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Episode 5: Making an impact – how to promote Gender Equality?

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by Impactpool

#WeCanDoBetter | Comfort Lamptey is UN Women’s Country Representative in Nigeria. Comfort has spent most of her professional life working on gender issues. In this featured WeCanDoBetter episode, she explains how her interest in promoting gender equality started out of curiosity of where all the women were, how she sees the necessity to transform societies, and what helped her to move all the way to a top position within the UN.

– Working on gender issues continues to confirm for me the urgency of the relevance of the political perspective to be able to achieve gender equality. - Comfort Lamptey

– I do believe that in this life and whatever space one finds, you have a responsibility to leave that space better than how you found it. There's so much injustice in the world and there is so much injustice mattered against women, I believe that I have a responsibility as a woman who's probably had it easier than most, but who nevertheless, has experienced gender inequalities bot in the personal as in the professional space, to work and contribute to building a more just society for women. - Comfort Lamptey

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About the host Helen Rask

Helen Rask has extensive experience in working with humanitarian assistance and international development. She has worked with different UN agencies as well as with the Swedish International Development Agency, Sida and has been based both at HQ and in the field. Mainly in the Middle East and Africa. Helen is now a freelance journalist.

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