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Business Strategy for Nonprofits - A practical exercise

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by Salar Khudadad
Impactpool Contributor

How to Start an NGO - For professionals that are looking to start their own impact movement,  these are the steps and key considerations to starting an NGO.


In a very crowded sector of nonprofits coupled with increasing developmental and humanitarian needs across the globe; it is very much important to implement business strategies designed and adopted by the highly innovative and competitive business sectors. It will help to understand and adapt the key power elements like competitive advantage and customer development and satisfaction into the nonprofit’s strategies.


Over the last few decades, many theories and applications that could help review and formulate a business strategy have been developed. It does not matter how sophisticated a theory is or whether it is old or new as a lot goes into the successful implementation that requires a high level of practicality. Time and resources are not a luxury of any management, but it is especially true for smaller nonprofits.  


Knowledge transfer remains a major gap for smaller and local organizations and this article is an attempt to promote bridging the gap and move strategy concepts from its perceived sophistication theory of the few to the day-to-day business of the common humanitarian practitioner. 


Learn how to conduct a review workshop, the questions to ask, possible outputs, and developing an action plan. 

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