidance to children between the age 6 to 18, facing challenging life situations. Superintendent shall be in-charge of receiving children into the Balgram for the three purposes: protective stay, protective custody and rehabilitation. The superintendent will closely work with Project director on budgets, plans, government visits. He will be part of the administration team and oversee daily activities. He will engage with other staff members, children, government officieals, vendor, as well as parents. He is required to often review daily schedules, maintenance work, infrastructural development needs, supervise staff, and ensure the Balgram environment is safe. He will be tasked with reviewing Balgram policies, organizing events and family restoration or transfer to anther insttiution initiatives, updating records, handling disciplinary issues, and recruiting new staff. The candidate should make valid contributions to the improvement of the Balgram and be a stellar example for both staff and children. The candidte should be a great public speaker with strong written and verbal communication skills, able to follow instructions and also take initiative.
Purpose of this role:
  1. Superintendent is second line leadership for Antar Bharati Balgram and will closely work with Project Director.
  2. He will be incharge of maintenance of the CCI and for providing care and protection to the children.
  3. He shall be the controlling authority in so far as the administration and maintainace activities pertaining to the Balgram as a whole are considered.
  4. The Superintendent needs to be accessible on a 24X7 basis and shall reside in living quarters provided on the campus of the institution, and until such time that he has been provided the same, he/she shall reside in premise which is located at close proximity with the institution.
The Superintendent shall be responsible for the following, namely:
  1. The Superintendent shall ensure that services provided to children by CCI are in accordance with: Provisions of the JJ Act, 2015, Orders of the Board or Children‘s Court, Standards of care outlined in JJ Act, 2015 and its Rules, Record keeping requirements as outlined in JJAct, 2015 and its Rules.
  2. Provide an environment in which children feel that they are nurtured and cared.
  3. To ensure that all children in the Institution receive all necessary services.
  4. Planning, supervision, and co-ordination of all activities in the Institution.
  5. Liaison externally with the concerned departments, and other agencies on matters related to running of the Institution and facilities for children which is permissible within the JJ Act, 2015 and the Rules framed there under.
  6. Liaise with the District Child Protection Unit or District Legal Service Authority or State Legal Services Authority to ensure legal assistance for every child.
  7. Ensure compliance on ALL statutory and regulatory requirements from DWCD WCD CWC for EVERY CHILD. Present this dashboard on quarterly basis to EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
  8. Liaise, Coordinate and Co-operate with the State Child Protection Society (SCPS) and District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) as and when required.
  9. Receiving of children in the CCI
  10. Production of children before the Board/Children’s Court
  11. To ensure that the officials (child welfare officer/case worker/probation officer) produce children before the Board/Children‘s Court as per the scheduled dates and that all dates are recorded in the child‘s file.
  12. To ensure that a weekly list of children in the CCI is prepared and forwarded to the Board and that it is brought to the attention of the Board if no date has been given for the production of a child.
  13. Organization of meetings of the Management Committee
  14. To support Project Director in Supervision of all officials in the Balgram with instructions/directions for smooth and effective functioning of the institutions.
  15. To ensure that all the staff are discharging their duties in accordance with the rules and regulations.
  16. To ensure prompt, firm and considerate handling of all disciplinary matters.
  17. To delegate responsibilities to staff for different aspects of running the CCI, and providing care and rehabilitation to children.
  18. To mentor and support staff in the discharge of their duties.
  19. Address issues in weekly meetings.
  20. Escalate matters to the department for support and direction.
  21. Be available to staff when required.
  22. Use technology, for example, form a Whatsapp group of staff to stay in regular contact, provide/receive information and directions on a real time basis.
  23. To convene weekly staff meetings with the Probation Officer and all staff of CCI to discuss routine matters which need his/her approval, resolve problems raised by the staff.
  24. To ensure that performance review is undertaken for all staff in the Institution.
  25. To sanction and approve staff leave and expenses.
  26. Capacity Building of staff
  27. Financial management of the Institution, propose plan and non-plan schemes for the further development of the Institution.
  28. The Superintenden needs to ensure that the children receive formal education.
  29. Liaise with voluntary agencies, and corporates to bring in educational support services into the CCI so that children can receive:
  30. To ensure that vocational training is available for every child in the Institution.
  31. The Superintendent needs to ensure that all health care facilities to be made available to the children in the CCI are provided for:
  32. Oversee daily routine for children developed in consultation with the Children‘s   Committees, which shall be prominently displayed at various places within the Child Care Institution.
  33. The Superintendent shall inspect the Balgram twice daily at the minimum. He shall make a record of the timings of his inspection and also note his observation.
  34. The Superintendent shall conduct monthly open house meeting with the children and staff in the institution with the following objectives:
  35. Seek tie-ups/partnership and collaborations with external agencies towards improvement in the CCI
  36. Safety and Security- responsible for the safety and security of the Institution, ensure that the security guards are trained and verified by police.
Educational and Professional Qualifications
  • Master’s Degree, preferably in social work, child development, management and youth
  • Proficiency in MS Office and MIS and data management and SPSS
  • Dynamic and willing to build and enhance the after care program at the organization
  • 5-6 years related work experience
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