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Increase awareness of women role models or teams in international development organisations by posting photos of them with the hashtag #WomenInDevOrgs.

Also, write a few sentences (max. 500 words) which development organisation they work for, the location and what their role is.

Use the following social media networks: Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook or Google+.

All photos will be found at
Depending on the number of photos and stories sent to us, we cannot guarantee to publish them all, but we’ll surely do our best. Naturally, we will not post anything that is offensive or that can be perceived as a simple advertisement.

If you want to promote someone (or yourself) anonymously.

Or if you don’t have any of the social media accounts above.

Send your photo and text (not more than 500 words) to us at and we will post it on our Instagram account. Let us know if you want to do this anonymously or if you want us to post your name.