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Global call! IOM open pools for Chief of Missions and Resource Management Officers

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by Impactpool

Published on: 27 August 2019

Since 2016, IOM is part of the UN system. IOM is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners. Now you can join IOM’s Pathways Pool (PP), today they launch two tracks - the Chief of Missions (CoMs) and the Resource Management Officers (RMOs).

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The selection of qualified, diverse candidates for Chief of Missions (CoMs) and Resource Management Officers (RMOs) has been a challenge in the past years. Especially in finding qualified candidates to meet its rapidly growing needs, including working in non-family and hazardous duty stations.

Therefore IOM now opens up the Pathways pool (PP). These pool focus at professionals with 5 years of experience and more. Impactpool has published several articles about pools, learn more here. However, in the first round, the target audience for the Pathways Pool is professionals at P4 level and D1 level, which translates into professionals with advanced university degree + a minimum of 7 or 15 years of professional experience.

Below is a list of the functions included in the pathways + links to the job descriptions:


What is the role of a Resource Management Officer (RMO)?

This role is not to confuse with the Resource Mobilizations manager. Although the title looks similar the focus is different. In other UN agencies and NGO’s, this role is also called Operations Officer. In a company, it is comparable to an administrative function that handles budget, finance, audit, and HR, similar to a COO. An RMO at IOM is responsible and accountable for supervising the administrative, budgetary, financial, and human resources, functions in the country office and potentially to other offices in the region.

What is the role of a Chief of Mission (CoMs)?

When the RMO is responsible for the office operation, the Chief of Mission is the programmatic lead. She/he is IOM's interlocutor with the local Government. In close coordination with relevant missions and units in the field, he/she is responsible and accountable for the promotion of the full range of IOM services, as well as for briefing the IOM central operation of relevant governmental concerns and programmatic developments. The CoM is responsible and accountable for developing and promoting IOM's strategy and programming at the local level.

Learn more about the Pathways pool (PP)

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