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TBC - The Border Consortium

Welcome to the career site of The Border Consortium (TBC)!

Mission Statement

The Border Consortium, a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, is an alliance of partners working together with displaced and conflict-affected people of Burma/Myanmar to address humanitarian needs and to support community driven solutions in pursuit of peace and development.


TBC envisions a peaceful Burma/Myanmar where there is full respect for human rights, diversity is embraced, and communities are able to prosper.


  • Dignity and respect
  • Partnership
  • Empowerment
  • Reliability
  • Justice and Equity

Who We are

The Border Consortium (TBC) has been working with refugees who fled conflict in Burma/Myanmar since 1984. For three decades, it has been the main provider of food, shelter and other forms of support to the refugees in camps in western Thailand. Over the years the TBC organisation has changed and evolved. Today its members comprise nine international non-governmental organisations  (INGOs) from nine countries. They are:

Christian Aid, UK and Ireland

Church World Service, USA

DanChurchAid, Denmark

Diakonia, Sweden

ICCO, Netherlands

Inter Pares, Canada

International Rescue Committee, USA

NCCA-Act for Peace, Australia

Norwegian Church Aid, Norway


TBC’s head office is in Bangkok, Thailand.

It has field offices in Mae Hong Son, Mae Sariang, Mae Sot, Umphang and Kanchanaburi towns in Thailand. TBC also has an office in Yangon with two field offices in South East Burma/ Myanmar.

Read more about TBC here.

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