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Career Coaching: How to improve your chances in the application process

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by Beate Pawlikowski
Career Coach

Are you curious about career coaching and how it can be beneficial for you? Impactpool's career coach Beate Pawlikowski shares her extensive experience as an HR professional and as a certified career coach. Don't miss her recommendations on how to improve your chances in the application process. This article is interesting to anyone interested in continuous career growth and development.

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When wanting to embark on a career in an international organization or in any other type of organization for that matter, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of such a decision. A key question is what you are passionate about.

From early on, I have always wanted to work in an international organization and when the opportunity presented itself after working five years in the private sector in Germany, I took it.  I landed in New York with UNDP and spent the next twenty-five years working in the various areas of Human Resources which I found deeply satisfying.  

During my professional life I sat on both sides of the table: as job applicant entering the job market and later as part of career advancement as well as due to reorganization and realignment exercises, and as Manager of the JPO Programme and later Human Resources Business Advisor identifying suitable candidates, interviewing applicants and matching talent to available positions. I have a keen understanding and experience in the do’s and don’ts of job application, talent identification and matching of talent to vacancies. In addition, in 2010/11 I certified as a professional co-active coach (CPCC) with the leading Coaches Training Institute (CTI), accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), followed by a ten month Leadership Development Program with CTI in 2013/14. I was very interested in the possibilities of coaching and the positive impact it could have on individuals in their personal and professional lives.

Since my retirement from UNDP in 2014, I work as a coach in private practice in my native Germany and support individuals all over the word interested in continuous growth and development.

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I truly believe that each individual is naturally creative, resourceful and whole and holds the inner wisdom to provide answers to the challenges s/he faces.  A coach can support you in tapping into your inner strength and wisdom by finding clarity, opening opportunities and possibilities, exploring latent potential in leadership, career progression and improving interpersonal relationships.  This requires consistent self-exploration, consistent challenging of yourself, your limitations and what is possible.

Last but not least, here a few recommendations how to improve your chances in the application process:

  1. Know what you are passionate about
  2. Know the organization you are applying to by gathering information about the organization’s mission, values statement and organizational structure
  3. Tailor your cover letter to the requirements of the position by understanding what and who the organization is looking for
  4. Prepare thoroughly for the interview process by writing down real (work-) life situations that address the competencies listed in the vacancy posting
  5. Be yourself in the interview and passionate about demonstrating your competencies and potential for a career in the organization.

- By Beate Pawlikowski

We are proud and happy to have Beate Pawlikowski as a career coach with Impactpool! 

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