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Tostan International


Welcome to the career site of the Tostan International at Impactpool!

Tostan is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Dakar, Senegal and currently operating in six West African countries. Strategically, the organization is committed to continuing to develop its core competency of empowering education and to documenting and scaling the sustainable impact it creates across a range of issues. Tostan’s flagship model, the 3-Year Community Empowerment Program (CEP), has already reached thousands of communities in both West and East Africa since 1991. Outcomes in governance, education, health, economic empowerment, and the environment are currently tracked, and Tostan has been particularly proud to play a significant role in the large-scale empowerment of women and girls and the community-led abandonment of harmful practices such as female genital cutting and child marriage. New models for building partnerships with communities after the CEP, and for sharing Tostan’s approach with a range of local and global audiences, have joined powerful additions to the ever-evolving CEP to create a unique and exciting strategic moment.

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