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Fastest strategies to outsmart recruiters!

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by Impactpool

Top recruiters and scouts working today in the most prestigious international organisations, shared with us the secrets to getting ahead faster when competing with the most qualified talent applying from all over the world.

1.- Look for jobs were no suitable candidates were found

2.- Jobs with less number of applicants

3.- Counter-intuitive profiles

4.- Hardship experience (how to get it now)

5.- Big organization stamp (fastest way to get it)

6.- What to learn by yourself in less than 6 months

7.- How to get a top university stamp (fastest and cost-friendly)

9.- Using your nationality to your advantage (Despite coming from developing or developed economies)

10.- Learn to outsmart recruiters


Get all the details and see below a list of jobs were no suitable candidates were found

(Latin-America, Middle-East and North Africa, Sub-saharan Africa, Europe, and Asia)


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