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The UN Senior Women Talent Pipeline Call for Applications and Nominations

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The SWTP is now closed for applications. If you would like to learn about more initiatives for senior women, take a look at the #WeCanDoBetter and the #WIT4Impact campaigns.

The United Nations had an ongoing call for applications at the Director level for the Senior Women Talent Pipeline (SWTP). The Senior Women Talent Pipeline is an initiative to build a competitive pool of readily-deployable senior candidates for positions in UN Peace Operations. Candidates accepted to the Pipeline are, subsequently, further supported by our team in the recruitment process for specific positions in UN field missions.

The call was open for candidates with demonstrated experience and expertise in the following areas:

We were inviting candidates to apply for one or more of the categories above. All candidates went through a competitive assessment process which may include screening, written assessment, and/or interviews. As the call is ongoing, candidates are advised that their applications will be reviewed if and when the need arises.

This call was focused on Director-level talent (D1 or D2 level in the UN Common System). Director-level positions are typically located in the Mission headquarters, usually the capital of the country hosting the mission. Directors typically manage large, diverse, and multi-functional teams. Most Directors serve in non-family duty stations, so staff cannot bring their dependent family members (e.g. spouse, children) with them to the duty station. Staff serving in non-family duty stations are, however, compensated financially and also enjoy additional rest and recuperation allowance in addition to the mandated annual leave. Currently, the majority of UN peace operations are located in Africa and the Middle East. For more information on pay and benefits and career options, as well as to apply to specific positions, go to

Eligible candidates should have 15 years of professional experience in one or more of the relevant areas identified for this call (political affairs, civil affairs, rule of law and security institutions, public information, and/or administration/support). Candidates should also have an advanced university degree (Masters or equivalent) in a relevant area. A first level university degree (e.g. bachelors degree) in combination with 17 years of relevant work experience may be accepted in lieu of an advanced university degree. Candidates should also speak and write English fluently. Candidates bilingual in English and French or English and Arabic are highly desirable as many UN peace operations are located in Arabic-speaking or French-speaking countries.

Candidates accepted to the SWTP receive support in the recruitment process for roster assessments and/or recruitment processes for specific positions in UN Peace Operations. Coaching and mentoring on issues such as leadership, substantive topics and the application process are offered as well.

Thank you for your interest in working for peace, and we hope you will nominate or apply!

Kristina Koch
Chief, Recruitment Section
United Nations Department of Field Support
New York, USA

This campaign and the related articles were developed in partnership with the United Nations and serve to increase the dissemination and visibility of the Senior Women Talent Pipeline Call for nominations.
There is no cost associated with submitting applications and nominations and neither the United Nations nor Impactpool charge a fee at any stage of the process.

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