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Fellow badge Career Coach Webinar - Entering the world of consulting

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by Impactpool

Salma Zulfiqar has extensive experience of working with Communications in the UN, in the field as well as Headquarters.  Salma invites you to join this webinar in which she will share her personal experience of transitioning from full-time employment to consultancy. She will also share tips and good to know information on what to watch out for. 

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Entering the world of consulting

Salma Zulfiqar shares:

  • My personal experience of transition from full time to consultancy
  • How to set yourself up for consultancy work
  • What are employers looking for?
  • How to approach potential clients
  • Navigating the contracts 
  • What type of work to expect to carry out
  • How to manage healthcare on a consultancy
  • What to watch out for when you undertake consultancy contracts

Learn how to define your financial proposal - advice for consultants



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