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Better health for everyone, everywhere - Meet Dr Gaya Gamhewage from WHO

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by Impactpool

As a part of Impactpool's March 2021 gender parity awareness campaign, we aim to share short employee spotlights from international professional women working at some of the most important international organizations in the world.

We managed to secure much-valued time from a highly-experienced international health professional who has worked at the World Health Organization (WHO) for the past 20 years.

Meet Sri Lankan born, Dr Gaya Gamhewage - Head, Learning & Capacity Development for WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme, briefly read about Dr Gaya's valuable and decorated professional journey and benefit from some of her valuable career advice.

"Always understand your why and you will find the best place to live your vision – at WHO or elsewhere." 
Dr Gaya Gamhewage

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