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Senior Women Talent Pipeline

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Please read carefully before applying
Thank you for your interest in the re-launch of the Senior Women Talent Pipeline! United Nations Peace Operations is committed to achieving gender parity and this pipeline is aimed at creating a group of senior qualified professional women, where the opportunity for entry and application support, development, communications and networking is made possible. We are currently seeking applications and/or nominations for women at the D1 - D2 levels. Candidates should have an Advanced University Degree (Masters or equivalent) in a relevant area and 15 years of professional experience. A first level University Degree (e.g. bachelors degree) in combination with 17 years of relevant work experience may be accepted in lieu of an advanced university degree. Candidates should also be fluent in English. In addition to English, fluency in French and/or Arabic is highly desirable as many positions in peace operations at the Director level require fluency in English and French or English and Arabic, depending on the operational environment. All applications will be reviewed for eligibility and contacted after the application/nomination period closes.

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