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Guide and sample tests to prepare for YPP and other written UN exams

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by Impactpool

Only 4% of candidates who take the written exam for the YPP pass. Prepare yourself with the UN Secretariat’s sample questions and improve your chances with Impactpool’s test guide, the guide is also useful to other UN exams.


The admission for the United Nations Young Professional Programme (YPP) includes several steps. 


Only the top candidates who take the written exam will be invited for the next step, the interview. To prepare for the exam it is recommended to read global newspapers, journals, and magazines. It is advised to go back to your university literature and refresh yourself on important and basic theories within the job family you have applied for. Also, it is a good idea to learn about the work and understand the structure of the United Nations, this Ebook  may give you a good overview.

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