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Alternative options to management consulting!

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by Benjamin Todd

Many people seem to think that management consulting is the best way to establish their career and gain career capital in their first one or two jobs after their undergraduate degree. A key strategic consideration is ‘career capital’ — the skills, connections, credentials, and financial resources that can help you have a bigger impact in the future.


  • Transferable career capital is relevant in lots of different options. For example, management skills (which are needed by almost every organization), or achievements that are widely recognised as impressive.
  • Specialist career capital, like knowledge of and connections within a specific global problem, prepares you for a narrow range of paths, but is often necessary to enter the highest-impact options.

Because of this, people often don’t spend much time generating additional options once they’ve received a management consulting offer, or considering alternatives before they apply to consulting in the first place. However, we think that for people who share our view of global priorities, there are often even better options for career capital.


Below we share a few insights on the following: 

Alternative options to management consulting

Who should do management consulting?

Working in impact consulting

If you’re already in consulting, what should you do?

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