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Get your profile prepared today for our next campaign - coming soon

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by Impactpool

This is the first campaign in a series of campaigns targeting professionals who wants to make a positive impact. Impactpool is the world’s fastest growing career platform and in a short time-frame more than 100 of the world’s most important organizations use our talent pool for their talent needs. Below is a message from Magnus Bucht the CEO of Impactpool.

We want to connect with you and include you in our talent network!

The best way for us to keep you posted is that you complete a profile on our career site (or if you are already a member to update your profile). Based on organizations expressed desire we have lately included several new fields in our talent profiles, and most importantly is the new section with professional experience.


experience field in the impacpool profile 


As you may know, we have started to offer our partner organizations' recruiters the possibility to search among our pool of talents, and the number of searches increases on a daily basis. To be on our site as a qualified and skilled talent is your golden ticket to a career at the United Nations or at an International Organization.

We have learned that organizations are more likely to approach talents having a profile that is 100% complete!

Please take this personal invitation as your motivation for creating/updating your profile today.

Your sincerely,

 Magnus signature

Magnus Bucht
CEO of Impactpool
Twitter: @magnusbucht

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